5 Best Alternative Apps for Spotify that are free of cost

Alternative Apps for Spotify


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  • Spotify is recognized as one of the best apps used to listen to music. Almost no such people do not use Spotify in the current era. However, there are several free and best alternative apps for Spotify. These apps have very good UI but are still in the shadow as not many people use these apps.

    Some of the apps that are completely free and can replace Spotify are:


    Deezer was launched on August 22, 2007, by founders Jonathan Benssaya and Daniel Marhely. The app is very similar to Spotify, but it took Deezer quite a few years to stabilize the market. However, the app gained a remarkable number of users, i.e., 700,000 in the first month of its use.

    Fig: Deezer

    Deezer includes all those available features on Spotify and pays the artists and shareholders well. Furthermore, Deezer works on almost all devices and consists of many playlists, songs, and albums. Therefore, the app is highly user-friendly and almost as good as any other music application, including Spotify.


    SoundCloud is also a music streaming app launched on August 27, 2007. This is also considered one of the best apps used to stream music. Moreover, people can also listen to several podcasts on this application, along with all the beautiful songs.

    Fig: SoundCloud

    The normal version of the app is completely free, but the premium membership of this app might cost you as low as USD 5 per month. Therefore, the app is very much likely to replace Spotify.

    YouTube Music

    Another free music streaming app with the potential to become an alternative to Spotify is YouTube Music. YouTube is one of the best video streaming applications in the current world, but people very rarely use YouTube music.

    Fig: YouTube Music

    The application can be operated on IOS, Android, and the web. One of the major advantages of using YouTube music is that we are all very familiar with YouTube for video streaming, which makes it easier to adapt to the interface of YouTube music.

    Furthermore, you can also download your music and listen to them offline without being connected to the internet or the wifi. Even though YouTube music is completely free to use, the premium version might still cost you $10.


    Bandcamp is one of the most underrated music streaming applications that is an outstanding choice for independent artists and musicians. You can also sell your merchandise through this app, as Bandcamp is an e-commerce platform for artists.

    Fig: Bandcamp

    Furthermore, the app also includes features like sending a direct message to your customers and seeing your buyers’ correct destination. However, these features only limit to the premium version of the application for the musicians.

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    One of the most unheard music streaming applications is Nuclear. The app is rarely used by people currently, but the app has a very high potential to replace Spotify. Nuclear contains all the songs and media files from the internet, meaning you can listen to all the songs free of cost.

    Fig: Nuclear

    Very few people have used this application compared to any other apps, and all the users say that the application is very user-friendly and consists of all the songs they want to listen to.


    Here we read about the five best music streaming free alternative apps for Spotify in the coming future. However, these applications do not finish here, as many more such apps offer the best music and podcasts.

    Nevertheless, Spotify has taken the market so much that it is difficult for them to compete. Still, international artists and listeners are getting inclined to these apps lately because of the ease and services they offer their clients.

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