10 Helpful Facebook Groups for Small Business

Helpful Facebook Group for Small Business


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  • The idea of digitalization has dramatically impacted various businesses, including small, medium, and large. Among them, small business has gained tremendous benefits from it. If you are also a small business owner and looking for Facebook groups to expand your knowledge in this field, then here in this article we have listed some 10 great Facebook groups for small businesses. Don’t forget the special mentions!

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    Facebook Groups for Small Business|Statistics

    Helpful Facebook groups for small business
    Men using Facebook groups for small business

    Digital communications these days are playing a vital role in any small business. Prior to the development of social media like Facebook, print media like newspapers were extensively used for marketing.

    Facebook Groups are areas on the social media platform where friends, acquaintances, or individuals with comparable interests can gather to talk or share about a wide range of subjects. Groups offer a forum for natural debate about your goods or services and a chance to build brand recognition.

    A survey done by a popular research center Pew Research Center in 2021 showed that the estimated daily newspaper circulation in the U.S. in 2020 was 24.3 Million on the first day of the week which was a 6% decline from the circulation rate of the previous year.

    Similarly, Research shows, that between 2016 and 2020, the number of active members in Facebook groups almost doubled from 1 billion to 1.8 billion users. This is a HUGE figure!

    Why Should a Small Business Use Facebook Groups?

    The fact that the number of people who are using Facebook groups is in billion figures, shows how much benefits it can give to small business owners who want to expand their business through digital marketing. It’s in BILLIONS!

    Facebook has a far larger audience than old print media. That alone has convinced a lot of people to accept that Facebook is the perfect place to try a new marketing plan. And to learn new tricks and techniques also this can be helpful. Out of all the traditional and digital marketing channels, Facebook groups are the most effective choice for your Small business. Why? Because using Facebook, you can:

    • Have healthier discussions about your business with different peoples
    • Learn from one other
    • Get important updates about the ongoing trend so that you can evolve within
    • Get 3Hs- Honest, Helpful, and Honorable feedback
    • Increase your business engagement

    10 Beneficial Facebook Groups for Small Business

    You might think that Facebook or any other social media is for only entertainment purposes. But we get what we want to get right? If you are looking for good benefits of Facebook you will get one. Facebook has a lot of useful tools to engage with other people like posts, videos, and most important ones-groups, and communities. Content is indeed the king but customer engagement wins the game here. They are the queen, after all. Facebook groups not only increase the customer’s engagement but also help you in increasing your brand value.

    Here we have listed out some of the best-of-best Facebook groups for a small business that can make you win the game of digital marketing in this era.

    1. Humans of Online Business

    Human of Online Business Facebook group for Small business
    Human of Online Business Facebook group for Small business

    Members: 9.1K

    Type: Private

    Started in 2015, Humans of Online Business is one of the best Facebook groups for small business out there. With the help of 8 co-hosts of this group, you get a lot of useful tips for operating your small business in a HUMAN way. All the co-hosts out there are experts in different fields. They help you with launching strategy,

    • self-publishing and launching your own program
    • Monetization and marketing
    • Attracting people to your business
    • Increasing the quality and quantity of the business

    So, it won’t do bad to you if you join this group. Being a member of this group, you learn and get help, and increase your horizon of knowledge in this industry.

    2. The Startup Chat Mastermind Group

    The Startup Chat Mastermind Group facebook groups for small business
    The Startup Chat Mastermind Group Facebook groups for small business

    Members: 10.3K

    Type: Public

    The Startup Chat Mastermind Group is operated by two people; Steli and Hiten respectively. They are friends who have expertise in startup growth, startup cultures, entrepreneurs’ mentality, and best practices for small businesses. They also have weekly Q&As, where you can ask any questions or tips and they provide you the in-depth information about it.

    Additionally. you can also subscribe to their newsletter and podcasts. They post podcasts every Tuesday and Friday, discussing risk management in small businesses, creating opportunities in the time of crisis, Tips to improve cash flow during the risk management in small business, creating opportunities in the time of crisis, Tips to improve cash flow during time of crisis, etc.

    Subscribe to their podcast here- www.thestartupchat.com

    3. Women In Business

    women in bsuienss facebook groups for small business
    women in bsuienss facebook groups for small business

    Members: 17.2K

    Type: Public

    Women in Business is a community for women to share and learn, inspire and connect with one other. It is an international community with a diverse network of women in the business field. There is a number of successful women to motivate and inspire you to do better. They give you tips to improve your small business’s marketing, tips on how you can increase customer engagement, and many motivations to do better.

    Women in business have a lot of business resources available for you. They post content regularly and also conduct weekly lives where you can easily ask questions. Members in this community are mostly women who give you honest feedback and motivate you in a positive way.

    They also have a website named Womenbusiness.club respectively.

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    4. Small Business Networking

    Small business networking Facebook group for Small Business
    Small business networking Facebook group for Small Business

    Members: 239.2k

    Type: Private

    Small Business Networking Facebook group is a community for small business created in 2017, April. Glo and Derrick are the two admins of this group. This group is created to help and guide small business to grow and increase their sales with the help of networking activities. This is a professional network that aspires to help people struggling to manage their small business.

    Everyone has a mindset of “How can I be of service to someone here?” They even have a direct mail called [email protected] where you can ask them quires directly. They post daily here so you get to learn a lot of new things here. Also, because of the number of members in this group, it will directly give positive benefits for your business marketing.

    5. The International Entrepreneur with Sabrina Philipp

    International Entrepreneur with Sabrina Philipp Facebook Group for Small Business
    International Entrepreneur with Sabrina Philipp Facebook Group for Small Business

    Members: 23.3K

    Type: Private

    Moderated by Sabrina Philipp, The International Entrepreneur with Sabrina Phillipp is an online community for small business. Sabrina is a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur who helps women to create and implement modern strategies and tactics to build a profitable business.

    In this group, you get regular updates on her masterminds, group coaching programs, online courses, and live events, where she talks about business essentials and inspires her fellow women to be independent and strong. She gives information about the essence of digital marketing and how to ace it.

    Besides this group, she also has a podcast channel called; sabrinaphilipppodcast.

    Visit her website as well! www.sabrinaphilipp.com

    6. SEO Signals Lab

    SEO Signals Lab Facebook Group for Small Business
    SEO Signals Lab Facebook Group for Small Business

    Members: 70K

    Type: Private

    Created in 2016, SEO Signals Lab is an online community for Search Engine Optimization of small business. SEO plays a very important role in making your website more visible. Today all small business have their own website.

    Having a good SEO brings more traffic to your website. For any SEO effort to be effective, testing and retesting SEO signals is essential given the dozens of minor and large ranking elements that are in play. Sharing case studies, split-test findings, and SEO algorithm trends is the focus of this community.

    Moderated by Seo and Steven, this group is the perfect place for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in SEO. SEO is indeed a very fast topic that comprises lots of stuff. Here, you get a lot of knowledge about it.

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    7. Marketing Solved

    Marketing Solved Facebook Group for Small Business
    Marketing Solved Facebook Group for Small Business

    Members: 27.2K

    Type: Private

    The use of social media is not limited to entertainment purposes only. It is a very vast thing and we people are still not able to reach the depth. Social media brings you a lot of benefits for any kind of business. And for the same thing, to make you more aware of the different prospects of social media, and how to use it to advertise your business, this group is perfect for you.

    Marketing Solved is a private online community on Facebook created in mid-2015. Here, in this group, you learn about how to use social media to grow your audience, leads, and revenue. They even have a website where they post regular content and various hundreds of marketing strategies and training. Visit them at www.marketingsolved.com.

    Design, advertising, and social media marketing are the focus of this group. You wish to increase website traffic and the number of admirers who visit it, right?

    8. Coffee with Dan

    Coffee with Dan Facebook Group for Small Business
    Coffee with Dan Facebook Group for Small Business

    Members: 17.8K

    Type: Private

    Commonly known as CWD, Coffee with Dan is an online Facebook group moderated by Dan Meredith. This group was created in mid-2015. Entrepreneurs are urged to be authentic in order to achieve their goals during Coffee With Dan. It includes everything that has to do with working hard and finishing the job. They post content, quires, and answers to your asked questions regularly.

    This group is not for the timid; it has a can-do mentality and is for anyone who is enthusiastic, genuine, and wants to learn in a proactive manner. If you want to make money and have FUN too, then you got this! this group is for you!

    Besides this Facebook group, you can also connect with their website-www.coffeewithdan.com– where he posts regular blogs to inspire young entrepreneurs.

    9. Freelance to Freedom Project Community

    Freelance to Freedom Project Community Facebook Group for Small Business
    Freelance to Freedom Project Community Facebook Group for Small Business

    Members: 5.7K

    Type: Public

    The Freelance to Freedom Project Community group is designed for independent contractors who want to discuss business-related issues with other group members and share useful information.

    The organization has a very laid-back atmosphere and lets members exchange blog entries, contests, social media handles, and other elements related to their own businesses on certain days.

    You can contact them through the mail; [email protected] and their website: www.freelancetofreedomproject.com respectively.

    10. Business From Home

    Business From Home Facebook Group for Small Business
    Business From Home Facebook Group for Small Business

    Member: 170.4K

    Type: Private

    This is the oldest group created on our list. Business From Home was created in 2014 and mainly focuses on promoting your business. Online business has been so popular these days, that everyone does the same thing to promote their business. Competition has increased so we need to be unique in this field.

    This Facebook group helps in promoting your website and teaches you tips and tricks in digital marketing. Here, you get connected to many business starters and entrepreneurs who are always eager to learn new things. They motivate and share their struggles, challenges, and way to face them in your business.

    Special Mentions

    1. Small Business Owners Networking

    Members: 85.0K

    Types: Private

    • Gives you exposure to other trending business ideas and increases your business network

    2. Start Your Own Business & Project Ideas

    Members: 185.2K

    Types: Public

    • Helps you in starting a business and boards your project ideas

    3. Black Entrepreneurs United

    Members: 24.7K

    Types: Private

    • Brings successful and starting black entrepreneurs to motivate you

    4. Billionaires Mindset

    Members: 279K

    Types: Public

    • Increases your horizon and mindset to do something new and help you in making your business successful

    5. Tribe of UNSTOPPABLES

    Members: 44K

    Types: Private

    • Brings together young fresh minds of businessmen/women for motivating and inspiring other small business owners

    Final Thoughts on Facebook Groups for Small Business

    Facebook is 7th most valuable brand in the world. That’s why, as a small business owner, if you are looking for new customers, then the internet is the best place. The audience on Facebook is of all ages. That’s why it is important to bring your brand to Facebook and Facebook to your brand. Joining Facebook groups not only saves you time, increases your network, but also makes you productive. You learn a lot. You grow and be motivated in every positive way possible. Digital marketing through Facebook groups also has the extra advantage of being cost-effective. So, join Facebook groups for small business NOW!!!

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