3 Easy ways to make International Payments from Nepal


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  • When it comes to easily make any International Payments from Nepal, nowadays it seems quite easy in some ways. There are now several methods in Nepal from which you can make different legit International payments. Even after getting various ways still it seems quite a difficult process to make any international payments. So, in this article, we’ve included the 3 easy ways to make International payments from Nepal.

    What is International Payment?

    International payment simply defines, the process of doing any purchase or payment (buying or selling) of any product digitally within two different countries or places. By buying any digital platform subscription like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc, to also can buy any digital product like Web-development products, Digital security, and many more.

    Ways to make International Payments from Nepal

    It was not simple to make any International payment from Nepal not even possible for normal people some years ago. Now, there are various ways to make any International payments from Nepal, and here are 3 easy ways mentioned below.

    1. Dollar Card

    Dollar card International Payment method from Nepal

    Yes, Dollar Card, is one of the easiest and legit ways to make any International payment from Nepal. From March 2021, Nepal Rastra Bank issued the Dollar card system in Nepal. People can apply and get a card from various commercial and development banks in Nepal. The card has a maximum balance limit of USD 500 per year. Also, customers have to pay Rs, 500 for every balance loading time. This pre-paid card can be used for various digital payments like buying online courses, getting OPT subscriptions, buying foreign products, etc, and many more.

    Steps to make a Dollar card:

    • From any Nepal Rastra Bank’s authorized bank to get the application form for a Dollar card.
    • Update your KYC (Know your customer) form while you went to the related bank.
    • Provide your Permanent Account Number (PAN) and submit the form to the bank authorities.
    • The card takes a few weeks to arrive and you can get the card by asking your related bank.

    The dollar card is started issued by more than 10 banks in Nepal. ‘A’ and ‘B’ class commercial banks have begun to issue the card according to the NRB rules and regulations. Various banks like Nabil Bank, Citizens Bank, Prabhu Bank, NMB Bank, Machhapuchchre Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, Global IME Bank, Kumari Bank, Mahalaxmi Bank, Siddhartha Bank, Himalayan Bank, Sunrise Bank have started to provide Dollar cards to their customers.

    2. Paypal

    PayPal International Payment method from Nepal

    Paypal is another easiest way to make any International payment from Nepal. It is one of the safest and quickest systems to make any payment and send money all over the world. It is one of the best options to make an international payment but Paypal is not supported in Nepal. Many peoples are using Paypal to make international transactions from Nepal.

    If you have any relatives living outside of Nepal, it’ll be easy to create a Paypal account through them and use it. To create the PayPal account follow the steps below:

    • For Nepal, Paypal has a personal account. Firstly, you have to provide your email ID along with a strong password to register for a personal account.
    • Then carefully provide your full name with address, phone number, postal code, and date of birth to register Paypal.
    • By your credit or debit card information, Paypal needs information like credit/debit card number, CVV code, card expiring date, and billing address.

    In case you do not have an international card, using Payoneer comes the best option. You can request MasterCard using Payoneer & it’ll come to your given address. If the details provided by you are correct and legit the card will take a month or more to arrive at your provided address.

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    3. Movo Cash App

    Movo Cash App International Payment method from Nepal

    Most of you are curious about the Movo cash App and its use in Nepal for International Transactions. So simply, the Movo cash app is a digital mobile banking app based in the USA. This banking app provides you with a virtual US Bank account along with a virtual visa card that’s linked to the Bank account. All these features make this app a great digital way to make international transactions from Nepal. We get the $Bank account/Wallet along with the visa debit card, we can use the fund loaded in the wallet through the virtual visa debit card.

    Like a Payoneer Master card, it doesn’t need to be delivered to you because of its virtual system of using cards. Also, the Movo cash app does not contain tough policies like the Payoneer. So, it makes the user of Nepal to get the card and use his system easily. Like a Payoneer, this App does not need to ask you for any monthly or yearly charges. So, it saves you some money in comparison to the Payoneer Master card system.

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    In Conclusion

    These are the 3 easy ways in the present time to make International Payments from Nepal. Although we can use the Swift transfer with the help of your bank to make international payments or transactions. You need to provide the details and purpose of payment for every transaction. It seems tough for saving your time from this process. So, better use these 3 alternate ways to make International Payments from Nepal.
    Hope this article became helpful to you. In case of having any queries drop them in the comment.