Top 5 Online Ride-Sharing Apps in Nepal

Online Ride-Sharing App in Nepal


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  • In the current world, people want to travel everywhere faster and in a cheaper way. Ride-sharing apps are the best options for these types of people. The ride-sharing app is way more efficient and customer-friendly than public transport.

    Therefore, as the use of online ride-sharing apps is increasing, we can also see a rapid increase in the number of such apps. Here is the list of the top 5 online ride-sharing apps in Nepal that provide transportation services in a very efficient way.


    One of the best and most used online ride-sharing apps is Pathao. The app made its debut in 2018 and has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Ask any person from Kathmandu valley about the best ride-sharing app, and the first answer that you will get is Pathao.

    Ride-sharing app
    Image: Pathao

    The app also provides insurance to its customers and riders as well. This is also one of the major reasons why Pathao is considered the best ride-sharing app in Nepal. Besides, the app originated in Bangladesh and later started in Nepal. Furthermore, the app also provides 24 hours service, including bike and cab rides.

    Features of Pathao:

    • Provides Insurance to its riders as well as customers.
    • 24-hour service
    • The live location of the customer can be sent and shared with the rider’s family and friends.
    • Real-time GPS tracking

    Download: Pathao App (Android) (IOS)

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    This ride-sharing app started its service in Kathmandu back in April 2022. Howeverm, Indriver has been very popular since day one because of its unique features. One of the best features of this app is that the customer can set the price they want to pay for the ride.

    Ride-sharing app
    Image: Indriver

    Besides, the app also does not take any commissions from the riders, as Pathao takes 20% of the total earnings of its rider. Because of these reasons, a lot of customers and riders have started using the app lately.

    Features of Indriver:

    • Customers can take advantage of the freedom of choice
    • Decide fares on your own by specifying

    Download: indriver App (Android) (IOS)


    Sajilo is another new Nepali ride-sharing startup that started its services on Baisakh 1, 2078. According to the app, more than 1000 vehicles are listed, and the app can also be used for several other works, such as renting property and picking up loads.

    Ride-sharing app
    Image: Sajilo

    For the first six months, the Sajilo app did not charge any commissions to any of its riders. Moreover, several more features of this app make Sajilo some of the best ride-sharing apps in the Nepali Market.

    Download: Sajilo App (Android) (IOS)

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    Tootle is an authentic Nepali ride-sharing app, as this app was completely made in Nepal. The app is considered one of the most reliable, convenient, and secure ride-sharing apps, which started its service in 2016.

    Ride-sharing app
    Image: Tootle

    The app also has its payment wallet, Tootle Wallet, and another app named Tootle Partner app, which helps people make some extra income. Besides, the app only provides services within the Kathmandu valley. Being an authentic Nepali app, Tootle has earned the huge trust of many Nepali people, and the app is also trying to provide the best services to its customers and riders.

    Download: Tootle App (Android) (IOS)


    Sarathi is also a ride-sharing app that allows users to rent vehicles. The app is mostly used when people want to go somewhere with their friends and families.

    Ride-sharing app
    Image: Sarathi

    Besides that, the app is very similar to any other ride-sharing app in Nepal. Furthermore, Sarathi also has a separate app, Sarathi Driver, for anyone who wants to earn money. The app has not gained as much fame as Pathao or Indriver, but the usage rate is increasing gradually.

    Download: indriver App (Android) (IOS)


    All these ride-sharing apps are famous for their best and most efficient services. The ride-sharing apps have made people’s lives a lot easier and faster. We can reach anywhere in the actual time even if we do not have any means of transport. Furthermore, the best thing about these apps is they pick you up and drop you at the exact location.