List of EV Charging Stations In Nepal

EV charging stations in Nepal


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  • The rise of Electronic Vehicles in the country is increasing rapidly along with the charging stations. Several car brands have made their EV charging stations available in Nepal too. They also speed up the installations of charging stations throughout the country.

    The manufacturing brands like BYD, Hyundai, MG Motors, Kia, Tata Motors, etc. are the biggest and most loved EV brands in Nepal. With the increment in the number of vehicles, the charging stations in various places are also needed. It helps people reach different places over the country without the risk of losing all the charge before reaching the destination.

    Moving on, there are several charging stations in the installation process that will be soon available in the future. The charging points are mostly installed at easy places like Hotels, Workplaces, Service centers, etc. which make it easy to reach the charging point.

    Here is the list of charging stations for your electric vehicle:


    EV charging stations in Nepal
    EV charging stations in Nepal- BYD 

    BYD is one of the biggest manufacturing brands for selling various electric vehicles in Nepal. The company sells different electric Cars, Buses, Vans, and Forklifts in the Market of Nepal which makes it even more popular. Moreover, the company insists to have large electric vehicle charging stations in Nepal.

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    BYD charging stations

    -Inside valley:

    • BYD park (Naxal)
    • Singha Durbar
    • NEA office (Ratnapark)
    • Trade Tower (Thapathali)
    • Sanjha Yatayat (Pulchowk)
    • Emerald House (Tinkune)
    • TBI Building (Gairidhara)
    • President’s House (Maharajgunj)
    • Bhaktapur

    -Outside valley:

    • Pokhara
    • Lumbini
    • Butwal
    • Itahari
    • Hetauda
    • Bardibas
    • BYD upcoming charging stations in Nepal:
    • Nepalgunj
    • Dhangadi
    • Biratnagar
    • Dharan
    • Dhulikhel
    • Birgunj
    • Mugling
    • Surkhet
    • Lamahi

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    MG Motor

     EV charging stations in Nepal- MG Motors

    MG Motor is another biggest EV distributors in Nepal. This company has sold a large number of cars and electric vehicles in the country. Currently, the company has fewer charging stations but many stations are under development and will come to work soon. In addition, the company is planning to add around 25 charging stations throughout the country.

    List Of MG Motor Charging Stations

    -Inside Valley:

    • MG Service center (Dhumbarahi)
    • MG Motor charging stations outside valley:
    • Chitwan
    • Pokhara
    • Biratnagar

    -Upcoming charging stations:

    • Nepalgunj
    • Chumlingtar
    • Birtamod
    • Dhalkebar
    • Butwal


    Hyundai BYD
    EV charging stations in Nepal- Hyundai 

    Hyundai is one of the leading companies in terms of EV distributions in Nepal. It delivers the Kona and Ioniq electric cars in Nepal, which are very popular among Nepalese people. Furthermore, the company already installed 22 charging stations across the country while planning for the installation of up to 50 more charging stations in various major cities and Highways of Nepal.

    Hyundai Charging Stations

    -Inside Valley:

    • LI Auto Services (Kupondole, Lalitpur)
    • Labim Mall (Pulchowk, Lalitpur)
    • New Siva Service (Sinamangal, Kathmandu)
    • Hyundai Sales (Naxal, Kathmandu)
    • Hyundai Sales (Thapathali, Kathmandu)
    • LI Quick Service (Tinkune, Kathmandu)

    Hyundai Charging Stations

    -Outside Valley:

    • Barahi Service Center (Pokhara)
    • Bindaya Service Center (Pokhara)
    • Pokhara Grand Hotel (Pokhara)
    • Water Front Resort (Pokhara)
    • Hotel Barahi (Pokhara)
    • Jagat Motors (Bhairawaha)
    • Siddhi Vinayak Service (Butwal)
    • New Rider Service (Dang)
    • Dinesh 4 Wheels (Dhangadhi)
    • HIM International (Nepalgunj)
    • Orchids Moto Corp (Birgunj)
    • Hetauda Motors (Hetauda)
    • Royal Auto World (Biratnagar)
    • Pathivara Auto Link (Ithari)
    • Pinnacle Service Center (Bharatpur)
    • Alliance Motors (Birtamode)

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    EV charging stations in Nepal- Kia 

    Kia is another promising electric vehicle manufacturing company in Nepal. Kia Niro EV is one of the most loved EVs in the country. The company is on its way to adding new charging stations in the various major places of the country.

    List Of Kia charging Stations

    – Inside Valley:

    • Gairidhara (Gairidhara)
    • Jawlakhel (Jawlakhel)
    • Maharajgunj (Maharajgunj)

     – Outside valley:

    • Siddhartha Riverside Resort (Chumlingtar)
    • Riverside Spring Resort (Kurintar)
    • 3D’s Motors (Bharatpur)
    • Ace Overseas (Pokhara)

    -Upcoming charging stations:

    • Bhaktapur
    • Hetauda
    • Bardibas
    • Janakpur
    • Auto Queen (Birtamod)
    • Kesharichand Bhanwarlal (Biratnagar)
    • Varun Motors (Butwal & Bhairawaha)
    • Joshi Autovilla (Dang)
    • Auto Ranch (Nepalgunj)
    • Kisan Trading Concern (Dhangadhi)

    Tata Motors

    Tata Motors
    EV charging stations in Nepal- Tata Motors

    Tata Motors is another leading EV manufacturer in Nepal. They already have installed various charging stations in suitable places in Nepal. They are also planning to install many more charging stations on major Highways in Nepal.

    Tata Charging Stations Inside Valley:

    • Sipradi Service Center (Baghdole)

    Tata charging stations outside valley:

    • Siddhartha Riverside Resort (Chumingtar)
    • Sipradi Service Centre (Pokhara)
    • Siparai Service Centre (Bhairawaha-Patthar Dada)
    • Sipradi Service Centre (Hetauda-Basamadi)
    • Sipradi Service Centre (Dhalkebar)
    • Taj Riverside Resort (Mulkot)
    • Sipradi Service Centre (Ithari)

    Tata Upcoming charging stations:

    • Lahan
    • Butwal
    • Narayanghat
    • Lamahi
    • Waling
    • Atteriya

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    In Summary

    In adding up, NEA (Nepal Electric Authority) will also be installing 50 more charging stations across the country. This shows the support of the government corporations towards the development of electric vehicles in Nepal.

    In addition, the places where NEA is developing charging stations in these places: Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Bhalubang, Dang, Rupandehi, Bardaghat-Sunawal, Surkhet, Mahendranagar, Dhangadhi, Dadeldhura, Kathmandu valley, Damak, Bhadaapur, Kankai, Biratnagar, Itahari, Birgunj, Simara, Chandranigahapur, Dhalkebar, Janakpurdham, Bardibas, Rajbiraj, Malekhu, Sindhuli, Hetauda, Bharatpur, Mugling-Kurintar, Banepa, Nawalpur, Damauli, Syangja.

    Moreover, you can contact the respective company websites for more information.