5 Best Motivational Speakers of Nepal


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  • This is a digital world and we know we can see and get anything digitally according to our emotions and needs. In life everyone has must be on some sort of emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes we feel stuck, low, not be able to think positively, and can’t figure out what is wrong and what is right. In this kind of situation, all we need is some emotional help, and we are afraid to talk to our near ones. So, in this digital time, some inspiration and motivational personalities talks can provide you some emotional push. In Nepal, there are some rising and inspiring motivational speakers getting lots of love from Nepalese people.

    What is Motivational Speaker?

    An inspirational person who speaks and talks to inspire and help people to solve their emotional confusion is called a motivational speaker. Mostly motivational speakers speak on some necessary topics and try to give solutions and motivate the audience. They usually deliver powerful and impactful talks to their audience whether they are trying to convince, challenge or transform the audience. In addition, their talks mostly have the intention to positively motivate and heat the audience and make them take the right action.

    Here is the list of the best five motivational speakers of Nepal:


    SAUNAK BHATTA  Motivational Speaker of Nepal
    Motivational Speaker of Nepal- SAUNAK BHATTA 

    Saunak Bhatta is well known in his school for his innocence and shy personality. Similar shyness and quiet personality tag dragged with him for an extended run, mostly thanks to the impression of him on others from the first stages of his life. Now, Saunak Bhatta is constantly a learner of life, he spreads his motivations and inspiration speaks through his social media, seminars, audio/video productions, training packages.

    He lives along with his hobby of thinking, learning, unlearning, living the thoughtful adventure, and dancing the inner depth of life. Furthermore, he is also the Executive Director of We Inspire Nepal (WIN), through which he presents and introduces inspirational culture throughout Nepal. Saunak is a professional speaker, trainer, and life upgrading mentor.

    Saunak also sees himself as a Free-Thinker and Behavioral-Life Analyst, evolving and supporting others to evolve. He has reached over 300 thousand people from different parts of the globe together with his Personal Development Seminars and Training Designs. On this Twelve years of journey within the field of non-public Transformation, his work has facilitated the method of long-lasting growth and transformation on the amount of Mindset, Behavior, Emotional Patterns, Belief System, Perspective, Self-Awareness, Well Being, and private and professional skills of people, communities, and organizations

    2. KP BHUSAL

    KP BHUSAL Motivational Speaker of Nepal
    Motivational Speaker of Nepal- KP BHUSAL 

    Kp Bhusal is one of the rising and best motivational speakers of Nepal at present time. He is Kathmandu based Nepali motivational speaker. He is also a leadership trainer for various youth events, corporate events, and sales conferences.

    Bhusal inspires people with powerful content on Leadership and Personal/professional development convening a novel Leadership message designed to inspire and empower people to guide their lives in the very best way. He also has a self-belief that any leadership begins from within, it starts by conquering your ‘Self’ only then does it transcend beyond.

    With 10+ years in inspiring people and promoting entrepreneurship, KP Bhusal is now trusted as a business advisor for 100+ corporates across Nepal and abroad. He’s employed at the nexus of social entrepreneurship and company leadership to assist businesses more impactfully connect with their stakeholders. Because that’s where growth – for any reasonable business – begins. Thanks to his commitment to ROI-driven and growth-focused business success – which is at the guts of great business success – He’s enrolled within the Harvard Business School’s online MBA Program, so he could help purpose-driven organizations leverage growth to form the planet a stronger place.


    TARA PRASAD GIRI Motivational Speaker of Nepal
    TARA PRASAD GIRI Motivational Speaker of Nepal

    Dr. Tara Prasad Giri is another one of the best motivational speakers in Nepal. Dr. Tara Prasad Giri is additionally called Tara Jii is a catalyst for positive change and a strategist for fulfillment. He creates change in minutes when normally it couldn’t be accomplished in years.

    He has risen to national prominence by writing and Conducting Motivational Seminars and Professional Training. He’s one of the most effective Nepali Motivational speakers. Within the last 7 years, he has consulted for over 300 schools and colleges. He has also spoken to over 200,000+ people nationwide. Furthermore, he covers the topic of Vision Building, Students’ Success, Leadership, speaking, Multiple Intelligences, Effective classroom management, Art of Parenting, etc. Academically, he’s MBBS Scholar and practicing his medicine in Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital.

    Moreover, Tra Jii has researched, studied, written, and spoken for an extended time within the various major fields. Like fields of Education, Health, Philosophy, Psychology, and Business. He has written two books named “Gossip and Gospel” and “Indira” and now is working in the government hospital, Gorkha.

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    SHRISTI KC Motivational Speaker of Nepal
     Motivational Speaker of Nepal- SHRISHTI KC

    Shristi KC is a motivational speaker, professional dancer, and founder of the Blind Rocks Organization. At the age of 16, she lost her vision due to a wrong prescription from the doctor. Despite all the challenges she faced after losing her vision, she picked herself up and went ahead to achieve her dream. She now helps to empower other visually impaired people to live an independent life.

    Shristi also got a chance to study a course related to social entrepreneurship at Kanthari International, Kerala, India. For some time, she worked in the same college on different projects. With more confidence and ideas she came back and founded an organization, ‘Blind Rocks’.

    Yes her inspirational story rocks and inspires many others over the nation. Shristi KC is one of the most amazing and powerful inspirational personalities among many others.


    ROHIT MALLA Motivational Speaker of Nepal
     Motivational Speaker of Nepal- ROHIT MALLA

    Rohit Malla is also on the list of the best Nepalese motivational speaker which is pretty genuine. Mr. Malla was born in Rupandehi district, Nepal on 1994. He came to Kathmandu for studying MBBS but was unable to continue it and that event in his life opened doors for him to be a motivational speaker.

    Rohit has performed for dozens of occasions from classroom groups to very large audiences, in various parts of the country. From students to professionals, the person has been inspiring, encouraging, and motivating people with positivity and optimism.

    He has recently started hosting a TV program called STRUGGLE STORIES on YOHO Television HD.

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    Wrapping Up

    These peoples are real heroes and have shown paths to thousands of people who were lost in their journies of life, education, career, relationships, etc. Although you take various help from these motivational personalities always try to motivate yourself first. If you get success to motivate and cheer up yourself try to inspire everyone around you who needed that.

    Hope this article of 5 Best Motivational Speakers of Nepal is helpful to you. If you have any kind of feedback drop that in the comment box below.