The 10 Best Nepali Bands of All Time

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  • Nepali Bands, yes in this article, we take a look at several Best 10 Nepali Bands who gave huge contributions to the globe of music.

    Having different & unique music, Nepal is rich in cultural aspects too. With the diversity of cultures, we can also see the verities in Nepali musical aspects. Nepali bands have shown their potential in music for decades and gained big names and audiences from the entire world. So, they gained their positions in this article.

    Everyone has their point of view cause bands and their music is connected differently to peoples. Although we’ll look at the 10 best Nepali bands of all time according to their hits, album sell & public fame.

    Here is the list of the 10 Best Nepali Bands of All Time:

    1) Nepathya

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    Nepathya is one of the most loved bands of Nepal. It is formed in 1990 by a group of 3 students (Amrit Gurung, Deepak Rana, Bhim Poon) from Pokhara.

    They have several hit songs over the decades. Songs like Resham, Sirfula Siraima, Taal Ko Pani, Jogale Huncha Bheta, and many others gained them huge musical height. Nepathya’s song “Taal ko Paani” has over 9 lakh streams on Spotify. Which is a big number for any Nepali song on any musical platform like Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Amrit Gurung
    • Deepak Rana
    • Bhim Poon

    Being one of the oldest bands in Nepal still, there is a huge following of their music. Nepathya also performs and reaches many global & international level stages and spread their love through music. Amrit Gurung the frontman and lead singer of the Nepathya band has also shown the simplicity in both his vocal notes and his real lifestyle.

    2) 1974 A.D

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    Another most hit rock band from Kathmandu, Nepal makes in the top 10 list, 1974 A.D was formed in the early ’90s. They test their music with numerous genres of tune which includes Nepali folk, ragas, rock, funk, blues, and jazz. 1974 A.D is one of the biggest and most successful band in the history of Nepal.

    Songs like Parelima, Sambodhan, Chudaina Timro Mayale, Nepali, Samjhi Baschu, and many others, were some of the most loved and hit songs in Nepali music by 1974 A.D. 1974 A.D song called “Parelima” has over 7.3 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Adrian Pradhan
    • Phiroj Shyangden
    • Nirakar Yakthaumba
    • Manoj Kumar KC
    • Sanjay Kumar Shrestha

    They also raked their most albums on top best-selling albums in Nepal. The band also created a record of having a large audience in their concert ‘Rock Yatra’ in 2000. There is no doubt that they are among the best Nepali band to date.

    3) Albatross

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    Making a big position in Nepali rock music. Albatross band was formed in 1998 in Kathmandu, Nepal. With their number of hit songs, they became one of the most admired bands among the youths. The band’s speedy tempos, signature chord development, and modern compositions have made them one of the pioneers of rock music in Nepal.

    Albatross songs like, Timi Bhane, Nischal, Baschau, Khaseka Tara, Bhool and many others are some major hit songs that gain them the landmark in Nepali music. Albatross song called “Nischal” has over 8.3 lakh and “Timi Bhane” has over 7.7 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Shirish Dali
    • Sunny Manandhar
    • Avaya Siddhi
    • Kismat D Shrestha

    They have also done successful tours in the US and spread Nepalese rock music globally. They constantly making music, doing concerts and lives which makes them one of the most desirable band in Nepal.

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    4) Mantra

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    Darjeeling-based band Mantra was formed in 2000 by three men. One of the most listened bands of Nepal the Mantra first released their album ‘Gorkha Rocks’ which was loved by many. After gaining popularity the band continues their journey and gave many more beautiful songs.

    Mantra band songs like Sadhai Sadhai, Timi Nai Hou, Sanskriti, Aakash, Gorkhali ko Choro Ma are some of the most loved evergreen songs. Song called ‘Sadhai Sadhai’ by them has over 5 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Pragya
    • Bishal
    • Pravash
    • Manish Thapa

    On their long musical journey band members were involved in another profession too. The evergreen band Mantra is the biggest name when it comes to Nepali music. They have done many concerts and live within the country and foreign.

    5) The Axe Band

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    When it comes to Nepali music it is difficult to ignore the contributions The Exe Band has given. The band was officially formed in 1993 with the member of 3 boys. With a unique and funky genre of songs, the band has been serving for more than 25 years to the Nepalese music.

    The Exe Band songs like Lukna Deu, Chiya Barima, Thado Jane Ukalo, Dekhe Timilai are some of their best songs. Their song ‘Lukna Deu’ has over 4 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Shiva Mukhiya
    • Surendra Shrestha
    • Saja Rajbhandari

    The band has released seven-album to date, the last one is Bhadaas. The band is just more than a band the music and songs by them have stayed from the starting with making a big name in the history of Nepalese music.

    6) The Uglyz

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    Nepal’s ever-evolving The Uglyz was formed in 1995 by two school students (Sarun Tamrakar and Sudip Tamrakar). When it comes to the most loved band singing the song ‘Audai Jadai’ by The Uglyz is one that sets its milestone in Nepali hearts.

    Songs from bands like Aaaudai Jaadai (Timro Nyano), Maya, Saathi, Parkhai, Rojdai Chu are some of the greatest gifts were given by the band to Nepali music. Song called ‘Aaaudai Jaadai (Timro Nyano)’ has over 9.1 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Sarun Tamrakar
    • Sudip Tamrakar
    • Rakin lai Shrestha
    • Sachen bajracharya
    • Nirajan Rai


    The band has one of the best fan following than others. The band also did some great concerts with a huge audience. Their first album ‘Rush’ was highly loved by youths and teens which helps them gain more popularity.

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    7) The Edge Band

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    One of the greatest pop-rock bands of Nepal, The Edge Band was formed in 1998 in Pokhara, Nepal. Jeewan Gurung is the lead vocalist of the band and is one of the greatest vocal artists in the world. The band was officially formed by the Jeewan Gurung, Binaya Gurung, Roshan Gurung, Bikash Singh and Asok Sundas.Over time Jeewan has only one who stayed in the band from the beginning.


    The Edge Band songs like Nachahe ko Hoina, Timro Yaad, Samjhiney Mutu, Thaha chaina, Jhuto Maya, Prayas, and many others get an evergreen place in the music world. Song called ‘Timro Yaad’ has crossed over 1.7 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Jeewan Gurung
    • Bishnu Gurung
    • Sandeep B.k
    • Albin Pariyar
    • Ganesh Rai

    They have released 4 albums to date and the album “Vibes and Vajra” gave them a huge turnover with popularity in the Nepali music industry. Doing many International live concerts, the band is still living in everyone’s heart.

    8) Mongolian Heart

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    One of the biggest folk music bands of Nepal Mangolian Heart started its musical journey form 1992. When it comes to stealing the heart of the audience with the music Mangolian Heart was never given up. The band also received several big awards like Kantipur FM Awards, Hits FM Awards, Music Nepal Gold Medal, Image Awards over the decades.

    Songs like Timilai Dekhera, Halla Chalecha, Sayad Timro Batoma, Parkhaima, Badalpariko Deshbata are some of the evergreen and beautifully created songs by the band. Song called ‘Timilai Dekhera‘ has over 3.1 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Raju Lama
    • Boby Lama
    • Binaya Maharjan
    • Babu Raja Maharjan
    • Pawan Kapali
    • Santosh Thapa
    • Kiran Nagarkoti

    The band continues to give music to their listener in any possible way. They have done many national along with international live and concerts. Raju Lama the vocalist of the band also has been the judge of The Voice Nepal. They also gained their respect as one of the best Nepali band.

    9) Cobweb

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    Cobweb is a Patan, Nepal-based hard rock band that is famous for its emphatic lyrics and sound that resonates with its listeners. The band was formed in 1993 by 3 members. The trio released their debut album ‘Anjaan’ back in 1993 which is not so turning point for the band. Later ‘Maryo ni Maryo’ song from the album Cobweb stands as the most loved song of the band.

    Cobweb gave some of the evergreen rock songs like Mercedes Benz, Timro Maya, Maryo ni Maryo ni, Preet ko Nasha and many more are remain as gems in Nepalese rock music. Their song ‘Mercedes Benz’ has over 2.1 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Divesh Mulmi
    • Nilesh Joshi
    • Siddhartha Dhakhwa
    • Sanjay Aryal
    • Srijan Bikram Gewali

    Moreover in the path of living the music, the band also did many national and international concerts and shows. Not just being a simple rock band they became the inspiration to many upcoming bands.

    10) The shadows Nepal

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    Including the energetic and unique musicians, The Shadows Nepal was formed in 1997 in Chitwan, Nepal. With their first album ‘Suna Hamro Sano Awaaz’ in 2006, they start getting along well on music. Their second album ‘Hidne Manche Ladcha’ has given them the mainstream success they deserve.

    Songs like Hidne Manche Ladcha, Prakriti, Kheladi, Saayed, Naya Nepal are some of their hit songs. Their song called ‘Hidne Manche Ladcha’ has over 1.7 lakh streams on Spotify.

    Band members are:

    • Swapnil Sharma
    • Prakash Rasaily
    • Sujan Manandhar
    • Sahil Risal
    • Amit Pradhan

    Moving on, the band is active from 1997 to the present and has done many national and international concerts. With their unique and influential lyrics that include the issues of society they always bring the best out.

    On Summary :

    All the bands and their each & every song are precious. Lastly, Our bands not just gave us some best kinds of music but also they left us the everyday musical medicine. So far, these 10 bands are top the list on this article as Best Nepali bands of all time.