10 Free Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

Email Marketing Tools For Small Business


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  • While promoting and marketing any business, various online marketing tools are available. Email marketing is the oldest and one of the most highly effective forms of online marketing to date. Email marketing tools are most effective for nearly every kind of business but not all businesses can afford every good email marketing tool. There is no need to pay a huge amount just to run your business email marketing. There are some fine and affordable email marketing tools that still do your job. We have included 10 free email marketing tools to help grow every small business.

    First What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is a technique of marketing sending emails to customers and potential clients to make more business engagement, product sales, brand awareness, etc.

    Email marketing is mostly chosen and highly effective for every business because you don’t have to spend huge capital to advertise your business to your target audience and customers. An email is an original form of information-sharing medium. Generally, any business cannot ignore email marketing.

    According to Statista, the number of email users reached 4.5 billion in November 2022. This user number is very high and businesses can make good growth from email marketing.

    The average ROI of email marketing in 2022 is $36 for every $1 spent. Many online industries are getting huge profits from doing email marketing campaigns. Some of the highest ROI-getting industries from email marketing are:

    • Media, publishing, events, sports, & entertainment: 32:1
    • Software & Technology: 36:1
    • Marketing, PR, & advertising agency: 42:1
    • Retail, eCommerce, & consumer goods: 45:1

    Free Email Marketing Tools For Small Business

    We’ve shown a quick overview of the 10 free email marketing tools and the services they provide.

    Email ToolsFree Monthly EmailsFree PlanFeatures
    Mailchimp10,000YesAbandoned cart email, One-click automated welcome email, Basic reporting, and Email support for the first 30 days.
    Sendinblue9,000YesCustomizable Email Templates, Drag & Drop Editor, Transactional Emails, SMS & WhatsApp Campaigns.
    MailerLite12,000YesGreat email newsletters designs, API documentation, eCommerce integrations, A/B testing, surveys, and basic email support.
    SendPulse9,000YesA/B testing, Template Management, Reporting/Analytics, and Email Monitoring.
    MoosendUnlimitedYes (30-day trial)Customizable email newsletter templates, Online forms, Drag, and Drop builder for designing campaigns, Real-time reporting, and analytics.
    Zoho Campaigns6,000YesStrong audience segmentation, Social and SMS campaigns, Drag and Drop editor.
    Sender15,000YesWeb push notification feature, Segmentation and personalization feature, HTML editor, and eCommerce integrations.
    Hubspot2,000YesContact management, Email subscriptions increasing forms, Reporting and conversion analytics, and Landing page builder.
    Omnisend500YesA/B Testing, Customizable CTAs, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Drip Campaigns, and Dynamic Content.
    MailJet6,000YesSMTP relay service, Reporting, advanced email statistics, Unlimited contact details storing, and Email campaign co-creation.
    Table for free email marketing tools for small businesses.

    1) Mailchimp

    Mailchimp Free Email Marketing Tool
    Mailchimp Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    2,5000 Emails for 500 SubscribersPublishers, eCommerceBehavioral targeting

    Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform with a free plan for businesses with up to 500 subscribers and 2,500 email sends per month. It includes basic email newsletter templates, A/B testing, and built-in CRM to help in your venture. If you want to start email marketing for your small business then Mailchimp can be a great place to start your email marketing journey.

    Mailchimp also includes many great features in its free plan. For example landing page builder, retargeting ads, list segmentation, customer journey mapping, and others.

    It also allows you to create and send newsletters, promotional emails, and automated campaigns, as well as design custom email templates and landing pages. Mailchimp also provides detailed analytics, so you can track the success of your campaigns and optimize your strategy.

    Mailchimp Free Plan Features:

    • Behavioral Targeting.
    • List Management Tools.
    • Customizable Basic Email Newsletter Templates.
    • Single-Step Automation.

    Have a detailed look at Mailchimp’s free plan.

    2) Sendinblue

    Sendinblue.com Free Email Marketing Tool
    Sendinblue.com Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    9,000 EmailsAgencies, eCommerceSMS personalization

    Sendinblue is another best tool for better email marketing and customer relationship management for small businesses. This tool offers you amazing access to a drag-and-drop builder for creating beautiful newsletters and email templates. Sendinblue also provides a free email newsletter service that contains an SMS marketing feature to target mobile-oriented customers.

    The free plan of Sendinblue also includes easy contact list management with different segmentation options. Small businesses can get a lot of features for free from Sendinblue that will help them in traffic increment, revenue, and engagement growth.

    Sendinblue Free Plan Features:

    • Responsive-Friendly Newsletter Campaigns.
    • SMS Marketing.
    • Contact List Management.
    • Transactional Email Sending.
    • Online Form Builder.

    Have a detailed look at Sendinblue’s free plan.

    3) MailerLite

    MailerLite Free Email Marketing Tool
    MailerLite Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    15,000 Emails for 500 SubscribersSMEs, eCommerceResend to non-openers

    For every small business email marketing helping tool MailerLite is one of the best for users. It has a simple and easy but highly user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for creating various newsletters and email campaigns. MailerLite also has a rich text editor and amazing photo editing feature that help in creating amazing newsletters considering your business branding.

    MailerLlite is simple to use for various email marketing tasks. Its free plan is perfect for many small businesses to start their email campaign journey. The customer service you’ll receive from Mailerlite makes it different from any other email marketing service. Businesses can also connect other various apps like Zapier, Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, etc with MailerLite to increase their workflow. its automation will enhance customer service even more.

    MailerLite Free Plan Features:

    • Beautiful campaign creation
    • Efficient automate workflows
    • Various platform integrations
    • Campaigns and subscribers management

    Have a detailed look at MailerLite free plan.

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    4) SendPulse

    Sendpulse Free Email Marketing Tool
    Sendpulse Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    15,000 Emails for 500 SubscribersSMEs, eCommerceResend to non-openers

    SendPulse is another great multi-feature tool that is one of the most chosen by small businesses. It is easy and fast to use. SendPulse includes most email management tools from SMS marketing, transactional emails, Viber marketing, and many more. SendPulse offers you to create email campaigns for targeted segments that you can personalize as per your wish.

    One of the unique features of SendPulse is it allows you to resend your non-openers which will help you increase your open rate. For every small business that wants to start email marketing and increase their business engagement and revenue, SendPulse is a perfect start for you.

    SendPulse Free Plan Features:

    • Customizable Email Templates
    • Easy Drag and Drop Editor
    • Transactional Email
    • SMS and Whatsapp Campaigns

    Have a detailed look at SendPulse free plan.

    5) Moosend

    Moosend Free Email Marketing Tool
    Moosend Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    Unlimited Emails for 1,000 Subscribers (30-day free trial)SMEs, Publishers, SaaS eCommerceAdvanced Reporting and Analytics

    Moosend is another amazing email marketing tool that can help any small and growing business to reach its targeted customers. The effective marketing automation service helps you to make your own effective email marketing campaigns.

    Moosend free plan also offers various email newsletter templates that are responsive and customizable. It also provides you with a drag-and-drop email editor that gives you ease for creating any campaign design without any technical issues. Free plan in Moosend also gives an advanced reporting and analytics feature to control or track the performance of your campaign.

    By creating a free account on the Moonsend you can check the workflow, form builder, and landing page by yourself. No doubt a free plan is also a great option for newcomers and small businesses that want to start their email marketing journey.

    Moosend Free Plan Features:

    • Transactional Emails.
    • Creating landing pages (Customizable).
    • Customizable Email Newsletter Templates.
    • Online Forms.
    • Email deliverability and strategy optimization.
    • Account manager and team members.

    Have a detailed look at Moosend free plan.

    6) Zoho Campaigns

    Zoho Campaign Free Email Marketing Tool
    Zoho Campaign Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    6,000 Emails for 2,000 SubscribersSMEs, eCommerce, AgenciesCompliance Check

    Next on our list is Zoho Campaigns which also provides a free email marketing service. The free plan of Zoho Campaigns allows you to send up to 6,000 emails in a month to 2,000 subscribers. A small drawback of the Zoho free plan is that it does not allow SMS and email automation features. Also, it does not allow the integration of some apps like Zapier or Litmus apps.

    However free plan of Zoho has some other exciting features for businesses to get started with. Some of them are customizable newsletter templates, easy drag-and-drop editor, contact list management for ensuring deliverability, A/B testing, and many more.

    Zoho Campaign Free Plan Features:

    • Signup Forms.
    • Well Designed Ready-Made Email Templates.
    • Compliance Check.

    Have a detailed look at Zoho Campaign free plan.

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    7) Sender

    Sender Free Email Marketing Tool
    Sender Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    15,000 Emails for 2,500 SubscribersSMEs, eCommerceResend to non-openers

    For email marketing of every growing small business, Sender has exciting features in their free plan to grow the customer reach. Although it allows up to 15,000 emails for 2,500 subscribers there are lots of other features to start a great email marketing journey.

    It provides various well-designed free newsletter templates that can be customized easily. Also, the easy drag-and-drop editor makes it more comfortable to edit any templates for non-designers. You can edit text, images, or any other elements simply by dragging.

    Sender Free Plan Features:

    • Free Well-Designed Templates Gallery.
    • Easy Drag & Drop Builder.
    • Secure Responsive Emails.
    • Custom HTML Editor.

    Have a detailed look at Sender free plan.

    8) Hubspot

    Hubspot For Small Business
    Hubspot Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    2,000 EmailsSMBs, SaaSFree CRM

    Hubspot is another great email marketing tool that can boost your small business email marketing journey. With its amazing features, the growth and customer reach of your business will take new heights. Hubspot is an all-in-one platform with amazing free features.

    Hubspot is famous for its CRM and robust marketing automation platform that is well-designed for getting better audience insight. It is also able to give insight into how the email campaign created by you is influencing the audiences.

    However, there are many free and paid features that you can use to boost your business email marketing. As taking for the free plan there are features like a fully customizable landing page builder, social media, Facebook ads management, signup forms, beautiful email templates, and many more.

    Hubspot Free Plan Features:

    • Customizable Dropdown Banners, Signup Forms, Pop Ups, and Slide-in Boxes.
    • Basic Email Analytic Reports.
    • Goal-based Effective Email Templates.
    • Ad Management Tool.
    • Live Chat and Chatbots.
    • Ticketing Feature.

    Have a detailed look at Hubspot’s free plan.

    9) Omnisend

    Omnisend Free Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    500 Emails for 250 SubscriberseCommerceAutomatic branding for emails and popups

    If you want to create different omni-channel campaigns. For campaigns that can expand on various platforms, Omnisend is one for you. The free plan of Omnisend has a powerful email and SMS marketing feature that is easy to use for any new business.

    It allows up to 500 emails per month for your 250 subscribers. Although it has a lesser email sending number in its free plan it has added other nice features for free. Omnisend provides pre-built automation and workflows in its free plan. Also, segmentation and customer analytics are included in the free plan.

    Omnisend Free Plan Features:

    • Great Email Campaigns and SMS.
    • Customizable Signup Forms, Pop Ups, and Signup Boxes.
    • Signup Form and Campaign Reports.
    • Well-designed Premade Email Templates.
    • Prebuilt Workflows and Automation.
    • Segmentation and Customer Analytics.
    • Customer Targeting and Timing.
    • A/B Testing.
    • 24/7 Email and Live Chat Support.

    Have a detailed look at Omnisend’s free plan.

    10) MailJet

    MailJet Email Marketing Tool
    Free Plan/Trial in MonthBest ForBest Feature
    6,000 EmailsSMEs, Enterprises, eCommerceSMTP really service

    As per its name, MailJet is a fast and reliable email marketing tool for your small business marketing team. You can easily choose readymade designs, edit, create and send emails from MailJet.

    If your business does not require more than 6,000 emails per month then choosing a MailJet can be beneficial and free of cost. Its free plan allows an easy drag-and-drop email builder along with basic segmentation features that can be used for a personalized email campaign for more target customers.

    The best feature of MailJet is it allows you to collaborate on emails with your teammates, which lets you design elements simultaneously. Also, the newsletter design is so much easy but does not offer any pre-made templates. However, the free plan of MailJet does not have an online customer support feature which is quite necessary.

    MailJet Free Plan Features:

    • It Stores Unlimited Contacts Details.
    • Collaboratively Email Creation.
    • Reporting and Advanced Email Stats.
    • SMTP Realy Service.

    Have a detailed look at Mailjet free plan.

    In Conclusion For Free Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

    In simple words, email marketing is a budget-friendly advertisement way for any business. Now, you get an idea of various free platforms to start email marketing for your small business. You can easily choose any one of the tools from this list, that will suit your business. Any small business does not require a costly paid plan in its initial phase. So, starting with a free plan can save you unnecessary expenses. It can be beneficial for you to learn more about email marketing requirements in business. After getting more ideas from the free plan you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

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