The Inspirational Kami Rita Sherpa Scaled Everest for the 26th time. Breaking his own record.

About Kami Rita Sherpa World Record


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  • A source of inspiration and a world-class mountain climber Kami Rita Sherpa has broken and set another world record after successfully submitting the Mouth Everest for the 26th time. In May of 2022, the world is again known about the man who is constantly becoming the inspiration and idol for many climbers around the globe. He scaled Mount Everest for the 26th time at the age of 52 which somehow shows the Kami Rita’s love and connection for the mountains (especially the Everest). 

    Mount Everest is also known as the Sagarmatha for Nepalese and Chomolungma for Tibetans. Everest’s new height is 8,848.86 meters (29,031.69 feet) is also seems to bless the Kami Rita Sherpa throughout his climbing.

    About Kami Rita Sherpa

    A magical climber Kami Rita was born in 1970 AD, in the small village, Thame in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. Just from a bit of age, he was involved as a carrier (porter) at Everest’s base camp. While he was just the age of 12 he used to help another climber through carrying and gear up.

    Currently, Kami Rita is living in Kathmandu, Nepal. Wife Lakpa Jangmu and two children make Rita’s family a happy one. However, Rita and his wife don’t want their children to engage in the dangerous mountaineering sector.

    Rita didn’t get success in his first attempt at Everest in 1992. But 2 years later, In 1994 he successfully reached the top and scaled Mount Everest. He says his inspiration is his father, the earliest professional mountain guide after Everest was first opened to foreign nations in 1950. 

    About Kami Rita Sherpa making World Record
    Kami Rita Sherpa climbing mountain above 8,000 meters

    Rita continuously submits the Everest and other mountains above 8,000 meters. He finished submitting 39 times in total. This also includes Cho-Oyu mountain 8 times, Manaslu 3 times, Lhotse 1 time, and K2 1 time. At the age of 48, Rita made his first world record by being the first person to summit Mount Everest 22 times by the May of 2018. Later he almost summit Everest every year.

    Rita later also engaged and work for the climbing arranging company Seven Summit Treks in May of 2019. He has also gotten the honor of serving as a brand ambassador and the chief Adventure Consultant of Himalayan Glacier Adventure and Travel Company. Rita also get a chance to be the brand ambassador of a Nepali manufactured cement company called Brij Super Premium OPC.

    Lastly, Rita scaled Everest on 7 May of 2021, which helps him break his record with his 25th ascent. Rita may have been summited even more times if the Covid-19 pandemic wouldn’t happen. Both sides of Everest are closed for climbing in the year 2020 by Nepal and China. Although Rita continually summits the Everest 2 times after the Everest is opened.

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    We Write

    We wrote this article about the new world record of Kami Rita Sherpa for scaling Mount Everest for the 26th time. But, there are many unspoken and unopened things that only Rita and another climber of Nepal know and feel. What they get after all this climbing, doing hard work their all life, setting records, inspiring many peoples, and making the country’s name known around the globe. 

    Kami Rita Sherpa is being Honored
    Honoring Kami Rita Sherpa

    However world-renowned climber like Kami Rita get’s lots of popularity after his every record-setting summit. He has to face different kinds of problems throughout the beginning. Most of the climbers in Nepal have to face problems like not getting the funding for their projects. Even though somehow they manage to get the funding there is less paying for their unmatchable hard job, which helps the nation by attracting hundreds & thousands of tourists every year. The government also seems to not give them the honor and care when they need it most of the time. For example, in the year 2017, another renowned world-class mountaineer Ang Rita Sherpa was hospitalized in Kathmandu, Nepal. She had a brain hemorrhage and she didn’t get any kind of support from the government. The climbing job for the Nepali climbers seems so weak in many small ways. Lack of good and affordable equipment, good weather forecasting, and proper funding always have been there for our climbers as a part of the summit.

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    In Conclusion

    Kami Rita Sherpa is our national treasure and a great helper in the tourism sector of our country Nepal. As he scaled Mount Everest for the 26th time and break his record the whole country and the country’s people should be more proud of him. We have to speak more about the real heroes like Kami Rita and other Mountaineers in our daily life. Giving them their recognition and honor is what we can offer to them.