Top 10 Essential AI Applications for Small Business

ai applications for small business


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  • Businesses are competitive these days. And running a business is not for the fainthearted. That’s why, in this competitive business world, many businesses do not succeed. And, do you know? the rate of small business failure is very high? Yes, they are. But, why? Studies show the main reason behind the failure is the unsuccessful use of AI. As, And according to Forbes, 51% of small businesses think AI is an important factor in their business. With the modernization of the environment around us, science has evolved and so has AI in a well great way. “But what is AI? and how do I use AI Applications for Small Business?

    If you are also having similar thoughts, then you NEED to go through the end. Because here in this article we have listed some cool and useful AI Applications for your small business!

    Read till the end!

    What are AI Applications?

    To know about AI Applications, you first need to know what AI is. AI, Artificial Intelligence, is the ability to make machines, or machines that can think like humans. Using AI machines can do things that are referred to be “smart”. This term is widely used in reference to the effort to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that possess human-like cognitive abilities like the capacity for reasoning, meaning-finding, generalization, and experience-based learning.

    For small businesses or any other sized businesses, AI Applications are the methods or applications involving the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for analyzing media content like TV programs, advertisements, and movies, or monitoring in any other sector such as banking, education, business, etc.

    Why does a Small Business need AI Applications?

    Research done by Colorwhistle shows that up to 29% of small business have already adopted AI Applications. Similarly, they say the global AI market value is expected to reach $267 million by 2027, and by 2030 it is expected to reach $15.7 million. And, the AI Application has seen a growth of 13.7% in just 2021. Likewise, According to Gartner, 37% of businesses have used AI in some capacity. Over the past four years, there has been a 270% increase in the proportion of businesses using AI. This is HUGE.

    Still, Some of you might be thinking why seriously do a small business need AI Applications? Small businesses are small so they don’t require the use of such huge and modern AI Applications, do they? No! if you think like this, then you’re completely wrong. Small businesses do need AI Applications. Because AI Applications in a small business:

    • Helps to build better customer relationships and marketing campaigns.
    • Can help in making better content
    • Predict your Ad performance
    • Makes accounting relatively easier
    • Strengthens cybersecurity for small business

    10 best AI Applications for a Small Business

    Now that you know how much a small business need AI Applications, you must be wondering about what can be some of the best ones. Don’t get all worked up!

    Here to put you at ease, we’ve listed some best-of-the-best AI Applications for a small business.

    1. ai applications for small business ai applications for small business

    Newsletter increases your website traffic!

    Yes. They do. Having a newsletter on your website is very beneficial for business marketing. And for newsletters, are the best. is a newsletter-building AI application, where you can easily create an automated newsletter that is personalized to each individual client and recipient. They help in boosting email engagement and email open rates.

    Similarly, They also help in business email automation, which engages customers with a new level of frequency without spending more time, money, and effort.

    If you have customers who are subscribed to your website, then this AI application is best for sending relevant email news briefs to your members and subscribers.

    Rasa artificial intelligence, hand-selects the most pertinent articles from those sources for each of your members after identifying the leading news sources in your sector. Rasa artificial intelligence evolves to send tailored information according to each recipient’s interests, so no two emails are ever the same.

    Pricing: offers three plans for their business clients. They are:

    $29 per month$140 per month$499 per month ai application for small business pricing

    Want to know more about the features of different pricing? Check out it on their official

    Make your own organization’s content strategy more effective by using the information obtained by rasa AI!

    2. Cobomba

    cobomba ai application for small business
    cobomba ai application for small business

    Next on our list is Cobomba for AI content marketing. Cobomba is an AI-powered content management and intelligence platform. It tracks performance at scale by measuring your content metrics over time. Additionally, it makes sage suggestions for enhancing the potency of information.

    For any small-sized business, content marketing is very essential for increasing their branding. That’s why many small businesses hire people for improving and increasing their marketing. Even after spending too much time on planning and research, marketers still make educated guesses about the marketing content they produce.

    Businesses fail when marketers are unsure of the content to develop and lack the time to do so. Cobomba offers intelligent content tools to help thousands of marketers know what marketing content to create and track performance over time.

    Similarly, Cobomba helps to create content yet in less time. It saves you time!

    How does Cobomba work?

    In Cobomba, a research-doing content intelligence machine is used that saves you time. Wherever they are in the purchasing process, Cobomba displays the website content that your audience wants to view. Spend less time on content research and more time implementing your marketing strategy.

    Cobomba automatically crawls your website, evaluates your content, and suggests content briefs for you. You produce the information that your audience needs at each stage of the purchasing process.


    Cobomba offers only one type of paid plan which is $389 per month. Here you get services like:

    • Access to 3 users
    • Track nearly 1000 website pages on a single domain
    • 5 curated content briefs monthly
    • Unlimited DIY content briefs
    • Performance scorecard updated monthly

    They also offer a free plan!

    Connect to Cobomba on LinkedIn.

    3. Xero

    xero ai applications for small business
    xero ai applications for small business

    Third, on our list is Xero. Xero is an ideal AI application for budgeting. This budgeting software is best for small and newbie businesses.

    Xero gives small business owners immediate access to their financial situation and links them with their valued advisors. Likewise, it makes business tasks such as paying bills, creating invoices, and managing expense claims, and way easier.

    Xero may be accessible from any gadget with a connected internet connection because it is a web-based solution. Similarly, Small businesses can examine their cash flows, transactions, and account details from anywhere thanks to Xero’s sophisticated accounting tools.

    Similarly, Xero is reasonably priced and has outstanding integration abilities. It has a readily usable interface and offers excellent client service. Moreover, the best part about Xero-the best budgeting software is that it can be excesses from any device including, a desktop, iPad, tablet, or mobile phone. Also, it uses multiple currencies as well.

    How much does it cost?

    The pricing plan of Xero is:

    $25 USD per month$40 USD per month$54 USD per month
    Xero ai application for small business pricing

    Xero has three packages for its pricing and all of them are very affordable. For every package, you get to have many services but the most recommended one is the standard one which is said to be best for growing small businesses.

    Also, you get optional add-ons, for every package which are technically the same.

    • Claim expenses: start from $4 per month
    • Track projects: start from $7 per month
    • Analytics plus: starts from $7 per month

    If you want to know more about the package then you can visit the official site www.xero/pricing/.

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    4. Frase

    Frase ai application for small business
    Frase ai application for small business

    Another best AI application for content marketing is Frase. Frase is an AI-powered answer bot that responds to a site visitor’s questions with the right piece of content to answer their questions.

    It also helps you to research, write, and optimize your SEO content in just minutes rather than taking hours.

    Similarly, Frase offers a very interesting and impressive AI writing tool. You can use the platform to structure material based on the top search results and then SEO-optimize it. The actual text is well-written and has a generally human tone.

    Using Frase, you can:

    • Generate high-quality, high-converting copy at the click
    • Compare your content with your competitors
    • Find new content opportunities and prevent content decay
    • Get well-researched content in minutes

    Although the quality of this content may not match that of a real human author, it is nonetheless amazing for an AI tool.


    After making an account in Frase you get to choose between three plans which are solo, basic, and team one. They cost:

    $14.99 per month$44.99 per month$114.99 per month
    Frase ai application for small business pricing

    In these plans, you get minimum services like:

    • Access to at least 1 user (for solo and basic, but for the team you get 3 user access)
    • Write and optimize 4 articles per month
    • Write 4k words per month
    • Google Search Console Integration
    • WordPress plugin

    You can also start your trial with $1.

    If you want to know more about their pricing plans you can check out their official website-

    5. Grammarly

    Grammarly ai application for small business
    Grammarly ai application for small business

    If you are a writer and running a small business or small business which manages the content and writes one then, you absolutely need this. Sometimes you must find it hard writing while continuously switching genres right?

    And this is even more difficult if you are an all-rounder content writer. Writing reviews, sports news, or biography of international celebrities. If you’re also one of them, then as said above you need Grammarly.

    Grammarly is the best app for editing for particular genres and provides real-time spelling, grammar, and style suggestions. Grammarly’s ease of use and support for numerous platforms make it well worth the cost, despite the fact that its monthly memberships are somewhat pricey and the service cannot be used offline.

    Similarly, you can choose your own genre, and tone and produce top-class content.


    Grammarly offers three plans on a timely basis. The Grammarly premium costs $29.95 per month, $59.95 per quarter, and $139.95 per year. You receive specialized checks for various document kinds, a plagiarism checker, and a feature to help you expand your vocabulary as extras as part of the admission fee.

    Additionally, Grammarly provides a limited-use free edition that tests for serious spelling and grammar mistakes. The annual fee for Grammarly’s Business tier is $15 per member per month.

    If you want to know detailed information about their plan, you can get it by visiting their official site:


    Grammarly offers both web versions, extensions for chrome, and applications. You can download the application from Grammarly for desktop, Grammarly for MS Office, and Grammarly for Mac.

    6. Zendesk

    Zendesk ai application for small business
    Zendesk ai application for small business

    Zendesk is a market-leading platform for customer service. The platform includes an AI assistant that can respond to typical customer care queries among other features.

    The support, sales, and customer interaction software developed by Zendesk, is intended to improve customer relationships.

    Every organization, regardless of size, industry, or ambition, should be able to deliver strong, innovative consumer experiences. This goes for both major corporations and start-ups. More than 160,000 clients use Zendesk in over 30 languages and a variety of sectors.

    The most amusing part is that while preserving all the interactions and pertinent context in one place for your agents, the Support Suite enables you to have conversations with clients on any channel (email, chat, voice, and even social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and more).

    It’s a unified agent workspace that supports your teams in giving consumers a quicker, more personalized experience, which is perfect for just starting a small business.


    Zendesk offers three types of plans for everyone. They also offer a free trial which is stopped after a few days of the offering. So, it is recommended to use their paid versions which are:

    Suite TeamSuite GrowthSuite Professional
    $49 per user per month$79 per user per month$99 per user per month
    Zendesk ai application for small business pricing

    You get the following minimum features in all the plans:

    • Industry-leading ticketing system
    • Messaging across web, mobile and social
    • Email, voice, SMS, and live chat support
    • Help Center
    • Easy-to-set up automation & workflows
    • AI-powered automated answers
    • Unified agent workspace
    • Routing based on agent status and capacity
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Data and file storage
    • 1,000+ apps and integrations
    • Robust APIs
    • Online support from the Zendesk team
    • Onboarding and adoption guidance

    You can visit their site to get to know about their plans in detail.

    7. Crayon

    Crayon ai application for small business
    Crayon ai application for small business

    Crayon is another best ai application for a small business which with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI), can provide you with precise online competitor intelligence. The primary pages of a company’s website can be tracked over time to provide insights into its content strategy, targeting, and messaging.

    For your content marketing efforts, this kind of material can be a gold mine of inspiration. Crayon assists in identifying and seizing chances to forge a long-lasting competitive advantage.

    The software from Crayon is used by tens of thousands of teams to automatically collect and evaluate all competitive intelligence, including external messaging and positioning, product and pricing changes, hiring plans, go-to-market strategies, and more.

    We all know manual research is dangerous as well as time-consuming. When you depend on human labor, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities and failing to notice risks.

    You can use Crayon to automatically record the movements of your rivals in real-time. Utilize more than 100 distinct data types from millions of sources of competition information to stay abreast of product updates, messaging changes, executive team changes, and other developments.


    The official pricing of crayons is not known. But you can get one with the adequate request. But you can get one with the adequate request. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to know about their plans and pricing when they post any.

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    8. Google Cloud

    Google cloud ai application for small business
    Google cloud ai application for small business

    Google Cloud Platform is a highly effective IT infrastructure that provides resources that you can easily and economically employ as needed. By using GCP, you can properly scale your resources and allow them to expand along with your company. Additionally, you have access to state-of-the-art tools like highly developed machine learning models and more.

    In addition to highly scalable and cost-effective storage solutions, Google Cloud Platform also offers services to analyze your data, even in real time if your business demands quick responses.

    With these tools at your disposal, you can work with the most recent data and analyze it with unparalleled processing speed at the Google scale, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

    Likewise, you can even customize the type and size of the disk right from your console panel and the data can be also accessed from various devices. Isn’t this amazing?


    Google Cloud also has not stated any pricing plans as of now. You can request a quote for it. But it does offer you a free trial lasting 90 days.

    9. Drift

    Drift ai application for small business
    Drift ai application for small business

    If you’re searching for a perfect AI application for the sales of small business, then Drift is the best pick for you. Trust me! Drift is the best conversational ai which by conducting timely, personalized discussions with your prospects and customers, employs conversational AI to increase revenue.

    Businesses may customize experiences with an AI-powered Conversation Cloud to increase quality pipeline, revenue, and lifelong customers.

    Moreover, Drift enables organizations to have the appropriate discussion with customers at the appropriate time, location, and place. Businesses can customize experiences that increase quality pipeline, revenue, and lifelong customers using our Conversation Cloud powered by AI.


    Drift offers you its premium version starting at just $2,500 per month which is billed annually, where you get:

    • Custom Chatbots
    • Real-time notifications
    • De-anonymize your site traffic using account and contact enrichment

    Similarly, they also give you advanced options where you get to make demands and design your own chatbots.

    To know more about their plans visit

    10. for small business for small business is a leading conversation intelligence platform perfect for a small business that has the greatest patent portfolio on the market for real-time transcription and analysis of sales meetings, enabling teams to drive process adherence and methodology, duplicate winning habits across your organization, and improve teamwork.

    Similarly, you can get complete and unbiased CRM data, assess deal and pipeline health, and reduce deal or churn risks, and even make data-driven decisions about your plan, learn about your competitors, comprehend how the industry is changing, and use customer feedback in your marketing and content.

    These kinds of AI applications like are very essential in every small business.


    Just like Crayon, also hasn’t published anything about its pricing, plans, and packages. But you get so upon request.

    They might give you updates about their plans anytime soon so don’t forget to go through their website regularly.

    Summing up

    The use of AI applications is an important aspect of every small business. They help your small business grow and expand. Moreover, they also make the handling of your business for you exciting, increase customer engagement and sales as well. They even help you in managing the necessary risk of your business. Taking all the advantages into account, many big firms have already started using applications of ai in their businesses, so why should you not? Get ai applications for your small business now!

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