Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal


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  • Almost all of us have must think to get a dog as a pet once in our life. If you are thinking to bring a dog into your life & home read this article well to know the Top 10 popular dog breeds that are easily available in Nepal.

    Along with our long human history Dogs are always known as man’s best friend. One of the best pets and friends. Dogs always come first when adding a member pet to the family. They are genuine, intelligent, loyal & affectionate kind of animals to make your personal companion. Dogs can bring new charm, joy, and entertainment to your life.

    Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds in Nepal

    1. Labrador Retriever

    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Labrador Retriever)
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Labrador Retriever)

    When thinking of the Top 10 Popular dog breeds in Nepal, Labrador Retriever is come first when thinking of having a pet dog. The loving and smart nature of this dog makes it the best family dog. They have a great history as a helper to fishermen. Labrador a very friendly in nature & they love outgoing and also full of high-sprit. In the context of Nepal, Labrador can be a good choice for everyone as a pet. They do well behave with other neighbor dogs & humans.

    Labrador Retriever mainly comes in Black, Light Yellow, Golden, and Chocolate color. This breed needs more exercise every day and requires a high quality of feeding according to their age.


    GroupSporting Group
    Height22-25 inches (male)| 22-24 Inches (female)
    Weight65-80 kgs
    Life Span10-12 years
    TemperamentPlayful, easy to train, Intelligent, Active, Outgoing, etc.

    2. German Shepherd

    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (German Shepherd)
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (German Shepherd)

    When it comes to choosing the best & popular dog breeds in Nepal in accordance with all-purpose, the German Shepherd comes on the top. The curious, loyal, protective, and intelligent nature makes this dog very popular among Nepalese family’s. When it comes to the protection of the family this dog put their life for the family’s safety. This nature of this breed makes it one of the best in the world in terms of a guard dog.

    The German Shepherd’s puppies have a high growth rate which requires them a quality diet rich in protein. This dog needs regular brushing and grooming because of its thick shed. They are also very easy to train.


    GroupWorking Group
    Height24-26 inches (male)| 22-24 Inches (female)
    Weight25-35 kgs
    Life Span9-13 years
    TemperamentLoyal, easy to train, Intelligent, Protective, Outgoing, etc.

    3. Golden Retriever

    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Golden Retriever)
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Golden Retriever)

    Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds among the Nepalese family and also in the whole world. They are very pleasing and well-mannered dogs which makes them easy to train. Their pleasing looks get everyone’s eyes which is the highlight of this dog. This breed has dense hair outer coat which requires regular grooming and brushing.

    Golden Retriever needs a quality diet either homemade or manufactured. Nails cutting and grooming can come as daily work in this breed case. They also need a timely checkup. Early training can be essential in this breed case.


    GroupSporting Group
    Height20-24 inches (male)| 20-23 Inches (female)
    Weight25-30 kgs
    Life Span12-15 years
    TemperamentPlayful, Friendly, Active, Devoted, etc.

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    4. Pug

    Photo by <a href="">Paréj Richárd</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Pug)

    Pugs are one of the best dogs to pet among Nepalese families. Their unique and small body size makes them perfect for small households and family apartments. Pugs are very playful, intelligent, and lovable in nature. They seem always jumping around their owners. As they need regular nail trimming they don’t need daily bathing. Mostly this breed a very playful and likable to the children.

    Pugs need a good amount of healthy diet, either homemade or manufactured which are rich in calories. They don’t shed heavily so grooming will not be the regular issue here.


    GroupToy Group
    Height11-13 inches (male)| 11-12 Inches (female)
    Weight11-16 kgs
    Life Span12-15 years
    TemperamentPlayful, Active, Outgoing, etc.

    5. Beagle

    Photo by <a href="">Arun B.S</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Beagle)

    Beagles are one of the most desirable dog breeds worldwide. Because of their amazing and strong sense of smelling these dogs are used in security places like airports. Although this dog is good for the household, this breed does not a good choice for guard purposes. The cuteness and perfect-looking face can melt anybody’s heart which makes them more popular among people.

    They have a nature to overeat so, keeping eyes on them and their feed is absolutely necessary. Beagles are a little hard to train but with proper consistency, you can train well within a year. They come in various colors like brown, white, chocolate, etc.


    GroupHound Group
    Height13-15 inches (male)| 22-24 Inches (female)
    Weight20-25 kgs
    Life Span10-12 years
    TemperamentPlayful, Curious, Merry, etc.

    6. Boxer

    Photo by <a href="">Yousef Espanioly</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Boxer)

    With relation to its name, this breed is very sporty and energetic in nature. Boxers are one of the most popular dogs in the world in terms of guard & security. They are a very focused dog breed and love to obey the orders from their owner. It is a very powerful and big head dog with a strong jaw that can easily take down every threat. This dog is great to the children while aggressive with the threats, which makes their nature perfect for petting.

    Boxers need a high-quality diet, either homemade or manufactured. They have a thin shiny-coated shed which makes them easy to maintain. Although they don’t need regular grooming their nails should be trimmed regularly.


    GroupWorking Group
    Height23-25 inches (male)| 21.5-23.5 Inches (female)
    Weight60-80 kgs
    Life Span7-10 years
    TemperamentPatient, Friendly, protective, Outgoing, etc.

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    7. Rottweiler

    Photo by <a href="">Sofia Shultz</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Rottweiler)

    Rottweiler can be a great choice if you’re choosing both affectionate and protector breed of dog. This breed is famous for its enormous strength and is ancestries of Roman legion mastiffs. They are hard to handle in case of not being trained properly from the baby stage. This breed is used in police and military works by them. It comes to be a good guard for every family house.

    Being strong and powerful, this breed needs a high-quality diet rich in protein with a moderate amount of fat on it. A training class is highly recommended in the baby stage for Rottweiler. They have light shed on them which is easy to maintain.


    GroupUtility Group
    Height24-26 inches (male)| 22-25 Inches (female)
    Weight40-50 kgs
    Life Span8-10 years
    TemperamentGood-Natured, Intelligent, Active, etc.

    8. Poodle

    Photo by <a href="">Steven Van Elk</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Poodle)

    In case you want to have a great athletic dog breed, poodles are one of the best-known dogs in the whole world. This breed of dog is highly intelligent, eager, athletic, and smart. Poodles are really good-looking and eye-catchy. They mostly prefer a competing dog worldwide as they are shown clearing the obstacles by observing their owner guiding. Their slim muscled body helps them to run really quick.

    They need the best-quality diet rich in protein. Mostly feed them a protein-based diet on regular basis. They have a heavy shed(hair) on them so maintaining them can be quite hard and also fun.


    GroupNon-Sporting Group
    Height11-15 inches (male)| 11-15 Inches (female)
    Weight5-9 kgs
    Life Span12-15 years
    TemperamentAlert, Intelligent, Active, Faithful, etc.

    9. Cocker Spaniel

    Photo by <a href="">Max Ducourneau</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Cocker Spaniel)

    Cocker Spaniel is a medium body-sized dog breed that is best for Nepalese families. They have dark eyes that have a shape like dark almonds. This breed is suitable for small houses or apartments due to its small body size. This dog loves its owner company and is playful among those who feed it. They are friendly, joyful, and playful in nature which makes this breed a great family pet choice.

    Cocker Spaniel needs a quality diet with little variety.  Rice with the chicken-based meal is one of the best food for the cocker spaniel. They have a heavy shed on them that needs proper grooming and regularly trimmed nails for maintaining their health.


    GroupSporting Group
    Height13-16 inches (male)| 13-16 Inches (female)
    Weight25-35 kgs
    Life Span10-14 years
    TemperamentGentle, Intelligent, Active, Happy, etc.

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    10. Himalayan Mastiff

    Image Source | Google
    Popular dog breeds in Nepal (Himalayan Mastiff), Image Source | Google

    The Nepal-based Himalayan Mastiff is a powerful and big-sized dog that is one of the best dogs for families who live in hilly or mountain regions. This breed is called Bhote kukur or Bhotia in several regions of the country. They are very much similar to the Tibetan Mastiff and Indian Mastiff. This breed is mainly used for outdoor lifestyle purposes like herding sheep.

    This dog is famous for both its working capabilities and loyalty. They have a heavy shed coat on them which helps them to stay warm in a very cold region. They are very strong in the build which makes them one of the best guard dogs.


    GroupWorking Group
    Height66-76 inches (male)| 61-71 Inches (female)
    Weight48-82 kgs
    Life Span12-15 years
    TemperamentStubborn, Aloof, Protective, Active, Outgoing, etc.

    Wrapping Up

    If you are thinking to have a dog pet, then you should be also prepared for the things that come with it. Like, giving them proper time, exercise, a healthy diet, care, treatment, space are the essential things that make you a really good owner. Surely, you will get back more than you gave to them.

    We hope this article about 10 popular dog breeds in Nepal helps you to get an idea to get yourself a pet gift.

    Some other best & popular dog breeds are:

    • Bulldog
    • Indian Spitz
    • Pomeranian
    • Dachshund
    • Doberman