Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT collection With Binance is Officially Here

Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT Collection


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  • Who does not know Cristiano Ronaldo? Almost all the people who love football appreciate Cristiano Ronaldo for his skills and gameplay. He keeps surprising his fans and supporters with new projects and one more time football idol has surprised his fans by announcing his first-ever NFT collection with Binance, and the news is taking over the internet.

    Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese football player who currently plays for the Manchester United football club. The footballer was born on February 5, 1985, and his full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. Besides he started his career as a professional football player in 2002.

    Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT Collection
    Image: CR7 x Binance

    Ronaldo is also famous as a businessman and endorser as the footballer owns many businesses and companies worldwide. Therefore, he is not only famous for his footballing career, but his businesses also helped him gain a huge net worth and fame at the same time.

    Recently, the footballer has again gained attention on the internet as the first NFT collection owned by the football player is finally all set to release officially. Let’s get to know more about the NFT collection in this article.

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    Release Date and More about the NFT Collection

    According to sources, Cristiano Ronaldo first NFT collection will release on November 18, 2022. the deal between Ronaldo and Binance has been done as an exclusive, multi-year partnership. Besides, global marketing campaign featuring Cristiano himself will support the launch of the NFT.

    Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT Collection
    Image: Sneak Peek to CR7 NFT Collection

    The fans and supporters of Cristiano Ronaldo seem to be very exciting about this partnership and launch. Furthermore, Ronaldo has also said that he wanted to create something remarkable and unique to his fans and he has stated that the NFT is completely aimed for his fans and supporters.

    Types of Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT Collection

    Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT collection is divided into two classes. The first class will be the highest value NFTs and the second class wil be the normal NFTs. There are 45 highest value NFTs, whereas the number of the normal NFTs is 6,600.

    Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT Collection
    Image: Binance

    Besides, the high value NFTs will be placed for auction and the bidding price will start at 10,000 BUSD for SSR and 1,700 BUSD or SR. On the other hand, the price of the normal value NFTs will start at 77 BUSD. Furthermore, the normal NFT will also come with several levels of rarity level. Each rarity level will also contain a unique set of exclusive perks, which are:

    • Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal message
    • Autographed CR7 and Binance Merchandise
    • Guaranteed access for all future CR7 NFT drops
    • Complementary CR7 Mystery Boxes, and
    • entrance to several giveaways and winning several prizes as well.

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    Additional Advantages of Cristiano Ronaldo First NFT Collection

    A Cristiano Ronaldo Mystery box will be awarded to the userds who sign up with Binance for the first time. The mystery boxes will have several valuable items along with the limited-edition Ronaldo NFTs. Furthermore, this is also a chance of every CR7 fans to bring home his signed merchandise and get a chance to recieve a personal message from their idol.


    CR& NFTs are one of the most awaited projects as the fooball star has a hugen number of fans worldwide. Besides, he has also tried to make himself closer to his fans and supporters by providing them several other advantages along with the NFT.

    If you are a CR7 fan, you would definitely want to invest your money in these NFTs as this might be a chance for you to bring home the personlly signed merchandise of your favorite football idol.