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  • Tod-Fod is nothing but a place where you can unleash your everyday frustration by smashing and breaking things with full safety. Tod-Fod is Nepal’s first rage room provider where you pay money to break & smash varieties of stuff, without any judgment and stress.

    New Nepali startup Tod-Fod.

    What is the major difference between robots and human beings? The most obvious answer will be “emotions”, which is correct. All human beings feel different kinds of emotions like happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, love, and many more. We just don’t feel emotions, we express our emotions too. We express happiness by smiling, singing, and dancing but what do we do or want to do when we are angry or frustrated? When we were kids we would simply cry out our frustration or anger but as we grow up we need a bit more than a cry to let go of our frustration and anger inside us.

    Smashing and breaking up things would give so much satisfaction to our rage. But imagine breaking and smashing objects in the house and getting brutally beaten or scolded by our parents. The idea seems even more frustrating than the frustration itself, right? Guys don’t get anxious because our young entrepreneurs have come up with a solution to address this problem.

    Yes, you understood it right, a new venture has been established inside the valley. Where you can smash your way to Euphoria. Research has shown that smashing and breaking things helps a person in stress management. So the main concept behind this new startup is to let people smash and break things until their frustration and anger are gone. The business concept was first started in 2008 in Japan. Similarly, this kind of business venture is famous in countries like America and India. Recently, a new startup has been started in Kathmandu with a similar concept.

    Business Description of Tod-Fod

    Bibhusan Adhikari is the person behind the inauguration of the rage room concept in Nepal. Recently, he started a business under the name of Tod Fod: The Rage Room in Tripureshowr. The slogan of the business is “Pay and Break Stuffs(No judgment, no stress)” which sounds very catchy to attract the attention of their customers. The business provides its services to customers in different packages.

    People can have options of smashing up beer bottles, bowls, wine glasses, and decanters with the prices of each package ranging from Rs 350 to Rs 1500. The idea sounds amazing and unique but you must be worried about safety. However, you don’t have to worry about safety either because you will be wearing high-quality safety gear to protect your face, body, eyes, and head. The business started on 7th January and it is open for all 7 days a week from 10 AM to 7 PM.


    The no of businesses with out-of-the-box or unique concepts is very less in Nepal. According to CEO Adhikari, his venture is based on a modern-day entrepreneurial theme and meets the demand of the audience. He also mentioned different challenges he had to face like the lack of an empty bottles dealership. The concept behind the business sounds a little odd. But the young CEO of the rage room is very confident regarding the success of the business. We recommend people to visit the rage room and create a new experience.

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    Wrapping Up

    Tod-Fod is our own Nepali startup business and many peoples are showing their love for this. If you’re also interested to feel the awesomeness of the Tod-Fod rage room, you can contact them through their official Facebook page Tod-Fod: The Rage Room or you can directly visit their office located at 381 Tripura Path, Tripureshwor Kathmandu, Nepal.

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