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  • One of the leading and most popular Telecom Service providers in Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NTC) is used by more than half of the total country’s population. NTC also provides various services to their users and transferring a balance from one NTC number to another NTC is one of them. In this article, we’ve explained the detailed guide on How to Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC number.

    Nepal Telecom (NTC) balance transfer service is free to use. But, if you don’t have a clear idea of how to use this service to send balances from one NTC sim to another, this article will is here to help you. Although the balance transfer service of Nepal Telecom is free, some limitations are set there for users to follow.

    Limitations On Balance Transfer Service Of NTC

    • Users can transfer a total balance between Rs.10 to Rs.500.
    • Users can transfer up to 20 times per day.
    • Users can transfer the balance only among NTC numbers.
    • Balance receiver needed to have a Prepaid or CDMA sim card.

    Methods To Transfer Balance From NTC to NTC

    Some of the methods are by using USSD, NT App, and NTC website.

    Balance Transfer in NTC through USSD

    Follow the following simple steps to transfer the balance from your one NTC number to another NTC number (GSM prepaid). The steps are:

    • At first, send a message “Scode” to 1415. (scode – security code is necessary while transferring balance)
    • After sending a message you’ll receive a security code of 8 digits.
    • Then, dial *422*Security Code*Receiver Number*Amount# (Amount denotes the balance to be shared in Nepali Rupees)

    The above is completed after these three steps and the desired balance will be transferred after that. This process also works for sending the balance to CDMA numbers and GSM prepaid numbers of NTC. Moreover, you can also easily transfer the balance to your Postpaid number from your prepaid number with this method.

    Balance Transfer in NTC using Nepal Telecom App

    Yes, there is also an application of Nepal Telecom that allows transferring of balance with ease. The process of transferring a balance from the NT app is shown below:

    Transfer money in NTC to NTC
    Image Source | Nepal Telecom App
    • At first, You need to download the Nepal Telecom NT App to transfer the balance.
    • Click on the Transfer Balance option shown on the right side.
    • Then, enter the Receivers number and balance amount.
    • After that, enter the OTP (One Time Password) sent in your mobile message.
    • Click confirm and finish the process.

    Click here to Download the NT App

    Balance Transfer Using Self Care Feature in NTC Website

    You can also transfer your balance by using the Self Care feature on the NTC website. All you need is to log in to your NTC account on the website and the further process will start. In case you haven’t already created an NTC account, you can simply activate your account by entering your mobile number and choosing a password.

    After login your account ID, you have to simply fill up your details and complete a profile. Then you can click on the balance transfer tap and enter the receiver’s number and balance amount. After entering the number and balance just click Ok and your balance will be transferred to the receiver NTC number.

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    How can you know your NTC security code?

    There are two simple ways to know the security code in NTC. The two ways to find the NTC security code are:

    1. On NTC Original Sim Card Package

    The NTC security code can be found on the original package of the SIM card, where it is printed on one side covered with a scratchable surface, ensuring the card’s integrity.

    2. By Sending Message

    To retrieve the NTC security code through SMS, send “SCODE” to 1415, and you will receive a message with the reset process and the new password provided by the customer service staff.

    In Conclusion

    All these above methods are simple and easy to apply. Although these methods have some terms and conditions on how much and how many times you can transfer the balance. There are no other issues using this method for an easy balance transfer.

    (Note: You can only transfer the balance from NTC to NTC. You cannot transfer from NTC to another Telecom like from NTC to Ncell or Ncell to NTC.)

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