Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Nepal | 2022

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube channels of Nepal 2022


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  • This article includes information about the Top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels of Nepal in 2022. First of all, subscribers are the users of a certain platform who subscribe to a certain channel or the platform to get a notification in the future from that specific channel. The number of total subscribers shows the popularity of the channel and shows what number of people who like the content in that specific channel.

    While talking about one of the biggest video-sharing platforms on the internet, YouTube is the rapidly growing service provided by Google. From entertainment, learning skills, studying, to learn cooking you can find information on every other curious topic. Nearly 2 billion active users use YouTube every month and spend limitless hours on it. Moreover, every minute quite 500 hours of video content get uploaded worldwide on YouTube.

    In the context of the country Nepal, YouTube has also become the daily life entertainment getting platform for people. While many use YouTube as a showcase of their skill, and talent and are earning quite good money too. YouTube has also become the major earning source for many Nepalese and big entertainment companies. There are several handfuls of YouTube channels that have millions of subscribers, which is a little less compared to other countries. But, the engagement and support by Nepali users towards these channels are tremendous.

    *Note (The ranking of these YouTube channels is based on the total number of subscribers they have at the current time and a total number of views on the channel. The data is generated in the June of 2022 and will be updated over time.)

    Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of Nepal

    1) Music Nepal

    Music Nepal most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepal

    Undoubtedly the biggest Nepali YouTube channel with a current 6.96 Million subscribers. Music Nepal is Nepal’s biggest music bank which contains more than 12,700 video content. The channel has a total of 3,863,874,270 views and still growing rapidly. Music Nepal was established in 1932 and joined YouTube in September 2011. By including different genres, and languages of songs, Music Nepal mostly does the digital marketing of the songs. This company introduces to provides a royalty payment system to all the musicians and content creators.

    2) Budha Subba Digital

    Budha Subba Digital most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepa

    The second biggest Nepali YouTube channel with a current 5.74 Million subscribers. Budha Subba Digital is an entertainment-based channel that contains more than 12,123 video content in it. Budha Subba Digital has a total of 2,128,351,744 views at the current time. The channel was established in 1997 A.D and become an official YouTube partner on 27, Nov 2013. The company pays anyone for them for their video content by providing them with digital content copyright. The channel is actively uploading various kinds of video content on its channel including movie trailers, music videos, movie promos, short documentaries, and more.

    3) OSR Digital

    OSR Digital most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepa

    With the tag line of entertaining the nation the third most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal is OSR Digital. The channel is on the list with a current of 5.6 Million subscribers. Similarly, the channel has more than 3,286 varieties of video content on it. Being one of the largest entertainment companies in Nepal, OSR Digital started the YouTube Journey on 19, Nov 2014, and gain total channel views of 2,537,063,929 at the current time. Besides the Nepali movies, the channels also focus on providing other varieties of entertainment content like Tele-shows, Music videos, Tele-series, and more.

    4) 2B Gamer

    2B Gamer most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepa

    After a while, a gaming channel made the list, 2B gamer is a Gaming YouTube channel started by a Kathmandu-based boy named Sandesh Tamang. With a total of 5.28 Million subscribers and 2B gamers, the YouTube channel is the 4th most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal. The popular gaming YouTube channel of Nepal, 2B gamer channel joined the YouTube on 27, Sept 2019 and has a massive channel view of 579,534,518 in a recent time. This channel has over 1,148 videos contained in it. 2B gamer YouTube channel contains video content like Live gaming videos, game battle videos, and other entertainment videos.

    5) Highlights Nepal

    Highlights Nepal most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepa

    The entertainment-based popular Nepali channel, Highlights Nepal is the fifth most subscribed Nepali YouTube channel with a total of 5.18 Million subscribers at the current date. The Highlights Nepal was established on 25, Feb 2009, and joined YouTube on 27, May 2013. The channel has a total of 9,276 video content and has gained over 2,440,962,749 total views since then. The channel centered on providing quality content like Web series, Interviews, Nepali talk shows, Music videos, and many more.

    6) The Cartoonz Crew

    The Cartoonz Crew most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepa

    The country’s one of the best dance and entertainment-related channels, The cartoonz crew is the sixth most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal. The cartoonz crew channel has over 3.03 Million subscribers and has a total of 168 video content on it. The channel was created on 3, Mar 2016 and has a huge 819,338,033 views. The channel provides quality entertaining video content like music videos, dance videos, short movies, YouTube series, and many more.

    7) The Voice of Nepal

    The Voice of Nepal most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepa

    One of the most loved singing reality shows in Nepal, The Voice of Nepal is the seventh most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal. The channel has over 2.91 Million subscribers and has over 929 video content. The channel was created on 16, Jan 2018, and has over 742,008,669 the total views in the channel. This platform gives a chance to many talented Nepali singers by providing them a stage with experienced judges and management.

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    8) Indreni.Com


    A famous Television program Indreni.Com is the eighth most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal with a total of 2.86 Million subscribers. The channel has over 3,333 videos and gained over 1,372,652,198 views on it. This show has been broadcasting from Himalaya Television and joined YouTube on 20, May 2015. This channel contains video content like Live Dohori, Donation Dohori battle, campaigns, travel, and many more.

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    9) Media Hub Official Channel

    Media Hub Official Channel

    Media Hub Official Channel is the ninth most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal with 2.63 Million subscribers. Media Hub is the leading entertainment Nepali channel that has over 992 videos and 974,554,873 views on it. The channel joined YouTube on 10, Oct 2017 and gave an unlimited amount of entertaining content to the viewers. Media Hub is mainly famous for its tale shows like Meri Bassai, Bhadragol, Tito Satya, Jire Khursani, and many more. All of these shows are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by every age group.

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    10) News24 Nepal

    News24 Nepal

    News24 Nepal is the leading news portal and television channel in Nepal, which has a YouTube channel with 2.62 million subscribers. The YouTube channel was created on 13, Jun 2014 and has video content of over 52,748. The channel has over 704,661,654 total views on it. It provides content like news, interviews, sports, and many more. This channel made its reputation for a long time and provided the most necessary information through its daily news and contents.

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    In Conclusion

    These all are the Top 10 YouTube channels that have the most subscribers. Moreover, All the YouTube channels in the list are ranked accordingly as per the recent number of subscribers they have. The data is of 21, Jun 2022 and will be updated as per the period. We hope you love the detailed data about this interesting topic. Everyone has their taste in entertainment and if some small channel tries to give quality content it’s your chance to support them by subscribing to their YouTube channel and giving them proper feedback.

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