5 Best Dog Foods in Nepal | A Quick Buying Guide

Best Dog Foods in Nepal


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  • Let’s dive into the full information about the 5 Best Dog Foods in Nepal. We have collected a summary of dog food types, food brands, and the quality of the different types of dog foods available in Nepal.

    Why does your Dog need Good Food?

    For your everyday companion, dog foods that have a good amount of healthy ingredients are always necessary. Quality dog food can help to keep your dog away from different health risks and diseases. A good bog food brand can provide your dog with a proper balance of essential nutrients that can prolong your dog’s life.

    A good product gives what your dog might need in everyday life. The well-manufactured food brand can help your dog build and repair muscles, bones, and teeth, good muscle tone, and more immune.

    Importance of Good Dog Food

    • Good Muscle Tone and Body State
    • Better Digestion and Elimination
    • Immunity Growth and Prevention from Disease
    • Healthy Skin and Hair Coat

    Choosing a Good Dog Food Brand in Nepal

    When you’re going for the best dog food brand that is available in Nepal. Several dog food brands are available in the Nepali market both online and offline. Still, some factors needed to be considered before deciding on a good food brand for your furry partner.

    • Ingredients: Make sure to check the product contains all the necessary ingredients, that your dog needs.
    • Allergies: If you’re not sure about your dog’s allergies, then consulting the veterinarian before buying will be good work.
    • Dog Breed: Every dog needs a different level of nutrition according to its breed. The German Shepherd’s diet might be different from the  Beagle’s.
    • Dog Age: Always be careful about the age of your dog with the diet it might need. Small puppies need more protein-based food for proper growth, while adult needs a more balanced diet.

    Top Dog Food Brands in Nepal

    1) BonaCibo

    BonaCibo dog food in Nepal


    One of the best dog food products in Nepal, BonaCibo products has all the necessary nutritional needs of our dog with rich meat content and all the natural nutrients mixture.

    The food product contains essential vitamins, minerals, and a good amount of meat/animal derivatives contents which makes it more delicious and healthy. The product of BonaCibo also contains probiotic microorganisms that help to improve a well digestive system and immune system.

    BonaCibo has a large product range and you can select the best one for your pet friend. This product is a little more expensive than other products but not doubtedly worth it. You can easily find this product in both Nepali online/offline markets.

    Click the link to buy BonaCibo products online:

    Daraz (Adult Dog Food-4kg/Rs. 1,899) – www.daraz.com.np

    Thulo – www.thulo.com

    Choicemandu – www.choicemandu.com


    2) Purepet

    Purepet dog food in Nepal

    While talking about the best dog food in Nepal, Purepet is a brand with a good range of well food choices for your pet. Purepet provides a proper and completely balanced diet with food variants based on both vegetables and chicken.

    The food of this brand is well suited for all dog breeds in Nepal. This dog food brand is best for the dog’s muscle and bone health because of its good composition of both protein and calcium. Without compromising on the essential nutritious ingredients, Purepet is available in Nepal at a great price.

    However, it lacks some vitamins but the overall product is an ideal nutritional package. It is ideally best for puppies of up to 1 year.

    Click the link to buy Purepet products online:

    Daraz – www.daraz.com.np

    Sastodeal – www.sastodeal.com


    3) Purina

    Purina dog food in Nepal

    Another well-known dog food, Purina dog food products are rich in essential vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, minerals, and fats. This brand also provides a good range of food choices for your all-age group dogs. Different age groups of dog breeds can eat up this food for getting high nutritional value.

    This product is ideal for both growing puppies and adult dogs. Purina brand products contain all the necessary ingredients that help in proper growth, better ammunition, and general health for your puppies and adult dogs.

    It is also considered one of the healthy and safest diets for your dog. It is affordable in price and also can be found both online and offline in Nepal.

    Click the link to buy Purina products online:

    Daraz – www.daraz.com.np

    Choicemandu – www.choicemandu.com

    4) Drools

    Drools dog food in Nepal

    One of the most consumed dog foods in Nepal, Drools provides a well-packed dog product that has all the essential vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It doesn’t contain any amount of wheat, soya, and artificial colors but contains a great amount of essential protein.

    Drools provide you with a large range of product varieties, so you can choose the best range for your furry friend. These brand products are also free of grains which makes them more suited for the proper digestion and health of dogs.

    No doubt Drools is one of the most loved dog food brands in Nepal and it also comes in an affordable price range.

    Click the link to buy Drools product online:

    Daraz – www.daraz.com.np

    5) Himalaya

    Himalayan Healthy Pet Food

    Himalaya brand has a variety of healthy products that contain the essential amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The Himalaya brand products contain 20% crude protein, 10% crude fat, and 5% crude fiber which helps your dog for better growth and immunization.

    It has a food products range for all dog breeds and age groups. The best thing about its product is it contains ingredients like Popala that help and support kidney function.

    This brand no considerably one of the best dog food brands and it also comes at an affordable price in the Nepali online/offline market.

    Click the link to buy Himalaya products online:

    Daraz – www.daraz.com.np

    Choicemandu – www.choicemandu.com.np

    Types of Dog Foods in Nepal

    There are various types of Dog food available in the Nepali market. Although it’s up to you for choosing the best brand of food that suited your dog. Some of the types of dog foods that are available in Nepal are:


    A wet food contained in a tin can is one of the most chosen types of dog food. However, you can easily find canned food but it might be a little more expensive than other types. More than 70% of the canned food contains water which might make the nutrient content lesser.

    Home Cooked

    However, most Nepalese people prefer home-cooked food for their pets. It provides the owner complete control over the dog’s diet, which is also a great idea. If you have enough time and budget to give your dog nutritious home-cooked food then it can be the best choice for you.

    Dry Food

    Giving dry food to the dog can be the easiest type than Home cooking. It is also more affordable than other types and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Similarly, you also have to choose the dry food brand that contains a well amount of essential ingredients for your dog.

    Raw Food

    Raw food means raw bone, meat, or mixed organs. The raw diet is good for most breeds but the owners have to consult a veterinarian in case of switching to a raw type.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which brand of dog food is best?

    There are different types of brands that are best for all breeds of dogs. Such as BonaCibo, Drools, Himalaya, Simba, Purina, Purepet, and more.

    Which dog food is best in Nepal?

    Well, it all depends on the requirement of nutrients for your dog. If you are not sure about your dog’s sensitivity or food choices then it is better to consult with the veterinarian before buying any dog food in Nepal.

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