Various NTC Voice Packs (Day, Night, Unlimited And All Time)

NTC Voice Packs


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  • Looking for suitable voice packs by NTC? Then this article is for you. Simply go through this article to find out about various NTC Voice Packs ( Day, Night, Unlimited, and All Time packs)

    NTC, Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited is a well-known telecom company that is engaged in providing telecom services. It’s been some years since NTC started its data pack with a variety of voice packs to keep its user hooked. It provides data services in its user phone be it GSM or CDMA prepaid or postpaid for an affordable call. In Nepal, NTC also offers special deals for the winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons that include voice packs. Different time periods and offers are available for the voice package. You can find the cheapest call rates for each plan along with the process to subscribe to the pack via code or SMS.

    The various voice bundles offered by Nepal Telecom (both on-net and all-net) are shown below.

    1. Night voice pack

    This night voice pack is valid only from 10:00 pm to 7:00 pm. And the price for this voice pack is just Rs. 15.

    • The code to activate this voice pack is NVUNL from SMS.

    2. Unlimited voice pack

    • Day voice pack- This unlimited voice pack that costs just Rs. 15 is valid from 5 am to 5 pm.

    3. All-time voice pack

    For on-net calls made within the NTC network, GSM, CDMA prepaid, and postpaid subscribers can use the new voice bundle from NTC. NTC offers various voice packs for days, weeks, months, and 28 days. The price ranges from Rs. 12 to Rs. 500 and depends on the minutes to use this data and its validity. For example, from Rs. 25 you can activate 50 minutes voice pack that costs Rs. 0.50 per minute call and is valid for 1 day only. Whereas, From Rs. 500 you can activate 1300 minutes of voice which costs Rs. 0.38 per 1-minute call and is valid for 35 days. 

    4. All-Net voice pack

    Additionally, NTC now offers all-net voice packs that let you contact every network (on-net and off-net). Three different all-net talk packages are available: all-time, daytime, and overnight. The All-Time All Net Pack provides 20 minutes of calling for Rs. 15 for a single day, 100 minutes for three days, 520 minutes for 28 days, and 1300 minutes for 35 days. Similarly. a day of unlimited daytime calls to any network costs Rs 25. For all networks, a day call lasting 32 minutes and 125 minutes cost Rs. 12 and Rs. 15, respectively. The final fee is Rs 25 for an unlimited overnight call to any network. The night lasts from 10 pm to 7 am, while the day lasts from 5 am to 5 pm.

    5. Eco voice pack

    Eco voice packs (recurring daily voice packs), which come in two packages for 7 days and 28 days, have recently been added to Nepal Telecom’s inventory. You can use either of the eco packs for 110 minutes every day of calls. Thus, a 7*110=770 minute call is included in the eco pack for 7 days, and a 28*100=2800 minute call is included in the eco pack for 28 days. The cost of the 7-day environmental pack is Rs 95, while the cost for the 28-day eco pack is Rs 375, both prices inclusive of taxes.

    6. CUG pack

    Additionally, NTC delivers a CUG pack for business users. With GSM, CDMA Prepaid, and Postpaid SIM cards, the CUG pack is accessible. Customers inside this CUG are able to call one another for free and indefinitely using the pack.

    For Rs 200, a special CUG pack offers 50 SMS within the Nepal Telecom network, 1GB of data, 10 minutes of off-net calls, and 100 minutes of on-net phone calls. Other CUG packs range in price from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500. Read the Ntc CUG packets’ comprehensive information.

    7. Day pack

    The consumer can phone the NTC network for 120 minutes for Rs 12 with the NTC day pack. Here, a day’s worth of call service costs 10 paisa a minute. Similar to this, Ntc just introduced a Rs 15 per day limitless day voice pack. Therefore, the unlimited pack is indeed the least expensive for those who prefer to phone during the day. The voice call is available from 5 am to 5 pm and therefore is good for 24 hours.

    8. Postpaid pack

    You can add a special voice pack to your postpaid SIM if you utilize Ntc postpaid service. For Rs 384, you can purchase an 800-minute voice package good for one month. You can purchase this pack by dialing *1415# or sending the message COMBOVOICE384 to the number 1415. One minute of talk time with this pack costs 48 paisa.

    Recently, NTC added a few Sajilo postpaid options with unlimited call service. Along with the increase in data consumption, off-net calls, and SMS, the price ranges from Rs 599 to Rs 1499.

    How to take/subscribe NTC voice pack?

    If you’re willing to take the NTC voice pack then these are the steps that you need to follow:

    • For the NTC night pack- type NV and needed voice minutes to 1415. like if you want to take 14 minutes voice. Open the message dialog box and type NV14 to 1415.
    • For an unlimited pack, one will have to type NVUNL and send it to 1415.

    For all time NTC voice pack- Just like for the night pack type NV and respective voice minutes and send it to 1415.

    for remaining types of voice packs-

    • message vl/fr to 1415.
    • Text vlvoice to 1415, this also shows the pack’s validity.

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    Special offers 2079

    On the occasion of the 2079 election, NTC has launched very affordable voice packs depending on the voice and data you need. For Rs 98, you can select 6 GB of data that you can use for three days. If browsing social media and other online activities are what you prefer to do, you can select this pack.

    You can use both unlimited data and on-net call service with the Combo pack, which combines data and voice. It has a one-day validity and costs only Rs 49. The package, which was formerly Rs 99, is now 50% off during this election season. You can also buy the 20 GB data pack if you need a lot of data. It has a 10-day validity period and costs Rs 294.

    So, don’t waste your time and grab this offer asap.

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