How to Identify Fake Credit Card Details?

Identify Fake Credit Card Details


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  • As online transactions become increasingly common, it is crucial for businesses and consumers to be vigilant in identifying fake credit card details. Fraudsters often use fake credit card details to carry out unauthorized transactions, leading to financial losses for businesses and individuals alike.

    In this article, we will explore the importance of identifying fake credit card details and provide some tips on how to spot them to protect yourself and your business from potential fraud. By being aware of the signs of fake credit card details, you can take proactive measures to safeguard your financial transactions and prevent fraudulent activities.

    Ways to Identify Fake Credit Card Details

    As there are a lot of people that make fake credit cards and generate them by fake credit card generator. Here are some ways by which you can identify if your credit card is real or fake. There are a variety of features, such as payment channel logos like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, holograms, and so on. A fake credit card lacks well-crafted accurate details. Let us discuss the ways:

    Check the Sequence of Numbers

    Whenever you want to check if your credit card is real or fake, you can check it by the sequence of its numbers on your card. In a fake credit card, the sequence of its numbers is disturbed, and it may have uneven numbers with varied spacing. The reason is that aftermarket embossing machines print the numbers individually. The result is a nonsensical combination. Therefore, always check the sequence and arrangement of credit card numbers.

    Matching of Credit Card number with the Issuer’s number

    Every credit card number issuer has a series of numbers. If you are aware of the initial digits of the different prominent credit card issuers, then you can find out if your credit card is real or fake. For example, In UAE, there are the following initial digits of the major credit card issuers:

    ● Credit Card American Express34 or 37
    ● Mastercard 5
    ● Visa 4
    ● Discover 6

    If you want to check your credit card and you know about the initial digits of the issuer, then this is an easy task. For example, the Visa credit card begins with the digit “4,” and your Visa credit card begins with the digit “9”.It means that your credit card is fake, and it is made by a fake credit card generator.

    Identification by Holograms

    You can identify the fakeness of your credit card by checking the holograms on the credit card because it is difficult to replicate holograms because of their multi-layered imaging. For this purpose, you can study the different holograms and can match them with the hologram appearing on your credit card.

    The holograms are used by all major payment channels for security, and if you find your hologram dull or damaged, then it means that your credit card is fake. Moreover, the MasterCard and Visa credit cards have holograms on the front or back of the card, and the American Express card has holograms on the magnetic strips. This process reduced the fraud of fake credit cards.

    Identification by Signature Panels

    You can identify your credit card if it is real or fake by checking the signature panels on it. Usually, all the issuers sign at the bottom of the magnetic strip in white color. If you find your signature panel of any color scratched, then you might be dealing with a fake credit card. However, you should check the other factors before coming to a conclusion.

    CVV code checking

    There is a CVV code present on the credit card. The MasterCard, visa card, and Discover card have a three-digit CVV number on the back or beside the signature panel. Moreover, an American Express card has a CVV number on the front that is directly above the brand logo. If you have missed your CVV number, then it means that your credit card is fake. It is important to ensure a valid CVV number before any transaction.

    If Magnetic Strips are Damaged

    The magnetic strips in the credit store data which is related to your credit card. The offenders remove or alter this strip to prevent their use at POS and swipe machines. Due to this fault or damage, the cashier and seller need to put their card details which results in fraudulent transactions.

    Missing chip on Credit Card

    If you find your chip on a credit card missing or unreadable, it means that the card is fake, and also it will prevent its registration at POS and swipe machines. This is similar to damage to magnetic strips on credit cards. This is the major thing to check the realness or fakeness of your card.

    The difference in the Last Four Digits of a Credit Card

    Another method to check if your credit card is real or fake is you find your credit card; the last four digits are different from the last four digits of your bill or sales receipt. Then it means that you are dealing with a fake credit card.

    Missing Micro Print on Credit Card

    Most credit card issuers have the micro pint verification numbers printed under the brand logo and the account number. You can check these numbers with a magnifying glass. Almost 80% of the fake credit cards have these numbers missing. So, if you find these numbers missing, then t means that your credit card is fake.

    UV Logos

    There are UV logos printed on the credit cards; if you have access to the UV or black light check, then you can see them. For American Express credit cards, you can see the “AM EX” on the front of your credit card. In the case of MasterCard, you can find the “MC” sign. For the visa card, you can see the sign V with the Dove logo. Moreover, you can find Discover on Discover’s credit card.

    Using online credit card checker

    Several online tools are available that use the luhn algorithm check to check the validity of the credit card. You can use them. Here are the some top notch tools


    Fake credit card details can pose a significant risk to businesses and individuals in today’s digital world. It is essential to remain vigilant and carefully verify credit card information to prevent unauthorized transactions and financial losses.

    By familiarizing yourself with the signs of fake credit card details, such as incorrect or mismatched information, suspicious behavior or patterns, and unusual or inconsistent transaction details, you can protect yourself and your business from falling victim to credit card fraud.

    Always follow best practices for verifying credit card information, such as using reliable payment gateways, requiring CVV codes, and conducting additional verification steps when necessary. Taking proactive measures to identify and prevent fake credit card details can help ensure secure online transactions and safeguard your financial well-being.

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