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king Mahendra of Nepal


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    One of the most loved prestigious rulers of Nepal, King Mahendra’s era had carried a big part in Nepal’s History. Many development things and new things begin in King Mahendra’s ruling time. As we started to get to know more about him in this article. Wikipedia, biography, and full details of king Mahendra are explained properly in this article.

    About King Mahendra

    Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev was born on 11th June 1920. He was the eldest son of King Tribhuwan and Queen Kanti.  He was the ninth shah dynasty ruler of Nepal. The period of his rule was 1955-1972. He has married Indra Rajya Laxmi Shah, daughter of Junga Bahadur Rana. She was his first wife who gave birth to the three sons: Birendra, Ganendra, Dhirendra, and three daughters: Shanti, Sharada, Shova before her death in 1950 A.D. He married Ratna Rajya Laxmi Shah after the death of Indra Rajya Laxmi Shah in 1952. His second wife Ratna Rajya Laxmi Shah was the own sister of Ratna. And she agreed not to have children from this marriage.

    King Mahendra with Queen.

    Contribution of King Mahendra

    King Mahendra was a king with a creative mind and a farsighted visioner. He was the king who removes the bureaucratic system and improve the political system of Nepal when he came to the throne. He was the perfect leader of the country who has introduced some policies and many experiments. Each development work of our country was also initiated and done. He was an extreme nationalism king who has never compromised Nepal’s sovereignty. He made and saved our country and made it popular all over the world. As he keep doing contributions he always thought about our country’s prosperous future. He was more attached than any of the current leaders. In his tenure, he had made a big effort to secure UN membership for  Nepal. And he thought that it would go a long way in securing Nepal’s independence for the future. 

    The great work like destroying the Indian currency and ensuring the Nepali currency was also done in his time when he got the power in his hand. He introduced five years of government plans.  Likewise, he made Nepal’s education system and boycotted foreign military from Nepali land. Furthermore, he wrote books named Mahendra Malla for schools to give priority to Nepal and boycotted Indian Books. In his tenure, he established Nepal Rastra Bank, Hospitals, Tribhuvan University, Tribhuvan International Airport, Industries like Bansbari Jutta, Janakpur Churot Karkhana, and Water power projects like Trishuli hydro and Panauti hydro. Sahaja Bus was also introduced in his period. Also, he gave priority to the Nepali film sectors and started Nepal’s first Newspaper Rising Nepal. The construction of the Mahendra Highway was also introduced during his regime.

    Development works

    He divided the kingdom of Nepal into 14 Zones and 75 Districts. Realizing that Nepal is a country of Villagers, he gave importance to the development of villages and remote areas of countries. In his era, our country Nepal became a member of UNO on 14th December 1955. And became a member of the International Labour Organization. He introduced the new Civil Court, Muluki Ain on  17th October 1963 A.D., for the protection of Children, Women’s and the weaker section of the society. The court incurred equal treatment for all. Moreover, He also established the National Sport Council, Dasarath Rangasala, Rastrya Naachghar, Rastriya Sabha griha. Also for the development of the education system, Tribhuvan University was established in his tenure.


    After looking at the country for 17th years, He died at Chitwan on 31st January 1972 A.D. after suffering a Heart Attack. Although he was 51 years old when he left us. He left us but his work for the country remained forever. As writing his Biography, we also get the chance to feel the grace of his supreme legacy. We always remember him as a powerful leader of our country.

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