Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal 2023

Highest paying jobs in Nepal


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  • Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal 2023. Nepal is a developing country and looking over the past few decades, it has seen massive growth in most of the sectors. That is why Nepali students who are graduated and completed their degrees want to know the jobs that pay them well in their relative sectors. While at a present time there seems a huge demand for skilled people with good positions in different sectors that pays pretty well.

    Although if you are a person with a big degree and thinking of joining your dream job of yours there might a less pay than you thought at first. But, with time the experience you gain helps you to get the highest level of pay in that respective sector. If you are looking for the answer to the highest-paying jobs in Nepal, we have mapped out this article to fulfill that need. In this article, we’ve listed the 10 great highest-paying jobs in Nepal in 2023 in different sectors like medical, aviation, private, etc.

    10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

    These are the list of those ten top-class jobs and positions that need a good amount of experience and qualifications in respective sectors. The complexity, risk, and demand of these job positions make them worthy and highly payable.

    1) Surgeons (Doctors)

    From the diagnosis of the patient to provide the patient with complex surgical care and treatment, the surgeons with their team are all responsible. Because of the highly complex and critical nature of the job surgeons are the highest paying on the list. The average salary range of the surgeons is between NPR 1.4 to 4.7 Lakhs. Because of the expensive academic qualification for an extra-tough role while working the surgeon job deserves the highest pay.

    2) Judges

    From being an expert in the law, fair and reasonable the judges are the second highest paying jobs on the list. Judges get the highest amount of salary because of their high decision-making responsibility in every intense situation in the courtroom. The average salary of the judge is between NPR 1.2 to 4 Lakhs. The amount of experience and knowledge required for this job makes it worthy of being this highly payable.

    3) Lawyers

    Lawyers are the third-highest paying jobs on the list with their demanding nature. The lawyers get paid according to their success rate (fame) and the complexity of the case that they going to handle. A lawyer in Nepal earns an average salary of NPR 1 to 3.5 Lakhs. No matter the complexity of the client’s case if there is a good lawyer then they can save you a good amount of money and also from being punished for not doing a crime.

    4) Bank Managers

    A bank manager is the one who is responsible for all the managing parts of a certain bank. The average salary of a bank manager is NPR 1 to 3.2 Lakhs. A bank manager gets paid a high amount of salary because of their all-around role of managing the whole bank system. A manager manages systems like operation, marketing, administration, leading, training, security, etc. Being responsible for all the managing risks that come along with different tasks like fund managing and more, bank managers are worthy of the highest salary.

    5) CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

    The salary of the CEO is different according to the success of the business or organization. However, a CEO is major responsible for the success and downfall of any company or organization. While CEO can get a big amount than any other job according to how big the company is. However, the average salary of a CEO in Nepal is between NPR 1 to 3 lakhs. If people are recognizing the company and if the value of the company is increasing. Then we can say that a great CEO with a great team is doing well behind it.

    6) Pilots

    One of the toughest jobs in the world, a Pilot is a job that requires constant focus and well decision-making in every situation while in the air. They get tremendous training and experience before taking this job into their hands. Hundreds of people and pilots’ life safety depend on everyday flying. The average salary of the pilot in Nepal is NPR 90,000 to 2.5 Lakhs which seems a little below their hard work.

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    7) Chief Financial Officer

    Everything related to finance in the organization and office is managed and operated by the chief financial officer. The amount of capital spend, generate, etc. is managed by the CFO of a certain company. The average salary of the Chief financial officer in Nepal is NPR 90,000 to 2.8 Lakhs. The role of the CFO in every organization is very necessary.

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    8) Orthodontists

    An orthodontist is a medical professional job that is related to the treatment and care of people’s dental problems. Dental problem is everyday problems in-country, while well-qualified orthodontists are fewer. So, because of their complex working job and regular demand orthodontists get paid a large salary in Nepal. The average salary of orthodontists in Nepal is NPR 80,000 to 2.5 Lakhs.

    9) Marketing Directors

    If the demand and the name of any organization are increasing then there is a marketing team and a Marketing director leading the team behind that. Not surprising that the job that has a massive role in any organization’s growth has to be paid well. The average salary of Marketing directors in Nepal is NPR 80,000 to 2.8 Lakhs. The knowledge and creative ideas required for this job make it one of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal.

    10) College Professors

    By getting the whole knowledge about a certain field and gathering unlimited experience. The College professors teach the higher-level students in college. An average college professor can teach up to 4,5 classes per day. Which can generate him/her a well amount of money in a single day. The average salary of college professors in Nepal is NPR 75,000 to 2.5 Lakhs. There is no argument that the one who gives knowledge to the higher level students has this amount high salary.

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    In Conclusion

    These are some highest-paying jobs in Nepal but there are many more jobs that can pay a deserving one higher than that. This is data for 2023 for the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. We show the average salary of these ten jobs. While quality, experience, and skills can help to get more than this. There are many other jobs related to various sector that pays very well. But in the context of Nepal, these are the ten certain jobs that have the highest salary on average. Hard work along with smart work and good passion can lead anyone to be at the top of any related sector. What are your queries on this list? If you get surprised by the options that we provided then let us know in the comment section.