25 Profitable Entertainment Business Ideas With Low Investment

Most Profitable Entertainment Business Ideas With Low Investment


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  • The entertainment business is one of the most profitable businesses at the present time. You will surely love how everything goes for you when you are in the business! This industry covers other fun and profitable businesses including video games, karaoke bars, puppet shows, and children’s game rooms.

    According to the research done by Statista.com, the global entertainment industry market size is around US $32.88 billion and is projected to be US 42.54 billion by 2027. The market is growing rapidly day by day after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. People prefer more entertainment elements in their regular life. Which increases the demand for the various entertainment business.

    We have listed down some of the most profitable entertainment business ideas with low investment in this article. Most of these businesses are small businesses that help you make more profit with minimum investment.

    You will surely love them!

    25 Profitable Entertainment Business Ideas With Low Investment

    1) Ad Film Making Business

    If you are looking to find the best low-investment entertainment business, this is one of the best ideas for you. You can make low-budget ads while putting forth some of the best creatives and skills in your ad. All you will require is a good and skilled workforce. Creativity is never confined to budgets.

    Good networking and public relations are required in this business for more making profit. You can start advertising various local and regional clients in the initial phase. Later you can jump up on big clients who are willing to pay more for your work. Make sure you make good use of this as this is one of the most profitable entertainment business ideas!

    2) Bouncy Castle

    Children love bouncy castles. Forget children, even adults love these amazing bouncy houses. But then again, many people have to wait for the carnival season to take their kids to the bouncy castles. Hence, it is about time that you find an opportunity in this one and buy a bouncy castle for yourself.

    Although the investment in the business is quite minimal once the business gets recognized you will start seeing the high income flow. This business have good profits along with less investment requirement but time to time maintenance is necessary to operate regularly.

    This is one of the most profitable yet low-investment entertainment business ideas you can possibly think of!

    3) Career Expo

    There are so many people looking for opportunities to work but aren’t finding any opportunities. These are the people that will help you increase your revenue. Moreover, there are enough companies trying to advertise their own business. This will surely help you get a good amount of money while also being one of the most profitable entertainment business ideas.

    4) Dance Studio

    What business can be more of an entertainment business than a dance teaching business? There are so many people who want to learn to dance. These are the people who are also looking for dance studios that can teach them how to dance. All you will require for this is some skills and a room enough to form a studio.

    Your dancing and teaching skills will help you generate great revenue by starting a dance studio. After starting your own dance studio you will see many local customers willing to join in a few days. When you start getting a good number of customers you can add various other dance categories in your studio and hire other dance teachers.

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    5) Modelling Agency

    You really don’t need all that much investment when you can benefit from PR packages and whatnot. There are enough people trying to get their hands on some modeling contract. Make sure you are getting your reach to these people. This surely is a low-investment entertainment business idea considering you will have to search for networks more than investment.

    It is a popular yet very profitable business idea at present time. People are willing to pay any amount to a good agency that will help them get better opportunities. There you

    6) Musical Band Management

    You can easily start musical band management if you want to earn money. This is one of the most profitable entertainment business ideas you can possibly think of. Moreover, you will also be getting a good amount of money considering how many people are trying to learn music these days.

    You just gotta have those skills.

    7) Professional Emcee

    You can not even count how many people are looking for emcees. You just have to make sure that you have the best speaking skills and that you’re good. Moreover, being a professional emcee will surely help you in earning a good amount of money. Try to grab as many events and shows as you possibly can.

    8) Video Game Arcade

    You can start a video game arcade if you want to benefit from a low-investment business. This is possibly one of the best yet most profitable entertainment business ideas you can possibly think of. There aren’t many places that have video game arcades. The income will surely be more than your investment!

    9) VoiceOver Service

    You can do voiceovers in order to get some money. Moreover, you can also find other entertainment businesses that are likely to help you get a job doing voiceovers. Many movies, series, and advertisement media houses are looking for people to do voiceovers. You won’t be disappointed at all!

    10) Wedding Consultancy

    You can make sure that you are earning a good amount of money with wedding consulting. You can help people find the right place, help them with the decoration, and charge as per necessity. There isn’t any less fun in this business. Likewise, you will also be making a good amount of money.

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    11) Video Editing Service

    The present-day and time are all about digitalization. You will surely get a lot of help from video editing services. Nothing is going to stop you from earning if you know how to edit your videos properly and can do everything that most other people can.

    12) Trade Show

    You can also organize trade shows where you get many sponsors and members of different companies to join your event. You may not know this but there will surely be many networking benefits that you can earn from trade shows and trade fairs. Plus, the money is always good.

    13) Recording Studio

    You can start a recording studio with a low investment. There are many people looking to find studios that will help them record their own songs and many more. A recording studio will surely help you earn money while also allowing you to enjoy your work.

    14) Night Club

    Night Clubs may not seem like a cheap entertainment business idea. However, let us remind you that the revenue that you will be getting from a nightclub is so much higher than your investment. Make sure you promote your nightclub properly and wait till your money bags are full!

    15) Comedy Club

    People love to laugh. And, you can get paid for just making people laugh. Starting a comedy club is one of the most profitable low-investment business ideas you will be looking for this year. Moreover, the investment for this business is close to nothing because talent will help you earn money without much to invest from the scratch.

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    16) Choreographer

    You can make good money by choreographing for dances and modeling shows. A choreographer is likely to earn a good amount with just his talent. You really don’t need a big investment to start your journey as a choreographer!

    17) DJ

    With the increase in nightclubs, the demand for good DJs is also very high. It is about time you recognize your potential and become a DJ. You really don’t need to stress out a lot about this because you will definitely love your job and earn a good amount of money at the same time.

    18) Karaoke Bar

    You should definitely start a karaoke bar if you want to earn money without investing a lot. A Karaoke bar is more than likely to be one of the most profitable low-investment business ideas. Families are looking to hang out every weekend and young people are available to be your customers almost any time of the day.

    19) Magician

    Many people have gained popularity as well as money after becoming a magician. One of the best examples of a successful magician is Criss Angel. You can earn a big fortune if you can master the art of magic!

    20) Radio Jockey

    Radio jockeys have always had a good name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Moreover, they also earn a fair amount of money from what they do. So, if you are looking to become a radio jockey, you are surely making a good decision in choosing one of the most profitable entertainment business ideas.

    21) Puppet Shows

    Kids love puppet shows. In fact, many kids have been looking to find the best places they can get the best level of entertainment. One thing that has not changed over the years is children and their love for puppets. Moreover, you won’t be investing a lot but will still be making a good sum from just the puppet shows.

    22) Party Entertainment Services

    Party entertainment services are one of the best services that come under profitable entertainment business ideas. You can start an agency of your own and find the best potential clients for your business. Make sure you are able to cater to all types of potential clients.

    23) Fan Page

    You can start a fan page or a website devoted to just fans of a certain movie, artist, or celebrity. It is one of the effective business ideas that require a minimum investment of nearly zero. All you need to invest is your time and research for making engaging content related to the page. Make sure you know that the movie or the artist you are associating with has a great following. You will be impressed by how many responses you will be getting with time from your fan page or website.

    With the help of big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit you can start building an engagement by starting a fan page. By giving valuable and consistent content related to a certain artist, or influencer you can grow the fan page. Later you can start generating income through sponsors and monetizations.

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    24) Wearable Band

    Drum pants are another name for wearable bands. People can play music by arming themselves and donning leggings with drum pants. It’s a creative business concept that is already acquiring enormous global recognition.

    25) Laser Tag Arena

    Customers need a competitive and enjoyable laser tag arena, which requires a professional sync of lighting, sound, speech, and other elements. Hire a good designer who will help you succeed in one of the most profitable and low-investment business ideas like this one!

    In Conclusion

    The entertainment business is one of the best business industries ever. People who are into this business area surely always enjoy their time working. Moreover, there are so many alternatives that are going to help you earn good money without having to do a lot. An entertainment business may seem to have some risk, but when done properly you will surely benefit from the business in every good way.