10 Best Email Hosting Services for Small Business in 2023

Best Email Hosting Services for Small Business in 2023


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  • Small businesses are a trending topic nowadays. Similarly, An ample amount of young adults, single moms, and women are seen to be more active toward small businesses. But due to a lack of sufficient knowledge in expanding their business, they fall behind. Many are still unknown of the fact that email hosting also comes as an important aspect of your small business.

    If you are also one of them, then we’re here to help you out. In this article, you will get some in-depth information about the best email hosting services for small businesses in 2023. Continue reading until the end!

    What is Email Hosting for Small Businesses?

    Putting it simply Email hosting is a type of service that lets you send, receive, and store all your emails on a server provided by the company. In terms of company, this service allows you to set up a custom email address and use it to send and receive emails. For example, for your small business, after using an email hosting service your email will look like, [email protected].

    A research paper published in 2021, by economist John C. Haltiwanger stated the huge inflation in applications for small businesses. So, many are currently into small businesses and even use email hosting services. But what are those exactly?

    Why do Small Businesses need Email Hosting Services?

    When you run a business you need to take care of every little detail which can cause further obstacles or which can hinder your business growth. The same goes for email hosting too. Even if this is something new, this should be a NECESSITY for every small business. Why? Here are some benefits of email hosting for small businesses which will blow your mind.

    Benefits of using email hosting services for small businesses:

    • Makes your email address look more professional which improves the brand consistency
    • Minimizes the chances of data breaches and increases security
    • Allows you to create an automatic email response when an email is received
    • Provides adequate storage space
    • Blocks potentially damaging emails before they can enter the network
    • Allows you to forward emails
    • Aids in email marketing which attracts website visitors

    10 Email Hosting Service Provider For Small Businesses

    A strong email hosting strategy may strengthen your brand identification and increase the trustworthiness of your company. An email is a crucial form of communication, and if your company expands, free email providers might not be adequate to meet all of your demands.

    So, to help you to expand, boost and flourish your small business, we have listed here some best affordable email hosting service providers for small businesses.

    1. Google Workspace

    Google Workspace For Small Business
    Google Workspace For Small Business

    If you are looking for an excellent email hosting service provider at a very reasonable price, then Google Workspace will be the best pick for you. Google Workspace is a Google-owned service that offers collaboration tools, productivity software, and cloud storage all in one for your small or large organization. In layman’s terms, it is a set of google apps that is a comprehensive and refined version of Gmail.

    Benefits of using Google Workspace:

    • Access your business information 24/7
    • Allow you to work with other companies to give users everything they need such as creating smart documents
    • It lets you preserve business data as long as you want, even from a suspended account
    Image: Google Workspace Package

    Due to its cloud-based architecture, it allows employees to help exchange ideas swiftly, participate in meetings virtually from any location, interact in real-time, and more.

    Similarly, this site is ideal for small businesses. And it provides amazing storage packages too.

    Among the other packages, the most recommended package is the Business Standard package. which offers you services like:

    • Custom and secure business email
    • Video conference with 150 people+recording
    • 2 TB storage capacity per USER
    • Meetings recordings saved to Google Drive
    • Browse and reserve conference rooms and many more

    Want to know about other Google Workspace packages? If yes, you can easily get it by visiting the official site www.workspace.google.com.

    Google Workspace provides many services such as google drive, where you can store your necessary document and share it via the internet with others, and Google Meet, where you can have meetings with more than 100 people in a real-time manner, Google calendar, which lets you track your task and remainders, e.t.c

    Some other services of google workspace include Gmail, Chats, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Keep notes, etc.

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    2. Bluehost

    Next on our list is Bluehost. Bluehost is a web hosting company that hosts web servers as well as emails too. It is the most trusted site by WordPress and is the most popular among WordPress builders. This service provider not only provides email hosting services but also assists rookie website builders in learning how to use all the web construction and design tools to produce a useful, appealing website. This is very beneficial for small businesses.

    Other benefits of using Bluehost:

    • Affordable long-term plans
    • One of three web hosting services endorsed by WordPress
    • 24/7 phone and chat support
    • Custom theme selection
    • Weekly SEO reports and keyword management

    Using this service, your email appears like [email protected].

    Bluehost Email Hosting Packages
    Bluehost Email Hosting Packages

    Bluehost offers free custom email addresses for your businesses and domain names as well. And, if your domain name matches with others, it even gives you suggestions for it.

    Business Starter is the most recommended package of BlueHost, which provides services such as:

    • Email that matches your domain
    • Provides you with 30GB of cloud document storage
    • Meet Video Conferencing with up to 100 people
    • Unlimited access to Docs, Sheets, and Slides
    • Manage and maintain tasks and remainders of your whole team in the calendar

    If you want to know about other packages offered, you can visit the official site www.bluehost.com.

    Instead of paying separately for email hosting and website hosting, you may significantly reduce your costs by purchasing everything in one package. Many small business starters recommend Bluehost for their email hosting. You can too!

    3. Microsoft 365

    Another highly effective email hosting service provider is Microsoft 365.

    Microsoft 365 combines the Office products your staff uses every day at work with all the functionality you require from a hosted email service, including email forwarding and receiving, custom domain addresses, spam, and data loss prevention.

    Other benefits of using Microsoft 365

    • Products built on the cloud provide accessibility from anywhere at any time.
    • High-end security and cutting-edge threat protection from a reliable source.
    • Automatic file and folder back connecting with others using online conferencing
    • Improved communication through participation and teamwork.
    • The pay-as-you-go price of email hosting allows for significant expense savings.
    Microsoft 365 email hosting packages
    Microsoft 365 email hosting packages

    This gives you the freedom to customize your every email. Similarly, using this you can send files up to 150 MB. Moreover, You can secure your emails from potential cybercrimes with the strongest anti-spam filtering and anti-malware protection available with Microsoft 365.

    The most popular Microsoft 365 Business package is the Microsoft office Business Premium, where you get services like:

    • Administer emails with a 50GB mailbox
    • Collaborate in the same file with real-time editing
    • Host meetings with an option to record
    • Invite people outside of your business to your team meetings; even those without teams accounts
    • Host and schedule webinars for up to 1,000 people
    • Defend yourself from email dangers like phishing that is concealed in email attachments and URLs.
    • Advanced tools and features

    If you want to know more about their other packages you can visit the official site www.microsoft.com.

    What applications do we get from Office 365?

    The applications include:

    Note: You don’t have an option for the desktop version of Microsoft 365 if you get Microsoft 365 Business Basic. You only get web and mobile apps for it.

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    4. IONOS

    Another email hosting service provider on the out list is, IONOS. IONOS is a web hosting company founded in Germany. Formerly known as 1&1 IONOS and 1&1 Internet, IONOS, is a big company now currently operating in more than 40 countries worldwide.

    Services provided by IONOS:

    • SSL certifications
    • Email services
    • Website builder packages
    • Cloud hosting
    • Virtual private servers
    • Dedicated servers

    Along with web hosting, and domain registration services, IONOS offers you email hosting services at a very affordable and reasonable price. Its yearly plan starts from 1$ per month.

    Other benefits of using IONOS:

    • Plans to create and maintain your website
    • Keeps the web servers and storage on the same platform, increasing visitors’ performance.
    • It lets you manage products and billing from your smartphone remotely
    • IOSON uses Cloudflare which automatically distributes your website to over 60 data centers around the globe which decreases the loading time.

    Ionos’ pricing system is quite simple: An initial charge for the first year, followed by a fixed monthly price going forward. This contrasts with the complicated pricing structures that many web hosting companies have.

    The different hosting plans of IONOS are like this:

    • Essential plan: $4 per month for the starting year which is increased to $6 per month the next
    • Business plan: $1 per month for the starting year which is increased to $10 per month the next
    • Expert plan: $8 per month for the starting year which is increased to $16 per month the next

    If you want to know more about the hosting plans you can easily access the information by visiting the official site www.ionos.com.

    5. Zoho Mail

    Like Google Workplace and Microsoft 365, Zoho mail is another email hosting provider perfect for small businesses. Zoho mail is run by Zoho corporation which is an Indian multinational technology company that makes web-based business tools and computer software.

    With 75 Million+ users and some helpful collaboration tools, Zoho Mail is an excellent modern alternative to email. You can send coworkers a fast-stream message instead of sending them a lengthy message with a subject and signature each time—or share an email from a client on which you need to work together.

    It also comes with shared email inboxes, allowing your marketing team’s members to sift through both their personal and partner and press emails simultaneously. Additionally, because it has tabs, you may quickly go between your inbox, calendar, and draft email.

    Other benefits of using Zoho Mail:

    • Provides integrated calendar for managing events, contacts for managing personal tasks, tasks for managing notes, and bookmarks for tracking necessary webpages, etc.
    • Supports third-party integrations, and enables users to create their own using Zoho Mail’s code-free Developer Space
    • Provides enterprise-ready email which is customizable and scalable
    Zoho Mail email hosting
    Zoho Mail email hosting

    You can easily manage multiple email accounts for your small business using a single domain. A fun fact is that for five emails you can get the service for free, but with the 6th user email, you’ll have to pay the price.

    Some services you get here include:

    • Email hosting for multiple domains
    • Share specific folders or emails with your entire organization
    • Upload and share files up to 250 MB as a link
    • Send confidential information over email protecting it with the SecurePass code
    • Read and even reply to emails being offline

    For information about other packages and plans, it’s free to visit the official website www.zoho.com.

    6. DreamHost

    Next on our list of email hosting service providers for small business is DreamHost. DreamHost is a web hosting provider and cloud register service provider founded in 1996.

    At this moment in time, DreamHost has been one of the most dominating web hosting and email hosting provider across the globe.

    The ability to pay monthly rather than annually is one feature that sets DreamHost apart from the competition. When it comes time to renew, DreamHost doesn’t raise the price. Additionally, you can buy with perfect confidence because of their 97-day money-back guarantee.

    Other benefits of using DreamHost:

    • Set up your personal domain name auto-renewals so you can make sure it remains yours each year and that no one makes money off of your hard work.
    • Gives you as many subdomains for FREE
    • Locks your domain name for free to add security so that no one can make changes there

    For email hosting from DreamHost, you only get two packages- monthly and yearly. But, both the packages have the same benefits, which are:

    • 25 GB storage per mailbox
    • Desktop and Moblie sync
    • Webmail free of Add

    You can get in-depth information about the packages on its official website www.dreamhost.com.

    7. IceWarp

    IceWarp is another software company that helps in the email hosting of small business. This is the best email hosting service provider!

    IceWarp offers a Mail Server replete with GroupWare, Calendaring, and Document Management, accessible through an intuitive WebClient, easy to set up in WebAdmin. Similarly, It helps thousands of enterprises streamline all aspects of company communication and increase profitability.

    IceWarp provides you mobile application as well so that you can access your information from your phone as well.

    Other services provided by IceWarp:

    • Personalized chat to communicate with the work team within the email
    • Cloud storage and document creation
    • Give access to any email address under the server
    • Add-on customization options include anti-spam and anti-virus software, video IM, mobile syncing, and more.
    Icewarp email hosting package
    IceWarp email hosting package

    IceWarp is known to be very cost-effective and affordable. It also has some best user storage options!

    Some of the best services provided by IceWarp for the Standard package, which is top recommended are:

    • Work on documents with your colleagues in real-time with up to 200 attendees in video conferencing
    • End-to-end encryption and password protection that makes your conference impossible to join for unauthorized attendees
    • Highlight important tasks by pining it
    • Signature-based Antivirus, and IceWarp authentication which asks for two-factor authentication
    • Syncs your email, tasks, and calendar with outlook
    • Upload large files such as recorded videos automatically in your email
    • Get storage up to 100GB of Email and 1 TB of storage

    If you want to know more about other packages you can easily get them by visiting the official website www.icewarp.com.

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    8. Fastmail

    When starting a small business there are huge chances of a data breach. To be safe from such issues Fastmail is the best choice. Fastmail is one of the email hosting service providers which provides you best privacy for your data. In layman’s terms, it is a fully-security-focused email service provider.

    Besides making custom email addresses under your company name, you can also make as many email addresses as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.

    Some of the best services provided by FastMail include:

    • Protect from data leaks, breaches, and tracking
    • Email search feature
    • Calander, email, and contact in a single app
    • Customized notifications
    • Span filtering feature
    • 2-factor authentication which adds additional security to your email
    Fastmail email hosting package
    Fastmail email hosting package

    Among all the email hosting service packages provided by FastMail, Standard is the most favored one. If you get the standard package, you get to:

    • Send scheduled email
    • No-ads
    • Access to Fastmail and mobile apps
    • Custom themes
    • Mail import tool and expert support
    • Option of dark mode and masked email

    But, If you wish to get the basic or professional package, you can get more information about it from www.fastmail.com.

    9. SendGrid

    Another highly trusted and reliable email hosting service provider is SendGrid. SendGrid is a customer communication platform for email marketing and email hosting. For newbie small business starters this platform has been very popular.

    SendGrid technically assists businesses or their email marketing and gives a platform for maintaining their emails and domains. But its features are not limited to this only.


    • manages newsletters, signups confirmations, and domain keys
    • Provides link tracking and open rate reporting which measures the percentage rate at which your emails are opened
    • Takes care of all your technical issues
    • Offers analytical real-time data
    SendGrid email hosting package
    SendGrid email hosting package

    The most amazing thing about SendGrid is that you get to access some of its benefits being a free user as well, where you get delivery optimization tools, analytics about your email, and 1 teammate support.

    But among small businesses, the Pro package is the trending pick. Which has services like:

    • 1,000 Teammates permissions
    • Delivery Optimization Tools
    • Dedicated IP address
    • 2,500 email validations
    • Increase your uptime with a 99.99%
    • Get faster support from the expert team through the web or call

    To get further insights about the other package, visit the official site www.sendgrid.com.

    10. MX Route

    Although this one comes last on the list, MX Route is worth the wait!

    MX Route is an incredibly cheap and cost-effective email hosting service provider for your small business. if you are looking for something great for less money, this is the one guy!

    Not only, this comes with Webmail, IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 services for easier access, but it also comes with built-in support which is really great for spam email filtering.

    Similarly, MX Route provides you with other services where you can add contacts and calendars to MacOS as well.

    MX Route email hosing package
    MX Route email hosting package

    If you want to get started using MX Route using any of these three services, then you can easily access the information from www.mxroute.com.

    The setup of MX Route is easy and you get help whenever you need it. If you are getting great storage, unlimited emails, and domains, at a great price, then what are you looking for just go for it!

    Wrapping Up in Email Hosting For Small Business

    If you have had your small business for a long time or have just started it and are looking for some options to expand it, then email hosting should be your first priority. A good email hosting service will help you increase your brand value, add more authenticity to your brand, and enhance your customer scale. So, without wasting any time, choose your email service. NOW.

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