How to Start a Sticker Business (2023 Update)

How to Start a Sticker Business (2023 Update)


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  • Do you want to get into a business that is unique, creative, trendy, and profitable? Then starting a Sticker Business might be the best move for you! Let’s get a quick overview of how to start a sticker business.

    With the advancement of modern technology, Sticker businesses are also becoming more and more popular. Stickers are a great way for individuals and businesses to do branding and marketing with a little investment. Starting a sticker business provides several options, regardless of whether you are already a passionate sticker collector or are searching for a particular niche to launch your own small business.

    The sticker business industry is much larger than we think. Along with the growth in the field of the internet and technology, so many creatives can design stickers and produce them. It might seem like a small niche business but when a good amount of time is given to it the profit is mostly sure.

    In this article, we’ll show you a detailed overview of How to start a Sticker Business in 2023. Let’s dive into it.

    7 Fundamental Steps to Start a Sticker Business

    In 2023 if you choose to start a sticker business, then congratulations you’re about to enter one of the best creative industries. If you have the will to start but have a little confused about how to start a proper sticker business. The sticker business in 2023 is more than just designing and printing the stickers. 7 fundamental steps will guide you and helps your sticker business to get a proper start.

    1) Choose Your Target Audience

    First choosing your target audience is an important step toward starting sticker a business. The sticker market is so much larger than, it seems impossible to target every audience group. So picking a certain audience category might be more beneficial in the beginning. You can later add the other audience in addition to the growing consumer base depending on how well your business does.
    Knowing the target audience is always better for your clear business vision. It’ll help your business to be more unique than others and helps you stand out in the larger market.

    For example, if your target audience is the age group of 20 to 25 then you can produce stickers according to the age group trend. Which sounds more beneficial and straightforward. So, choosing your target audience is the first step of starting sticker business.

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    2) Choose Your Sticker Types

    If you get more into the details of this business there are even varieties in the types of stickers. There are several sticker varieties available on the market, and they all cost differently. Stickers types vary according to their cost price range, purposes, and uses. Some of the most common types of stickers types are:

    • Photo Stickers – These are the high quality stickers which you can stick them normally everywhere like Bag pack, Refrigerator, Water Bottle, Notebooks, etc.
    • Vinyl Stickers – For waterproof and more durable stickers people prefer to use vinyl stickers. These type of stickers are more popular and demanding to the audience.
    • Bumper Stickers – If you have a point to make or a sharp wit to convey, you may offer it on a bumper sticker in your sticker store so that clients can use it to decorate their cars or other surfaces and spread your thought-provoking comments to others.
    • Logo Stickers – Every businesses love to have their logo stickers. They can be used for the different branding and marketing purposes for any local or large enterprises.
    • Planner Stickers – Planning enthusiasts love these type of stickers to customize their timetables, calendars, lists, planners, etc.
    • Die-Cut Stickers – These types of stickers are much popular among sticker audiences. These types of stickers are the more colorful, uniquely cut, more accurately shaped, and customizable.

    3) Start Self Branding

    When you are willing to help others to brand their business by producing the stickers. You also require self-branding of your business at the very initial phase. Branding your business helps you to get a good push and grow a more appealing brand. During the branding process, it’s important to remember the following:

    • Your Business Name
    • Business Logo
    • Business Cards, & Thank You Stickers
    Self-branding and marketing are other important steps to never miss while starting a sticker business.

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    4) Market Your Business

    Branding is always necessary for this business because after you get started you won’t automatically get the audience on your platforms. Having a website or creating your shop on any marketplace platform like Etsy not going to call any customers unless you do good branding and marketing. Sometimes you can use other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. But for good marketing of business and products, you’ll also have to do paid advertisements and collaboration.

    You can also promote your business by attending different art exhibitions, and educational fairs and showing them your new fresh stickers.

    5) Prepare a Business Plan

    Preparing a proper business plan is a must to do a thing. Before seeking any investment or funding for the business, establishing a strong plan is necessary. Creating a business plan will help you to maintain a good pace of the business. Planning for the things like target audience, selling platform, payment process, shipping methods, etc. can be done in this process. This process of setting up a sticker business is very crucial for staying away from issues. This will helps you to make a good profit in the future time.

    Preparing a business plan for a sticker business also includes setting the price of the stickers according to their quality, size, or design.

    6) Purchasing the Necessary Equipment’s

    You’ve started a business where the quality of your product matters most to the audience. If you want to make quality stickers then buying all the necessary equipment is necessary. Using good equipment helps to design and produce high-quality stickers which will automatically increase branding.

    After creating a good business plan and being ready for investment, here are some equipment’s which will help you to create quality stickers:

    • Printing Machine – The most important equipment is printer. Any printer which will do color print will work but a good higher-quality printer can print different designs in different paper types. Higher quality printers can also print in high quality printing ink which is also affordable.
    • Cutting Machine – Another necessary piece of equipment is a cutting machine. Eventually, you cannot just sell the print paper, you have to cut the design and form it as a good sticker. There are various cutting machines are available with different specifications and functions. You can choose one by looking at your investment.
    • Sticker Paper – If you want to make a sticker then sticker paper cannot be left out. It is one of the basic pieces of equipment required for making stickers. According to your type of sticker, you can choose the sticker paper like a glossy finish or a matte.
    • Packaging – You’ve to pack the stickers well so that they can reach the customer safely and nicely. You can choose to print and cut the stickers using outsourcing but packaging your delivery with your branding package can be more attractive.

    7) Making Website and Social Media Handles

    After preparing and establishing all the necessary things like planning and buying equipment. You’ll need a proper social media business account of your brand name. Building a website is also another business profiting thing that helps your audience to see the pricing and quality of the different stickers. Although a website is optional, social media accounts are most necessary.

    Your audience needs a platform to regularly see the new products. However, you can sell the stickers from different other selling platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Redbubble, etc. having a website gives you more control over your audience and products.

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    Different Platforms to Sell Your Stickers


    At this stage you know about printing your stickers, now you’ll require a platform to sell it. If you have your store (Offline or Online) that can to beneficial but using much bigger platform helps you get Infront of more audience. Big platforms already have enough regular audience which you can use to show your products also.

    Some of the effective and well known platforms for selling your stickers are:


    Etsy is one of the biggest marketplaces where many peoples can sell their art, designs, and crafts. Etsy makes it easy for sticker businesses people having a great section of sticker shops.


    Redbubble is a global online platform where artists can list their designs and customers can buy the products they like most. As an artist, you can also sell your sticker designs to different customers.


    If some of you don’t want to rely on the marketplace then you can create your online store using the Shopify platform. Shopify is a global online platform that helps many small business owners to create their online store using their various web-based tools.

    Amazon Handmade

    One of the biggest online marketplaces where a huge amount of audience is already available. You can easily sell your stickers using the amazon handmade platform.

    Conclusion on How to Start a Sticker Business

    Owning a business is no easy task. It would be beneficial if you were always vigilant and ensured that everything proceeded according to plan. To run a successful business, you also need to have a few specialized abilities, such the ability to take initiative when addressing problems and follow instructions.

    Additionally essential are customer service abilities including professionalism, problem-solving, and friendliness. Similar to this, having business acumen and useful leadership, strategic, and training abilities is beneficial.

    Even if the sticker industry appears to be smaller, there are several opportunities for making money. Sticker the company is a brilliant business to start if you’re creative and passionate about art.

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