20 Best Vegan Business Ideas To Start in 2023



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  • Starting a vegan business is not just another business idea. There are a lot of other businesses to choose from while vegan business ideas are quite impressive to give a shot. The vegan business is quite a niche with also good growing market value. For everyone passionate about starting some unique business. Starting a vegan business in today’s time will be a perfect idea for you. The vegan industry’s progress is very impressive and more and more businesses are attaching to it. Many big brands like McDonald, Burger King, Starbucks, MINI, and KFC have also included vegan-based products for their specific vegan customers.

    As you reach this article we’ll be now discussing the 20 best vegan business ideas that you can start this year.

    First What is Vegan Business?

    A vegan business is simply a business that is based on vegan products or services. Vegan businesses deliver plant-based or healthy products to their customers. Different types of businesses can include vegan products and services. Some examples of vegan-based business types are:

    • Vegan food and beverages
    • Vegan fashion business
    • Vegan beauty and cosmetics
    • Vegan online and technology business

    Vegan Market Value in Present

    After the pandemic, the market value is increasing incredibly. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global vegan food market size is projected to grow to $61.35 billion by 2028. There is a huge growth in the vegan market after Covid-19. The growth percentage increased by 12.95% in 2020. Which is a tremendously big margin compared to the previous years from 2017-2019.

    The globally rising demand for the plant-based lifestyle forced many businesses to include vegan products and services. While many businesses converting their huge portion into vegan, many new businesses are coming along with the increasing market. The increasing health alertness among consumers leads new businesses to join this niche market.

    20 Best Vegan Business Ideas

    This list includes 20 best vegan business ideas that you can start this year.

    1) Vegan Cosmetics Business

    There is a huge number of peoples who prefer plat-based or natural products for their skin an body. With the large demand of the natural and environment friendly products starting a vegan cosmetic business is one of the perfect business idea to give a shot.

    According to Fortune Business Insights, the global vegan cosmetics market is projected to be $24.79 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 6.57% during 2021-2028. This report shows how big is the global vegan cosmetics market in the present time. With a fine investment, you can start a vegan cosmetics business and get some authority in this niche business.

    As a vegan cosmetics business person, you can also do some research on the customer’s demand for the specific product. Then you can produce the specific product and start promoting it in various ways. Some of the highly searched and demanded vegan products on the internet are:

    • Vegan Mascara
    • Vegan Lip Glossy
    • Vegan Moisturizer
    • Vegan Facial Creams

    2) Vegan Restaurant Business

    As a vegan, you would be happy to find out one amazing restaurant in your area which foods are totally plant based and natural. Sounds nice right, there is a large vegan population in every country and every town. Which creates a perfect lucrative business ideas to start and build a well number of customers.

    According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey on diets and nutrition, there are about 5% of the total population follow the vegan diet in the U.S. in 2022. The percentage is equal to 15.5 million people of the total US population.

    With this growing vegan population, starting a vegan food restaurant business would be an amazing idea to give a shot. You can do branding and promotion of your restaurant in a unique way that will catch the eye of your niche customers. From menu, and brand color, to branding you can apply veganism which helps your business to get more attraction.

    3) Vegan Based Salon Business

    Yes, starting a salon that is based on vegan products is another one of lucrative vegan business idea to start. You can use different facial and hair care products which are fully plant-based and healthy for your hair and skin. Your ideal customers will be grateful to you for starting this kind of salon in the area, which will help you get more repeat customers.

    You can use vegan hair and skin products like:

    • Vegan Hair Creams
    • Vegan Hair Colors
    • Vegan Shampoo
    • Vegan Facial Creams

    There is a huge possibility in this business. Nearly every other vegan person would love to do their hair treatment in a salon that is based on total plant-based products.

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    4) Vegan Clothing Business

    Another great business idea that is fully vegan-based is producing vegan clothing. Manufacturing clothes that are 100% based on plants and not using any animal products is all that is needed for this business.

    The competition in this business is less tough and promotion is easier than in a normal non-vegan clothing business. The business is itself a promotion and helps to spread environmental awareness.

    The raise in demand for vegan clothing is increasing day by day. According to Statista, the estimated revenue of the non-animal leather clothing and accessories market worldwide in 2022 was approximately 41 billion U.S. dollars.

    You can also create your merch with your unique agenda which is good for the promotion of your business. Mud Jeans is one great example of this unique business idea. They produce and sell fully vegan jeans. You can visit their store for more inspiration and information about this niche business. The vegan clothing business is one of the most demanding and profitable vegan business ideas on the list.

    5) Vegan Baby Food Business

    Every vegan parent also wants their baby foods to be vegan. There are almost all vegan parents want their children to be vegan too, as seeing the benefits of being vegan. If you start a vegan baby food business then what could be the happiest thing for the vegan parents?

    According to the Data Bridge Market Research, the global plant-based baby food products market is expected to be $38.72 billion by the year 2029. This bring out the tremendous business opportunity for everyone in this niche.

    When there is a huge supply lack in this business market. You can fill this demand gap and make a successful vegan-based business idea out of it. You can sell highly demanded and necessary baby food products like Beans, Baby Formula Milk, Dried plant-based foods, etc.

    6) Vegan Pet Food Business

    The demand for vegan pet food for their pets is increasing rapidly. Vegan pet owners find it hard to get healthy and fully plant-based food for their pets. However, some great pet food businesses already supply vegan food products.

    Although the demand for this business is increasing day by day. If you are passionate about starting a vegan-based business, then starting a vegan pet food business can be great for you. It is also one of the less competitive vegan business ideas on the list.

    Working on health quality, and good promotion can help get your business on a successful path in no amount of time.

    7) Vegan Bakery Business

    A vegan bakery business is another great business ideas to start at this time. Now if you’re getting all the vegan food easily but finding delicious and healthy bakery items is hard. Starting a vegan bakery business is great for a person who is passionate about creating a niche business.

    The vegan bakery businesses will get more profit over time. As per the Globe News Wire, the global vegan baking ingredients market size is projected to be $1.66 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6%.

    L’Artisane Creative Bakery is a perfect example of the quality and inspiration of this vegan bakery business. They provide a great food menu that is vegan-friendly and healthy.

    With an average investment, the vegan bakery business can be started. A huge number of customers will praise this business idea. The profit from this business is also very good and will grow more with time.

    8) Vegan Nutritionist Business

    A vegan nutritionist business is basically a consulting business where you work with an individual. You consult with your client about their plant-based diet, health, and nutrition. Basically have to teach them how to get the right amount of nutrition from plant-based food products.

    You can also help them make their diet plan and routine calendar. Many people decide to start a plant-based diet for various reasons. For example, some change their diet because of their health issues and some adopt the vegan lifestyle out of sympathy for animals.

    Regardless of those reasons you can start a business as a vegan nutritionist for many good reasons. Some of the important ones are:

    • Consulting Nutrient deficiencies
    • Helping control the eating disorder or food addiction
    • Helping make a diet plan for Sportsman and Bodybuilders
    • Helping clients to improve their physical, emotional, and mental well-being
    • Consulting people on their food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities

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    9) Online Vegan Cooking Class Business

    While everything is going online these days. Teaching people how to cook is also another thing that has gone virtual in these few years. People from anywhere in the world can teach anyone how to cook. Many cooking experts teach people online but still, but the demand for vegan-based online courses is still unfulfilled.

    As a vegan online cooking expert, you can teach vegan people from all around the world how to cook vegan food. For example, you can teach people how to cook plant-based food deliciously and oil-free. You can develop your own online platform where people can join you for your cooking tutorials and classes.

    For example, Veecoco is a perfect online learning platform. Where anyone can learn to cook delicious vegan cuisines. They provide more than 400 cooking lessons, which help you start cooking amazing vegan food in no time.

    10) Organizing and Hosting Vegan Events

    Veganism is becoming more and more popular both domestically and globally. Which creates various vegan-based business opportunities for many passionate peoples.

    If you’re interested in veganism and also organizing and hosting events then this could be the perfect business idea for you. As a vegan event organizer, you have to make the client’s vegan-friendly event dream a reality. You can decorate the event with all vegan products like décor materials, food, beverage, and clothes.

    This business idea is very unique and less competitive in the market. So you have a great chance to make your business and convert it into a brand. While the customer’s number is increasing day by day. There is also a huge number of vegan organizations and groups to that you can offer your service to.

    11) Vegan Bar or Nightclub

    Vegan Bar or Nightclub Business is another great business ideas that you can start at this time. With the growing number of vegan practitioners around the world. Many peoples want to go only to vegan bars or nightclubs.

    Being a vegan doesn’t mean that you can drink alcohol. However, there are more and more establishments that provide dairy-free milk stouts with a side of BBQ seitan wings to people like us.

    Vegan bars make sure there is a ton of booze available in addition to offering delicious vegan bar cuisine. So, starting a vegan bar or nightclub can be a very lucrative business idea to start this year.

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    12) Vegan Wine Business

    Yes, a vegan wine business is another perfect vegan business idea to start. With the increasing demand for plant-based food and beverage products.

    According to Grand View Research, The global organic wine market size was estimated at $ 8.9 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2% from 2022 to 2030

    With an increasing number of veganism around the globe, the demand for vegan wine is increasing rapidly among consumers. This creates a perfect business for anyone passionate about starting a vegan-based beverage business.

    13) Vegan Handcraft Business

    If you are skilled enough to make different handcraft things like bags, decoration materials, necklaces, arts, sweaters, and many more. Then starting a business fully focused on creating only vegan-based handcraft products can be very profitable.

    You can create different vegan handcraft products like:

    • Homemade organic candles
    • Scarf using vegan wool
    • Eco-friendly arts and paintings

    For anyone who loves to create things by themselves and is passionate about veganism then the vegan handcraft business would be a great idea for them.

    14) Vegan Grocery Store Business

    With the growth of the global vegan market, the demand for vegan brands is increasing every day. While looking at the demand everywhere the supply is so less to compare.

    Which make’s starting a vegan grocery store a great business to involve to think of more profit. As a store business person, you can attract a very loyal and repetitive customer in this industry. You can add different daily required grocery products in your store like:

    • Plant-based milk
    • Plant-based oil
    • Veggie Burger and Pizza
    • Plant-based ice-cream products

    15) Vegan Personal Trainer Business

    Train the vegans is a more soul-satisfying business than other ones. While you will encourage your clients to a more sustainable way of living. Being a vegan personal trainer also means that you have to include veganism in daily activities such as eating and workout routines.

    To train others, first, you have to understand the fundamentals of veganism and how to nourish your body with nutrient-rich meals. To be successful in instructing others you should be able to inspire others to adopt a plant-based diet and provide them with good practice guidance.

    Here are some of the amazing vegan personal trainers that you can follow and get inspiration from:

    16) Vegan Influencer Business

    If you have an engaging personality and can influence others then being a vegan influencer can be beneficial to you. As a vegan influencer, you can help spread awareness and information about veganism.

    There are tons of things that a vegan influencer can do in this business. From inspiring other people to go vegan to helping vegan businesses grow. There is a huge business possibility for vegan influencers in today’s time. You can also promote vegan products from your online social media platforms and make a good profit from them.

    For example, Brianne Rezende is a Texas-based vegan fitness coach. She influences many peoples by showing her lifestyle which includes a healthy and plant-based diet. If you’re interested in being a vegan influencer you can follow her and get inspiration from her.

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    17) Vegan Home Cook Business

    For anyone who loves cooking and has to cook vegan every day. You can get paid for your cooking. Cooking healthy and delicious vegan food for others can help you make very good revenue.

    With the increasing busyness of the people in the cities, people find it hard to get a warning, nutritious and healthy meal. If you can cook every day for a family or two a great vegan meal then it will help you generate great profit. With the subscription plans of the clients, they can choose to pick up the by themselves or get delivered to their doorstep.

    Many vegans prefer a home-cooked meal by a vegan person to any other unknown catering or restaurant. So, if you’re passionate about cooking and veganism then starting a vegan home cooking business would be the perfect business idea for you.

    18) Vegan Greeting Cards Business

    There are plenty of online/offline platforms and marketplaces where you can sell your unique and amazing vegan greeting cards. Establishing a greeting card business that attracts niche customers can be the best idea for you to start.

    You can easily get the supplies and equipment to start a small greeting card business. All you need is a creative and uniqueness in your card design. In case of not have graphic design skills you can hire someone to make designs for you. You can also use different online free designing tools like Canva, which is very easy to learn and use.

    You can also use your local resellers to sell your greeting cards. There is also some great online marketplace where you can create your own online store. Some of them are:

    19) Vegan Toy Selling Business

    If you have a skillful hand that can create amazing toys then this business is perfect for you. With fully plant-based products, you can create unique and attractive toy’s that you can sell in different marketplaces.

    Using plant-based material like organic wool you can create some small toys that students can hand in their bags. There is a huge possibility for this business to be successful. You can also use your local seller or online marketplace to sell your products. Some of the famous marketplaces like Etsy and Redbubble.

    With the rise of veganism, the vegan toy-selling business is already started and massive demand remains. Which you can fulfill by starting one.

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    20) Vegan Subscription Box Business

    Starting a subscription box business is a great and fun way to deliver vegan products to your customers. You can create a subscription box that contains delicious and healthy vegan food items. You can create a subscription plan for the month, week, or year as per the customer’s need.

    You can also add the custom cake and bakery item service which will engage the customer more towards your business. Choosing the right delivery method and payment system will help you generate good income from this business.

    For example, World Of Vegan is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to start this business. They provide a quality subscription box service in the USA.

    In Conclusion

    The vegan market is growing rapidly every day. Every business that is vegan based has a great possibility of making a profit. With some good research and passion for veganism, anyone can dive into the vegan-based business and make it successful. There are so many other vegan business ideas that are suitable according to the area’s population and trend. These are some of the business that has the most possibility in the present time and future.