10 Amazing Dumbbell Workout Apps For Better Muscle Building


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  • Many of us want to get closer to our goals of gaining a good amount of body mass in our body. However, it is not always easy to do so with everything that we have. If you are trying to get a gym membership then you may be confused as to what you should rely on to get closer to your body goals. there are so many amazing dumbbell workout apps that are available in Nepal. There are several amazing dumbbell workout apps that will work in your favor!

    These amazing dumbbell workout apps are not something you should undermine. These may seem like normal apps to you, but trust us, these are miraculous! And, we are not even exaggerating.

    Dumbbell Workout Apps

    Dumbbell workout apps have been gaining a lot of popularity for the past few years now. It is quite easy to go for an alternative that won’t cost you a lot of money. Plus, these kinds of apps have been working out for the best of people for a few years now. Many people assume their bodies won’t get any help from these apps but you will only have to have the necessary equipment and you can build a gym of your own anytime and almost anywhere!

    Dumbbell workout apps will have you use your body for all the right reasons. Moreover, these apps have everything you might need to address while pursuing your goals. From taking care of your body needs to work according to your body type, these apps are here for you!

    Save as much money and time as you can with these 10 amazing dumbbell workout apps that we have listed just for you.

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    1) Dumbbell Workout at Home

    Dumbbell Workout at Home App

    Among every other app we have on our list, this particular app happens to be the most popular one. When you are going through your Appstore or Playstore, you might as well find this app first in the options. Many people have left satisfactory reviews on this app and the app continues to help people reach their goals faster.

    The best feature of this app is that you can choose the level you are at. It has three different ranges of levels to choose from. You don’t have to worry if you are a beginner and if you are a real professional, you can still take advantage of the app at home. You can easily build muscles without many complications and this app also makes sure that your muscles are relieved after working out.

    This app will surely take care of all your needs if you are looking to grow your muscles.

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    2) Dumbbell Workouts at Home

    Dumbbell Workouts at Home App
    Dumbbell Workouts at Home App

    Dumbbell workouts at home is another amazing app that will help you reach your muscle-building goals easily. You can remain in the comfort of your home while exercising with over 300 workouts and exercises that this app provides you. Likewise, it becomes easy for you to master each and every exercise that they have in this app because the app is that good at providing instructions.

    Moreover, a special program will be made available to the users for 30 days. It is quite impressive to go through all the exercises in this app. The app will make sure to give you the best possible option to work with on the basis of your goals.

    Download: Dumbbell Workouts at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    3) Dumbbell Workout Women Fitness

    Dumbbell Workout Women Fitness

    Many fitness apps focus on men’s and men’s bodies. But, there is one amazing app that will cater to all the needs of women. As a woman, you can now grow your muscles and lose fat in no time. Every single exercise that the app provides specializes in the needs of a woman’s body.

    Depending on your needs, you can come closer to your goals by working out for just 8 to 25 minutes every day. You can also customize your workout plans based on your needs. There is an option for you to focus on prime areas like the biceps, triceps, abs, legs, and many others.

    Likewise, the workout plans come with plans for 9, 21, and 30 days which makes the experience in this app even better.

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    4) Home Workout For Men

    Home Workout For Men App
    Home Workout For Men App

    Many men want to increase their muscles while losing fat. This is the best app for you if you are looking to do so. The app specializes in home dumbbell workouts for men. Men can now get all the guidance they can possibly need through this app.

    Furthermore, the app will ensure that anyone using the app stays in discipline with its special features. The exercises in this app are categorized into various categories. You really don’t need to think twice before replacing your trainer if you use this app in the way it is meant to be used.

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    5) Fitvate

    Dumbbell Workout Challenge at Home

    This app is as challenging for people willing to change their bodies as its name suggests. You are in for a great time if you are a gym freak. But, an even better experience is waiting for you with this amazing app.

    This app also has some amazing features that will help you achieve your goals. The app has a big exercise library from which you can choose the best exercises. Moreover, you can also find workout planners, stretching exercises, and health tips in this app.

    Don’t miss out on this one!

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    6) Home workouts with dumbbells

    Home workouts with dumbbells App

    Gaining muscle mass may seem like a hard thing for many people. But, this app will ensure that you are closer to your goals! Don’t worry, you won’t need a trainer to make the perfect use of this app. You might just have to do your best to customize your goals and follow the plan.

    You can also simply expect to get what you want with the help of this amazing app. The information is presented clearly thanks to the addition of helpful charts and tables by the developers. You will surely get extra motivation with the help of this app.

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    7) Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker

    Workout Plan & Gym Log Tracker App

    This is not just an app where you can take guidance for exercises. You can now easily track all your exercises with the help of this app. You really don’t have to worry about not having a good gym body when you have this app.

    It becomes easier to know about your progress when you are using this app. This is by far one of the most convenient apps you can possibly find on your Appstore or Playstore. Nothing beats an app that gives you access to make things right at your convenience like this one.

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    8) Dumbbell Workout Plan

    Dumbbell Workout Plan App

    Who needs an instructor when an app is here to instruct everything you will ever need? This app has possibly every guidance you will need in order to grow your muscles as well as to reach your goals easier. Your life will become easier when you don’t have to rush to the gym to get a workout plan from an instructor.

    If you want to save time and money, this app is possibly the best alternative you can choose. Moreover, you can simply use this app to get closer to your goals. The app specifies everything you may be missing out on to date. This is one of the best among all the other 10 amazing dumbbell workout apps we have listed in this article.

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)

    9) JeFit

    JeFit is one of the best apps you can use in order to gain muscles and get to your goal of a fitter and healthier body. A premium feel is now accessible with this app!

    This app includes over 1400 exercises with instructions. The pro-designed workouts will give you the best aid you can seek for. Plus, the app also consists of a flexible planning tool that will not only motivate you but help you work as per your necessity.

    Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals now!

    Website: https://www.jefit.com/

    10) GYM WP

    GYM WP App

    This fitness app is quite similar to JeFit. You will be able to find every premium feature that the previous app has on this app as well. Many users have left impressive reviews on this app.

    You may view every workout you can perform with dumbbells by muscle group. The best part about this app is its customizability. And, you can also track your progress over time. The tracking feature will help you motivate yourself and reach your goals more quickly. This app is highly impressive in every way possible.

    Download: Dumbbell Workout at Home App (IOS) (Android)


    Fitness apps did not have as much accessibility as it has now. It is amazing how people are trying to use these apps as an alternative to gain muscles. Gaining muscles really isn’t that much of a problem when you are using these apps. Moreover, these 10 amazing dumbbell workout apps will give you free access for a certain period of time. Many other apps in the list may require you to pay a small sum for their service but upon reviews and research, we can tell you won’t regret investing that sum in these apps. You really don’t need a gym if you make the best use of these apps.

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