How to get a marriage certificate in Nepal


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  • Are you guys searching for tips on marriage registration to get a marriage certificate in Nepal?

    Here we have shared some tips to get a marriage certificate in Nepal:

    First, we have to know, What is a Marriage?

    Marriage can be defined as the process of union of two people as a partner in a personal relationship socially. It is regulated by law, rules, customs, beliefs that define the rights and duties of partners.

    Furthermore, According to the legal system, marriage is the process of making the relationship between two people legal, which is acceptable in the eyes of law. However, marriage creates bonding not only with the couples, but also creates a new bonding among the two families.

    Documents  required to get marriage certificate:

    • Application of registration
    • Passport size photo of the couple
    • Letter from the ward office of female and male stating the both male and female are unmarried or divorce
    • Citizenship of the married couple
    • Citizenship of the parents of the married couple 
    • Proof of Marriage with photos and witnesses 
    • A marriage invitation card if possible
    • A migration certificate if the marriage certificate is registered anywhere besides the place of native residence.

    Above mentioned documents are the most important things. After the arrangement of documents, the couple can proceed to get the marriage certificate.


    Why Marriage certificate Is Necessary?

    • Especially it gives you the advantage to get citizenship in the name of your husband.
    • To prove that you are legally married to someone.
    • To get a visa if their husband or wife lives abroad.
    •  Moreover, It is also helpful in getting life insurance benefits.
    • To get a family pension, bank deposits, property work, and other facilities.

    Legal age to get the Marriage Certificate in Nepal

    The legal age for marriage is 20 years in Nepal. Therefore, if any couple marries each other after the age of 20 then they can easily get a marriage certificate.

    Moreover, these are the major requirements for the process to make the marriage certified in Nepal.

    These are the compulsory criteria that you need to meet to get a marriage certificate.