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Type of Creative Entrepreneurs


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  • Creative entrepreneurs are those entrepreneurs who tend to focus on creative ideas and projects. These entrepreneurs tend to use their intellect and creativity to make money. Creative entrepreneurs are likely to be small ones who don’t have a big investment to make but their creative minds serve as their best asset. There is more than one type of creative entrepreneur. In this article, we will be talking about 6 types of creative entrepreneurs.

    You will appreciate this article if you want to know what type of creative entrepreneur you are.

    The Educator

    The Educator Creative Entrepreneur

    An educator is someone who tends to educate people. They won’t just work for themselves but also for those around them. Educators are also known as Thought Leaders. Educators are always trying to teach their audience good skills and knowledge in one way or another. There are many creative entrepreneurs on the internet itself.

    The educators will either make cooking videos or other tutorial videos on different aspects. Likewise, many such creative entrepreneurs will give their best to show their knowledge from blogs, podcasts, ebooks, courses, and workshops. In all the sources they use to serve their audience, they are also trying to show what they are truly capable of while earning their viewer’s trust and interest at the same time.

    Some famous examples of creative entrepreneurship by educators online include:

    Podcasts: VIEWS, Jenna & Julien Podcast, and Ear Biscuits

    Tutorial videos: Gordon Ramsay, The Sewing Channel, and Marques Brownlee

    Courses: edX

    Workshops: Skillshare, Google Digital Workshop, and Frontend Masters

    The Freelancer

    The Freelancer Creative Entrepreneur

    A freelancer is one of those entrepreneurs who offer their skills on the basis of the hours they work or on a per-project basis. Freelancers tend to find the best opportunities that best suit their skills and make money out of them. They try to grow their business with freelancing jobs like graphic designing, copywriting, videography, photography, etc.

    Freelancing often happens without any contract. When you are freelancing, you are also working as per your own will. Moreover, freelancers are often seen doing multiple jobs in a similar field of expertise at the same time. Freelancers tend to find clients not just online but also in the real world.

    Freelancing is one of the most popular types of creative entrepreneurs.

    Some of the most famous freelancers include Stephen King, Lynne Truss, and Dan Lok.

    The Coach

    The Coach Creative Entrepreneurs

    Coach refers to the types of creative entrepreneurs who try to motivate their clients in different fields. People tend to meet coaches through online sites specializing in various areas. However, there are also coaches who meet their clients in person or through Skype.

    Coaches, however, don’t only limit their expertise to a certain field. A coach will try to help his clients out in order to let them achieve their life goals which will last them a lifetime. There is a reason why there are people searching for people to coach them. These type of entrepreneurs motivate their clients to become successful.

    Coaches differ from one another. Some may coach a client for entrepreneurship, some may coach their clients for career choices and there are also sports and vocal coaches. Teri-E-Belf is one of the most famous executive coaches. Likewise, John Wooden and Cheryl Porter are some of the most popular UCLA coaches and vocal coaches respectively.

    The Artist/Maker

    Artist Maker Creative Entrepreneurs
    Artist Maker Creative Entrepreneurs

    An artist or a maker is someone who makes things in order to sell them through retailers. Artists or makers tend to make clothes, jewelry, artworks, handmade products, etc. This type of creative entrepreneur almost always attracts his customers with the products that he makes.

    The products that an artist makes almost always prove his potential. Customer benefit from the things that a maker or an artist makes. This type of creative entrepreneur either sells their products to the customers directly or sells them to the customers through mediators or retailers.

    Moreover, the artist or maker focuses on a niche market they want to cater to and serve their customers accordingly.

    Some high-end makers include Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc. while some other famous and reasonable product-selling makers include Nike, Everlane, etc.

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    The Curator

    Curators are also known as retailers. Curators usually sell the products that they buy from the makers or wholesalers. These types of entrepreneurs sell products that best suit the purpose of their business. They often have a certain group of customer segments to that they want to sell their products. Hence, they tend to find the right customers either online or in person and try to sell what they buy from a producer to them.

    You may also call these types of creative entrepreneurs mediators because they are looking to find the best customers to sell the products they buy from wholesalers.

    Some of the most popular curator brands are Walmart, Costco, and Target.

    The Entertainer

    Entertainers try their best to build a customer base where they can create content for their target customers. These customers are often viewers of media and content that these entertainers make. Entertainers often make contents that engage their customers in a way not many other people can. Even though there are many such creative entrepreneurs trying to cater to similar customers, their fanbase is what determines who is more successful.

    Likewise, they are more than likely to earn their income from advertisements, vlogs, blogs, songs, and many other entertaining sources. Fans and a devoted customer base are what help build the careers of these types of entrepreneurs.

    Top entertainers of the present time with an amazing fanbase all around the world include Mr. Beast, Ariana Grande, and Sssniperwolf.

    Now, Why You Should Know Your Creative Entrepreneur Type?

    Now that you are one with your unique creativity, you can help any business by being the important gap filler. You can contribute your skill and methods that’ll increase the productivity of any business or work. By knowing your own type of entrepreneurship you may get beneficial in many ways, like:

    • You can discover your strength if you do not know them exactly.
    • You can invest more time on what you are best at and avoid spending time on other tasks.
    • You can give your contribution to the team from your own major side.
    • Your work productivity will increase if you know your type.


    Different entrepreneurs with creative ideas exist. If you are one, you probably already know what kind of creative entrepreneur you are. There are a number of benefits and drawbacks to being a creative entrepreneur. But you can’t expect to make money if you don’t take some chances. You advance in your efforts to develop your profession as a creative entrepreneur when you decide to become one. You can succeed as a creative entrepreneur if you put in the necessary effort and possess the necessary abilities.

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