Top 10 Booking Software for Small Businesses

Top10 Booking software for small businesses


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    Booking tasks and scheduling is always tricky when you don’t have time. If you are a small business owner, we bet you have difficulty getting things done in the scheduled time. In this article, we are going to talk about booking software for small businesses. These are the software that will help you in getting your tasks done in time. Moreover, you can focus on growing and bettering your business rather than just booking appointments and frequently checking emails.

    Read till the end of this article if you want to learn about different booking software for small businesses.

    What is a Booking Software?

    Booking software refers to software that is necessary while making bookings or appointments. You will make the best use of booking software when looking for a place for your next meeting, event, or any similar situation. Booking software helps people in saving both time and effort. While a person who owns a business or an employee working for a company may be assigned to this task, things become much easier when they are done with booking software.

    Booking software for small businesses

    Besides this, booking software is developed in a way that all your information is kept private and secure. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting your information or valuable details leaked while booking through software.

    Why is a Booking Software Important?

    Booking software helps a person to keep their data secure while lessening the burdens that come with booking. In the same way, if you are a business owner, the convenience of the booking will become a two-way benefit for you. Not only are you being able to make the booking, but you can also help your customers make the bookings through the system while also making transactions and payments. Moreover, you can also secure your customers as well as your own valuable information with the help of booking software.

    Another benefit of using booking software is that they are very easy to use. However, it is just as important for a person to remember that different booking software is made different. And, it takes you to be wise while making the decision of which one best suits your business and needs.

    Many business owners have already been using booking software for similar reasons. And, it will be wise for you to do the same as well to gain a competitive advantage.

    Top 10 Booking Software for Small Businesses

    Here are the 10 best booking software that small businesses can use are listed below:

    1. Google Workspace Appointment Scheduling

    Google Workspace Appointment Scheduling
    Google Workspace Appointment Scheduling

    Google workspace uses online appointment scheduling. This system allows external invitees to select and schedule time with you. It uses slots to set appointments. One of the perks for business owners and customers when it comes to Google Workspace Appointment Scheduling is that they don’t need a Google account to make an appointment. Likewise, small businesses can best reap the benefits of this system software because of how simple it is to use and given the fact that it works through one-on-one appointments.

    If you are a small business owner who has still not discovered this system, you may be missing out. This software helps business owners to decide which appointments can be booked in the future time in advance. In the same way, Google Workspace Appointment Scheduling integrates many apps from Google like Google Meet, Google Calendar, etc. Also, if you are facing problems while scheduling or making appointments, you will be notified through the software.

    Pricing of Google Workspace Appointment Scheduling

    If you already use Google Workspace, you don’t have to worry about the pricing since everything is included in the Google product suite that you already pay for. If you don’t already pay for Google Workspace, you can check the list of prices on the Google Workspace pricing plan page.

    2. Square Appointments

    Square Appointments Booking Software
    Square Appointments Booking Software

    Square Appointments helps small business owners to make appointments, track their scheduling records, and accept or cancel appointments as per their needs or convenience. This software is one of Square’s POS payment processing solutions. You can embed a booking widget into websites built with WordPress, Wix, and Square, or just use Square Appointments’ free online booking website. You may create customized booking links for Google Calendar, Instagram, and other social media platforms with the app.

    With the help of Square Appointments, you will be notified about appointments through emails and SMS. The Square Assistant helps you in automating conversations with your customers.

    Pricing of Square Appointments

    You can pay for Square Appointments on the basis of locations. And, you get to choose from different pricing packages. Check more about the prices in detail from the Square Appointments pricing page.

    3. Calendly

    Calendly Booking Software for Small Business
    Calendly Booking Software for Small Business

    Calendly is one of the most convenient booking software for small businesses on our list. You just have to create a link with scheduling and send it to the person you want to set the appointment with. Once the person you have sent the link to selects the time, the software has got your back in the process after this. This person is especially very good to use for small business owners who don’t have a lot of staff force to help with their business.

    The link can be sent via emails, QR Codes, SMS, and many more channels. You can embed this software on your business’s website for customers to make schedules. In the same way, you also get the option to choose from the templates in Calendly.

    Pricing of Calendly

    You don’t have to stick to a certain pricing plan while using this booking software. Instead, you can make the choice directly with the help of Calendly’s pricing page.

    4. Microsoft Bookings

    Microsoft Booking Software For Sall Business
    Microsoft Booking Software For Sall Business

    Microsoft Bookings have similar functionalities as the software in our list. However, this software is comparatively easier to use. You can choose the type of appointments, provide information about scheduling hours, and show how many working staffs are available. The perk of using Microsoft Bookings is that you can make bookings for your customers. You will have the records of all the customers who have made bookings or canceled ones. In the same way, the software keeps a track of every activity that takes place on it including when a new customer is added manually to the system.

    Likewise, if you want to integrate with other software from Microsoft like Office suite, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook calendar, you are at a benefit.

    Pricing of Microsoft Bookings

    In order to use Microsoft Bookings, you have to subscribe to Microsoft 365 business. You can simply learn more about the pricing plans through Microsoft 365 Business pricing page.

    5. Acuity Scheduling

    Acuity Scheduling for Small Business
    Acuity Scheduling for Small Business

    Acuity Scheduling is one of the booking softwares in our list that works well in integration with Square. The software has many features that works best for small businesses. If you are a small business owner who is having a hard time in invoicing, accounting, and client or customer management, Acuity Scheduling does just the right work for you. Clients will also get confirmation notification in order to reduce the risks that comes along with fixing appointments.

    Pricing of Acuity Scheduling

    Pricing is quite simple in Acuity scheduling. You can choose from three pricing plans. However, small business owners also can reap the benefit of using this software for free for a certain period of time. It becomes easy for businesses to select the best possible plan with the help of the information on the Acuity pricing page.

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    You Can Book Software for Small Business
    You Can Book Software for Small Business is a software that helps small business owner to avoid problems of double bookings. In the same way, you can share meeting and appointment details on the system itself with the help of payment, calendar apps, and video conferencing. There is a great chance for a reduction in no-shows since both the business owner and client is sent reminders on appointments and all the activities related to the appointment that takes place in the system.

    If you are a business owner, you are likely to be the admin in the system. Hence, you have the authority to control who gets an access to which scheduling features.

    Pricing of

    There is a free trial period for all the customers of this booking software. However, you can simply use it more with the help of monthly subscriptions. If you have been using the software for 1 or 2 years, you will also get good values and discounts on the system. Check more about the pricing in pricing page.


    Appointment Booking Software For Small Business
    Appointment Booking Software For Small Business is quite flexible of a booking software when it comes to customization for small businesses. You can choose your own logo here. Plus, with this software, you can also avoid double appointment fixing. Clients in the system can schedule, control and edit the calendar. You can know which customers are the most preferable, who has made the most appointments, and more with the help of Appointment. com.

    In the same way, there is also an option for customers to track gift cards and discount usage in order to weigh different promotions.

    Pricing of

    Small business owners can get the best benefits with the help of pricing plans in this software. Moreover, you can get a deeper insight on the system with the help of Appointment pricing page.

    8. 10to8

    10to8 Booking Software For Small Business
    10to8 Booking Software For Small Business

    10to8 is a great platform for small business owners to book appointments and handle everything that takes place in the system. The cloud booking software allows users to make appointments, and reschedule them, on a customizable booking page. The owner of the business becomes the admin of the system. Hence, he gets to control and choose who gets to view what in the software. Moreover, the volume of performance on the system can be easily viewed with the help of the 10to8 dashboard.

    The invitees of the appointment will be sent reminders time and again through SMS, emails, etc. This is to ensure that they don’t miss out on any appointments or meetings.

    Pricing of 10to8

    This is one of those booking softwares that accepts card payments. You get to choose from monthly or annual plans for payment. Learn more about pricing policy and packages of 10to8 from 10to8’s pricing page.


    Simply Book Me Booking Software For Small Business
    Simply Book Me Booking Software For Small Business is one of the best booking software for small businesses that you will find on our list. This software allows users to check what is going on with the clients and the admins. This ensures that there is no no-show among them while making appointments. You can make appointments for all 24 hours of the day from different locations.

    You can set an appointment on business profiles on your social media pages like Instagram, Facebook profiles, and more. It becomes easier for the user to decide the time schedules and keep a track of everything that goes on in the system. Moreover, you can also manage, edit, and reschedule in the software.

    Pricing of

    The best thing about is that, you can use the booking software for free. But, if you want a more advanced features to come to use for your business, you can select a pricing plan from pricing page.


    Calendar Booking Software For Small Business
    Calendar Booking Software For Small Business is possibly the neatest graphic experience-providing software on our list. You can organize and manage schedules through slots. Plus, you can build multiple teams on the system. The software allows its clients to choose from customizable templates as well. On top of this, the customers can choose the best time through a link that business owners send them.

    As the name suggests, the software works best with integration with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office365, and videoconferencing apps like Zoom. In a group meeting, the user can conduct a meeting with up to 5 clients at a time. The best feature in, however, has to be analytics. From keeping a track of everything that happens on the system like what appointments take place the most and who you are meeting the most, everything comes to you at convenience.

    Pricing of

    The pricing of this software is not any different from the ones of the aforementioned booking softwares. Users have the access to both free trials as well as more advanced monthly payment plans. You can learn more about’s pricing plans from Calendar pricing page.

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    One of the top-asked questions among all small business owners is whether they don’t know how to choose the right booking software for their small businesses. And, they have to suffer a great loss of both money and time when they don’t make the right decisions. Hence, choosing a proper and in fact, the best booking software becomes a challenge for them. The first thing to consider while carrying on with the process is to decide what their plans are for their business. The intensity of their work schedules and hecticness is what the booking software relies on.

    Henceforth, you must go through all the possible options in this list. And, check what solution fits the best for you and your business. For many small business owners, the free packages will do. For those who are looking to enhance their business appointment process and attain a competitive advantage against other businesses, it is important to navigate and go through all the possible options available to them.

    Hopefully, this article has helped you in learning more about 10 best booking system for small businesses.

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