Everything About Rapper Sudeep G-BOB- Milena Level Tero Bau Bola

Rapper G-BoB- Milena Level


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  • The Rapper Sudeep G-BOb is viral for his rap with the line, Milena Level Tero Bau Bola. Let us find out everything about the rapper. 

    With the rise in popularity of Rap battles, different underdog rappers have been getting the opportunities they deserve. In addition, ANTF ( All Nepal Thug Family) has also been playing a vital role in organizing such events. ANTF is an event management and audio/video recording company focused on building new artists and giving artists a new platform.

    Who Is Sudeep G-BOB? Wikipedia Bio

    Sadly Sudeep G-BOB hasn’t received an official Wikipedia page as we speak.

    G-BOB is a rising rapper and a music artist who is currently viral for his rap battle on the show ANTF. In addition, he recently battled against rapper Maila in the 2nd round of the competition Hoodbazi.

    Moving on, Sudeep has gained a massive fan following in a short period for his rap line, Milena Level Tero Bau Bola Ay. Also, The video of his battle against Maila has crossed a total of 4.8 million views on the YouTube platform.

    Not only on YouTube, but his rap video has gone viral nationwide on every social platform. There are currently several memes on the video as well gaining the attention of the youth.

    What Is Sudeep G-BOB Full Name?

    Sudeep G-BOB was born with his full name, Sudeep Bhandari. Currently, he is known by his stage name G-BOB or Sudeep G-BOB.

    We can find his real name enlisted on his Social media accounts as well.

    Follow Sudeep G-BOB Instagram

    We can find Sudeep G-BOB’s Instagram account under the username @gbob_official. In addition, his account currently has 1.1k followers and 5 posts.

    In his Insta bio, he has also linked his official YouTube channel.

    Besides videos of Milena Level Tero Bau Bola, the rapper G-BOB has also uploaded some clips of his other music. In addition, he has uploaded songs, Kalakaar, Kasailai Terdina Ma and Path Path.

    Does G-BOB Have A Girlfriend?

    Currently, we are unaware of his love life. Hope he will soon release details of his personal life along with his struggles in his career.

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