To explore your curiosity nowadays a digital platform has become the key factor.

Becoming people’s digital platform to explore their curiosity, Esabda is a trusted and authentic digital portal located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Esabda delivers various forms of articles & information that provide some extra help to make daily life better.

We are keen observers of today’s world that believe in providing quality research-based content to everyone. Covering the major categories like Business, Insurance, Technology & Finance, and Featuring different inspiring personalities from around the world. Esabda is always on that road by leading.

What makes Esabda different than others?

Believing in producing quality content through the digital form we always understand the real problems & questions of various people from everywhere.

  • We also focus more on business-related content that helps different people around the globe.
  • We target the most dominant topics (Titles) and come up with the finest content.
  • Esabda’s creators:

    Who are we?

    We are a team of different creative writers and content creators, all believing in producing and delivering quality content to help lives.

    In making a different variation of quality content our writers always make sure that all the data are true facts and fully researched based. Our writers also produce different conceptual content by their own daily life experiences. Even that the experience and skills gained throughout the years our writers had unmatchable skills that can make an impact on digital platforms’ way of information.

    What keeps us motivated?

    In the journey of providing quality and authentic content, the user satisfaction and feedbacks are all the motivation we need to keep making our efforts.

    From basic to major contents are produced to provide information to all the age groups from everywhere.

    In Summary:

    If you want to know more about us, you can easily contact us by using the contact form. We are always there to be connected with you happily. On the journey of growing the digital platform of providing well content, any feedbacks are welcome.