10 Books That You Must Read To Know More About Nepal

10 Books That You Must Read To Know More About Nepal


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  • In question to know about the books that assist you for better understanding of culture, tradition, nature, and many aspects of Nepal. Here in this article, we’ve included 10 books that you must read to know more about the country Nepal. 

    With full of mystic surprises, Nepal is considered one of the magical countries that carry many stories within. From its amazing brave history to its beautiful gifts from nature Nepal is no way less surprising than any other great country. To know the different aspects of the country Nepal, traveling and reading books related to it are quite the best ways for anyone. 

    While there must be a list of your own favorite books to read. We’ve listed the 10 finest books that help you to know Nepal by its different aspects. Aspects like natural beauty, mountains, historical cities, great events, moments, and many more. There are plenty of books that will help you with your understanding of Nepal or to help your traveling to Nepal. You could spend hundreds of hours reading books to understand different aspects and know more about Nepal but still, there are more interesting things that you’ll miss out on.

    Here we have rounded up a list of 10 fine books to know more about Nepal. Some of the books are by Nepalese authors, and some are by foreign nation authors who’ve spent a long quality time in Nepal. They are in the random orders but every book deserved to be at the top as they have concluded various aspects of Nepal. All books give different morals with their stories and authors’ experiences.

    10 Books to Know More About Nepal

    Here are the list of 10 Books that you must read to know more about Nepal:

    1. The Snow Leopard

    The Snow Leopard (Peter Matthiessen)book to know more about Nepal

    The Snow Leopard was written by Peter Matthiessen and published in 1978. The author of this book along with his friend Schaller, a naturalist came to Nepal to study the Himalayan Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard, and spirituality. The book of a full combination of travel literature and the natural history of Nepal. The book mostly tells about the journey of the author and his friend along with the reflection on the mystical side of Nepal. The story of this book is set in the Upper Dolpo region of Nepal and shows the wide side of the Himalayas and Nepal’s beauty. In 1978 the book also won the award of National Book.

    2. Karnali Blues

    Karnali Blues book to know more about Nepal

    No doubt, one of the best-selling books in Nepal. Karnali Blues is a book full of amazingness. The book is written by modern Nepali writer, Buddhisagar and published in 2010. The book is the story of a young man and his different situation of life with his father. The story constantly goes from the present time to the childhood of the narrator. In childhood time the narrator used to worship his father. The story magically shows the problems of the common man along with the relationship with the parents.  The book tells uniquely about the different aspects of the Nepali culture and many people cal easily relate to the story.

    3. The Nepal Nexus

    The Nepal Nexus book to know more about Nepal

    The Nepal Nexus is a book written by journalist Sudheer Sharma that reflects the historical and political aspects of Nepal. The book was published in October of 2019 publisher Penguin Viking.  Book includes Maoist insurgency to Monarchy along with the relationship between Nepal and India. The book perfectly shows the socio-political transformation of Nepal in these 2 decades. Highly recommended this book is must read who are interested in the socio-political aspects of Nepal.

    4. House of Snow: An Anthology of the Greatest Writing About Nepal

    House of Snow book to know more about Nepal

    This book is a beautiful mixup of poems and stories that tell a lot about the Nepals natural aspects. The book is full of wonderful writing by both national and international writers. The book is written by some of the great personalities like Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Jon Krakauer, Manjushree Thapa, Thomas Bell, and Michael Hutt. Many readers had their own different views towards the book. Some readers found the included poetry amazing, some found the story from foreigners amazing, some loved the journalism aspect of the book and some loved the wonderful fiction of the book. In all ways, the round readers won’t find this book any non-interesting but rather enjoy it.

    5. Little Princes: One Man’s Promise To Bring Home The Lost Children Of Nepal

    Little Princes book to know more about Nepal

    The change-making story of this book is no doubt will impress you. The book is written by writer Connor Grennan The story is a full rollercoaster ride of many morals and one man’s quest to reunite lost Nepalese children with their parents. This book includes different emotions like fun, tragedy, and heart touching which will surely catch grab your focus. The reader will love the story of how Connor struggles to save the lost children of Nepal and how he found himself during whole this process.

    6. Massacre At The Palace

    Massacre At The Palace

    The author of this book Jonathan Gregson shows the tragic moment of 1 June 2001. This book takes readers back to that event when crown prince Dipendra started shooting his family and relatives. And after he finished shooting himself too. On the day of the Royal Massacre incident, every person in Nepal had an unbelievable shock. The book not only shows the Royal massacre incident but also tells the later rise of the Nepali politics after that incident. The book is full of amazing written Nepalese stories from starting of the Shah dynasty to the Royal Massacre incident to the rise of Nepali politics.

    7. Adventures of a Nepali Frog

    Adventures of a Nepali Frog book to know more about Nepal

    An amazing adventurous book was written by Kanak Mani Dixit. The book tells the story of Bhaktaprasad Bhyaguto, a frog traveling all over Nepal and discovering the mystic beauty of Nepal from Mountains to cities, Forests to plain lands. This book also includes many fun seeing sketches drawn by Subhas Rai, which will surely attract your attention. This book reflects all the fun and adventures in Nepal and its different places. If you love to read fun adventurous books and also want to know many things about Nepal. This one is highly recommended to readers.

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    8. Tiger for Breakfast

    Tiger for Breakfast book to know more about Nepal

    Tiger for Breakfast is a book written by Michel Peissel whose story shows Nepal’s tourist perceiving way.  This book shows the story of a Russian man named Boris Lissanevitch. This book amazingly shows the things in Kathmandu back in the ’60s and ’70s. There are many interesting chapters related to Queen Elizabeth II’s visits and more. No doubt the readers will love this book which tells so much about the back days of Nepal’s history.

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    9. The Tutor of History (Manjushree Thapa)

    The Tutor of History (Manjushree Thapa)book to know more about Nepal
    The Tutor of History (Manjushree Thapa)book to know more about Nepal

    Tutor of History is a fictional novel written by Nepalese-Canadian writer Manjushree Thapa. This book tells the story of the campaign for parliamentary elections in the town of Khaireni Tar, located between Kathmandu and Pokhara. The book shows the conditions of the election in that place at that time and the effect on that the people. The writer shows the story so well, which makes it very easy, fun, and interesting. While known as one of the best writers in Nepal, Manjushree portrayed the story so well that readers will fully enjoy it from start to end.

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    10. Mahesh Chandra Regmi Series

    Mahesh Chandra Regmi Series book to know more about Nepal
    Mahesh Chandra Regmi Series book to know more about Nepal

    The Mahesh Chandra Regmi Series is a gift for readers that want to know about the historic aspect of Nepal. This series will amaze you with the things you unknown of. We can say that it is one of the full detailed notes that every other writer must read once. This series was written between the time of 1969 to 1989. It contains 21 volumes in total which also contains the English translation of major historic events. The well-refined documents of Regmi are a fine collection that is worth reading for every reader.

    In Conclusion

    The books that are listed here contain different aspects of Nepal. If you know any books that reflect Nepal and its aspects kindly comment below. We’ve also personally read some of these books and no doubt we loved them and it will also help the reader to know more about Nepal. It will help your travel to Nepal and mostly give you the concept of the whole of Nepal, people and places here.