How to Easily Lock your Facebook Profile | A Complete Guide

Steps to lock your Facebook profile


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  • This article contains a complete guide on how to easily lock your Facebook profile. We’ve listed easy steps to lock your Facebook profile on Android, IOS, App, and Website.

    However, Facebook is a great platform to get in touch with your friends and families on regular basis. According to the research of Statista, there are over 2.83 billion monthly active users on Facebook globally. But, Facebook also lends everyone to check and explores others things and updates on their profile. There are different kinds of users on the Facebook platform and we all wanted to choose our loved ones to see our actual information. There are all many stalkers and misusers on Facebook who can make your Facebook experience bad.

    Why Lock your Facebook Profile?

    There are some vital reasons why you need to lock your Facebook profile. As you know a massive number of users use Facebook on regular basis. While most of the time in the day is consumed by different social media including Facebook. At most, we’ll have at least one Facebook account which is our own personal and authentic one.

    The major reason behind this feature being launched is the huge misuse of another person’s open data and information on their profile. There are everyday cases of using other person pictures and creating fake accounts and misusing their identity. Similarly, users with bad intentions can easily access your profile and get any information, and can use it.

    What is the Facebook Profile Lock Feature?

    Facebook Lock Profile

    You may know some of the Facebooks privacy or security features that help in your Facebook use. The profile lock feature of Facebook is recently introduced and gives users to lock their profile information like photos and posts. After you lock your profile third-party users except for friends on your friend list can not see your posts on your timeline. Pretty cool right, this feature provides huge security for everyone whose photos and posts are being misused by third-party users.

    Also, any public post that you’ve already shared on your timeline in the past, now it can be shown to your friend’s list only. Due to many security reasons, this Facebook profile lock feature is very important.

    How To Lock Your Facebook Profile On Android Devices:

    If you have an Android device then here are some simple steps that helps you to lock your Facebook account:

    1. At first, open the official Facebook Application on your Android device.
    2. Then click on your profile.
    3. After clicking your profile will be opened, then Tao on the three dots menu.
    4. Then select the Lock Your Profile option shown at the end of the Lock profile page.
    5. After that, A pop-up message saying “You locked your profile. Only your friends can see the photos on your timeline” appear.
    6. At last, click OK and finished the process.

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    How To Lock Your Facebook Profile On iPhone Devices:

    The process is a bit simple for iPhone and IOS users to lock their Facebook profiles. The process is listed below:

    1. First, open the Facebook application on your iPhone device and go to your profile.
    2. Then click the three dots menu next to the +Add Story button.
    3. Carefully read the short description of the action of the feature.
    4. At last, click on the Lock Your Profile and complete the process.

    After completing these four steps your profile will be locked. If you want to make a confirmation, just come out from that page. Then, log in to your profile again and you can get the notification that your profile has been locked.

    How To Lock Your Facebook Profile On Desktop:

    The steps for locking your Facebook profile on the Desktop are also simple if you use a desktop.

    1. Firstly, open a browser on your desktop like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
    2. Then search for the Facebook login in the browser.
    3. log in to your Facebook account using your Facebook ID and Password.
    4. Once you log in, reach your profile by clicking your picture on the top right side of the home page.
    5. After that, click the three dots right under the Edit Profile button.
    6. Then a page full of options appears and click on the Lock Your Profile button.

    As soon you click the Lock Your Profile button your profile is locked successfully. You can confirm again by refreshing the browser tapping and visiting your profile.

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    In Conclusion

    We all use the Facebook platform in our daily life for communication, business, getting news, and many more. However, data privacy has become more concern day by day. And protecting your personal information and data has become more important.

    Locking your Facebook profile helps you to secure information and data from various stalkers and hackers. Also, the thing to remember is, that you won’t be able to publish your posts in public. Instead. all your friends can see and share those posts.