Who Is Nepali Wildlife Photographer Chungba Sherpa?

Nepali Wildlife Photographer Chungba Sherpa Biography


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  • Chungba Sherpa is well known for his extraordinary expedition in the wild throughout Nepal. The man has done everything in his capacity to be known worldwide as a brave and talented wildlife photographer.

    The 62-year-old man has proved his capability by doing the best he can with all he has. It is one thing to be known for his capabilities inside his own country but Chungba’s name has been spread far and wide just because of all that he has done for the sake of his passion. The passionate man goes through the wild with his camera, lens, tripod, and other gear in his Land Rover.

    Manang Snow Leopard by Nepali Wildlife Photographer Chungba Sherpa

    “I’ve been to almost all nature preserves of Nepal numerous times,” says Chungba Sherpa. “And I have captured photos of the rarest and endangered species, including (Royal Bengal) Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Wild Elephants. But I’m not done yet. I want to capture many more photos of wildlife.”

    Nepali Wildlife Photographer Chungba Sherpa Wiki Biography

    Chungba Sherpa was born in Lukla. Sherpa was raised under the shadow of the world’s highest peak, Everest, which justifies his free-spirited nature and a keen interest in wildlife photography. Chungba Sherpa has to be one of those people who made it out of the rural lifestyle into a lavish lifestyle that gives him the best of both worlds.

    Chungba completed his primary education at Khumjung School in Khumbu, which Sir Edmund Hilary established.

    Chubgba’s Passion For Photography

    Sherpa also has a family resort famously known in the area as Khumbu Resort which he continues to run. However, this does not stop him from focusing on the other thing that he loves the most. He discovered his love for wildlife photography rather in the later part of his life. However, it is never too late to follow or even find your passion; this man is proof of it.

    Although it was never an easy beginning for Chungba to start afresh with something so new, he did not mind investing millions of rupees in his camera, lens, tripod, and other photography equipment and gear. For anyone wondering, the man rides a very expensive Land Rover as well. Regardless of how much he spent on his vehicle, Chungba Sherpa does not regret a single decision that he made to pursue a new interest. To date, the man has been successful to go to Tanzania for an expedition that helped him take the best photographs.

    Chungba Sherpa in Tent

    Wherever he goes, Sherpa makes sure to tell everyone about the biodiversity of Nepal. The wildlife photographer has been to Chitwan 30 times, Bardiya and Shukla Phanta more than 10 times, and Koshi Tappu a big number of times as well.

    Chungba Sherpa Photography Career

    The man claims to have made close escapes from the attacks of wild Elephants and Tigers many times throughout his career. Sadly enough, Chungba is still finding it hard to find the right buyers for his phenomenal works.

    It is not easy to find a customer base in Nepal for something like this as most people in Nepal do not find much interest in investing in something like this. This, surely enough, never really bothered Chungba because he knows that all his efforts won’t go in vain in the long run.

    Tanzania Trip of Chungba

    The trip to Tanzania was a life-changing experience for him because people got to know more about the man and his skills in Nepal and other parts of the world. This is one reason why Chungba Sherpa has done all the Nepalese people so proud in his short career span. The trip surely was not the most affordable but Sherpa more than willingly spent 11,000 US dollars (1.4 million rupees) on it.

    Chungba and his son were astonished that there was so much to explore in the wild of Tanzania. The African country had more to offer than it had expected. Likewise, it surprised Sherpa that there weren’t many photographers who would accompany or even compete with him on the Tanzania trip.

    Summing Up

    Chunga Sherpa does not only follow his passion but also makes sure that he is doing the best he can to give his children the best life possible. It has been only 4 years since he started photography but that does not make him stand out from other best wildlife photographers. Sherpa is also a happy and proud father to five children. All of whom he has educated and helped excel in their lives. Overall, the man started from a very humble point in his life. And he has been achieving only the best of things regardless of how “late” he started.

    You can also follow Chungba Sherpa’s amazing photographs and videos in these various social media platforms:

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    TikTok: chungba.sherpa

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