Best Hair Transplant Clinic – Hair Transplant Cost in Nepal

Hair transplant in Nepal is now becoming the simple and widely chosen thing among Nepalese for stopping hair loss. Know everything about hair transplant cost and some best clinics in Nepal.

Falling hair and growing baldness have become one of the mass-centered problems in Nepal & everywhere around the globe. Is it also bothering you and affecting your confidence and self-esteem? If yes then finding the best solution to stop your hair from falling by hair transplanting might be a good idea. In Nepal, nowadays it is not hard to find hair transplant clinics. Although there are several options of which you can choose the best for your hair transplantation.

Firstly, What are the major reasons for hair loss & baldness?

Hair loss is a problematic thing for both men and women. There are various reasons for hair loss. Some of the major causes behind it are:

  • Heredity (Family History)
  • Hormonal changes
  • Aging 
  • Hairstyles & chemical treatments
  • Stress
  • Bad nutrition
  • Significantly weight loss
  • Medical situations (Thyroid, diabetes, and lupus)

As we get the ideas about the major factors that can cause hair loss. A hair transplant can be a suitable solution for it. But, before that let’s get some quick ideas about what a hair transplant is.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant Clinic & Cost in Nepal

Hair transplant simply means planting the hair in the bald or thin area of your head. Although it is a medical procedure in which a plastic or dermatological surgeon replaces your hair to the bald or light area of your head. Usually, your hair from the back or side of the head is moved to the top or front by the surgeon. This whole process takes some hours to more according to your transplantation requirement. This hair transplant process occurs in a medical clinic under local anesthesia. 

What is the hair transplant cost in Nepal?

Your hair transplant cost highly depends upon how much hair you need to be transplanted on your scalp. Also, which process and clinic do you choose for the transplantation in Nepal. It is done in graft and there are 1 to 4 hairs in each graft. The average cost in Nepal is 35 to 70 per graft. It costs you between NRS 1 lakh to NRS 2 Lakh for the total procedure and medication in Nepal for a hair transplant. 

There are mainly two types of hair transplant techniques :

(FUT) Follicular unit transplantation

-FUT is a technique of hair restoration which is also known as the strip procedure. In this procedure, the patient’s hair is transplanted into a naturally occurring group of hair up to 4 hairs in that group. 

– Small cuts of scalp skin are made in the back area of the head.

– More painful than FUE (stitches are used to close the cuts)

– This procedure helps you get natural-looking hair growth, after implantation.

(FUE) follicular unit extraction

-In this procedure hair follicles are extracted from the back of your head through tiny incisions. 

– Surgeons make tiny holes in the hair receiving area and plant the hair gently in those holes.

– It is the safest and easiest procedure for hair transplantation.

– Hair transplant cost in Nepal with FUE procedure is more expensive compared to the FUT method.

List of Medical Clinics for hair transplantation in Nepal:


S.NHospital & Clinic NameLocation
1Radiant Clinics Samakhusi, Kathmandu
2TouchBeauty Laser ClinicBattisputali Rd, Kathmandu
3Swasti laser & Skin CareNaxal, Kathmandu
4Smartcare Hair Transplant, Skin & Aesthetic Clinic Koteshwor Kathmandu
5Aavaran Skin and Hair ClinicDurbar Marg, Kathmandu
6Ananta Skin Care CenterBattisputali, Kathmandu
7Derma DentLagankhel, Lalitpur
8Alka Cosmetic Surgery & DermatologyJawalakhel, Lalitpur
9Anova Skin & Hair ClinicPulchowk Lalitpur
10Arogin Health Care & Research CentreBishalnagar, Kathmandu
11Green City Hair Clinic Kathmandu, Nepal
12Healthy Choice ClinicBhattachan Complex, Kathmandu
13Hospital for Advanced Medicine & Surgery (HAMS)Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu
14K33 NepalKoteshwor, Tripureshowor, Chabahil
15Nepal Skin HospitalNew Baneshwor, Chabahil, Suryabinayak
16Protin Hair DesignShree Binayak Marg, Kathmandu
17Norvic International HospitalThapathali, Kathmandu
18Nepal Plastic Cosmetic and Laser CenterDhobighat-4, Lalitpur
19Nepal Plastic Surgery HospitalHarisiddhi, Lalitpur
20Nepal Skin Care CenterSinamangal, Kathmandu
21Lead Hair Replacement TechnologyBishalnagar, Kathmandu
22Kathmandu Clinic of Cosmetic SurgeryAnamnagar, Kathmandu
23 Folliderm Hair Transplant, Lasers and Skin ClinicSubarna Shamsher Marg, Kathmandu
24DI Skin Health and Referral Center (DISHARC)Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
25Protin Hair DesignShree Binayak Marg, Kathmandu
26Cutis CareMid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu
27Diva Skin CityHospital Line, Butwal
28Dhulikhel HospitalDhulikhel, Kavre
29Lumbini Skin and Laser centerDharma Path, Butwal
30Venus Skin and Hair Transplant ClinicBiratnagar
31Santosh Hair and Beauty Saloon Butwal
Hair Transplant Clinics in Nepal

Complications related to the hair transplant process:

Some minor effects come with this process. Usually, these effects seem to disappear after a few weeks. Some of the effects are given below:

  • Swelling on the plantation part of the scalp
  • Bleeding 
  • Bruising near eyes
  • Infections
  • Itching
  • Less sensation on the scalp area 
  • Unnatural in looks

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In Conclusion

However, the hair transplant seems the best idea for the problem related to hair fall. Counseling with a doctor, in the beginning, is recommended for knowing the major reasons for hair loss and future outcomes for you. Although the hair transplantation is fine after a medical recommendation. 

In Nepal also you can easily do hair transplants in major cities. Several clinics and hospitals are available for this procedure with more facilities.