How to Apply for a Working Visa of Canada from Nepal? Easy Guide

Canada work visa from Nepal


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  • Further inside the article, we have discussed the various aspects of the Canada Work Visa from Nepal. We’ve explained the full process of How to apply for a working visa in Canada from Nepal.

    Firstly, What is Canada Work Visa?

    A Canadian work visa simply means getting a work permit for Canada by most people. It provides an official permit to the Nepalese or any foreign citizens to work in Canada, for a particular period. An applicant must need a Canada visit visa and a Canada work visa to work and travel in Canada. Many Nepalese wants to work in their respective field-related jobs like Information Technologies, Cybersecurity,  Marketing, and many other.

    For every Nepalese, two types of Canada Work Visa can be applied for. If you are looking for the process, eligibility, and document requirements for one of these working visas. Let’s first get a simple knowledge about these two types of work visas available for Canada.

    Types of Canada Work Visa

    There are two different types of Work visas for Canada from Nepal. They are open work permits and employer-specific work visas.

    Open Work Permit

    This visa allows a foreign worker to work with any employer inside Canada. An open work permit is an authorized document for a foreign national to work inside a Canada. With having this Open work permit you may work for multiple employers in several locations inside Canada.  The applicant doesn’t require the following documents for applying through the open work permit of Canada:

    • LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) from Social Development Canada or
    • A document as proof of employment from the employer.

    Employer-Specific Work Permit

    With this employer-specific work permit, you are allowed to work only for a specific employer/organization that is mentioned in Visa documents. The individual needs to follow the given condition in his/her working visa for working legally in Canada. A work type, work duration, and work location are some of the information that will be mentioned in the Employer specific work permit. With having this work visa an individual can legally work for one organization or employer at a time.

    Some information mentioned in the Employer-specific work permit:

    • The detail of the Canadian organization or employer.
    • The time duration for the specific work.
    • The location where an individual can work.

    Documents Required for Canada Work Visa for Nepalese

    There are some major documents that you’ll require before applying for a Canada work visa from Nepal.

    • First thing you’ll require is your original passport for the whole tenure of the Job.
    • Also, you’re canceled or expired passport is also needed. Moreover, make sure that your passport is valid until the time limit of your work permit (visa).
    • Contact details of applicant including address and phone number.
    • Your bank statements for the last three months, funding, along with income tax return for the past two years.
    • The proof of Income from different sources like investments. property documents, etc.
    • In case of going or taking a dependent partner, a copy of childbirth certificates and marriage certificates are compulsory.
    • In case dependent family members are also going, then the applicant should also submit the information of the Family member.
    • Your previous academic and employment proof documents.
    • Academic qualification proof documents like for Degree, Diploma with valid mark sheets.
    • Documents of your any work experiences like your previous appointment letters, salary slips, bank statements, and certificates from your previous or current employer.
    • LOR (Letter of Reference) should be submitted including the type of your employment, work duration along with your responsibilities and duties.

    How to Apply for Canadian Work Visa from Nepal?

    Work Visa of Canada from Nepal

    Thousands of Nepalese people want to work on Canadian land. Most Nepalese peoples mainly go looking for a Nepali manpower company or consultancy. But, there is both online and paper application process available for applying for a Canadian work visa from Nepal.

    The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) also suggest applying the form online. This helps the applicant to save unnecessary costs and time for application deliverables.

    The Process to Apply for Canada Work Visa for Nepalese Online:

    • First, Visit the official website of the Government of Canada.
    • Then, click on the menu on the left side of the website.
    • Click on the ‘Immigration and Citizenship’ option shown in the menu.
    • After that, choose the work option to open the page.
    • Go to the ‘Get a Work Permit’ option on that page.
    • Then choose the type of worker.
    • After that, click on the ‘Apply for Work Permit’ option shown on that page.
    • Select the tap of how to apply.
    • It will show the page where you can choose the location from where you’re applying for a Canadian work visa.
    • Then, select the ‘Get the application to work in Canada’ option.
    • From the drop-down menu there choose the option of online application and country (Nepal).
    • Then, sign in with your existing Gmail account or create a new account.
    • Carefully then fill up the application form and submit it.
    • Also, upload the necessary documents along with the form.
    • Then Pay the Visa fees online.
    • Set and interview at the Canada Visa Application Center (VAC).
    • Give the details for the biometric test at the VAC and get your picture clicked there.
    • You will be called for the visa interview if everything is accurate.
    • After the interview a successful applicant will receive an approval letter from the Canadian Embassy of Nepal.

    The IRCC forms also must be properly signed and submitted when applying for the Canadian Work Visa both online and offline:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much Time does it Take to Approval for Canada Work Visa from Nepal?

    Generally, it takes a time somewhere between two to four weeks for your application and document submission. The visa approval process only begins after the Canadian authorities received and review your complete application along with all documents.

    Is Canada a good destination for Nepalese students or workers?

    While talking about affordability, Canada is a great destination for any Nepalese worker and student. Many great opportunities are available for Nepalese workers and students in Canada.

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    In Conclusion

    After reading all the information provided in this article, you may have got a slight knowledge about the necessary things for Applying for a Canadian work visa from Nepal. However, you can also consult with any experts and consultancy for getting proper valid information about all the processes for Canadian work visa application. For more information, you can visit the other official Government websites of Canada and Nepal.