What is small business Saturday 2022? Tips To Prepare

Small business Saturday 2022


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  • Small business owners are always enthusiastic and always willing to give their businesses the best of everything. Being a small business owner can be equally exciting when you can explore more every day, and learn from everywhere and way possible. It is even more exciting as a small business owner to be a part of small business Saturday!

    Opportunities are almost always endless when you are willing to present a unique concept and idea of your own. This article will tell you more about how small business Saturday is conducted in America!

    What Is Small Business Saturday?

    Small business Saturday is an important part of American culture. There aren’t many people who know about this event. But, let us tell you something, this has to be one of the most exciting and opportunity-giving festivals in America. Many people there tend to celebrate the event with joyous spirits. This event is all about endless possibilities and opportunities for small business owners!

    The motive of small business Saturday is to promote small entrepreneurs and companies who are trying to find a chance to grow. The event helps businesses get more customers by making people of the community buy among themselves during the holiday season. Moreover, the holiday season is likely to help businesses grow as well!

    Origin Of Small Business Saturday

    Small business Saturday was started on 27th November 2010. American Express launched the event as a campaign first. However, eventually, the campaign turned into a culture, and people in America are still very eager to celebrate it every passing year. It is amazing how an initiative to do something for the sake of communities grew so progressively over the years.

    The holiday shopping starts right around Thanksgiving till New Year. American Express thought it was just about right to have the people shop from the small businesses at the busiest time of the year. Hence, every year small business Saturday happens right after Thanksgiving. This gives small business owners a great way to raise their revenues. Many people have gotten a lot more than just increased profit because of this progressive campaign that turned into a culture.

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    How Is Small Business Saturday Celebrated?

    Small business Saturday was obviously conducted first with the slogan, “Shop small on Saturday“. And, it so happened that the business event remained a big part of the American small business community. Moreover, the organizers have even found an association that revolves just around small business Saturday.

    According to the American Express-commissioned 2021 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, expected spending by Americans who visited independent stores and eateries on Small Business Saturday was an estimated $23.3 billion. In order to kick off the 2022 holiday season, the SBA, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), and American Express team will be urging consumers to support the approximately 32 million small companies. These companies are operating throughout the country on Small Business Saturday and throughout the entire holiday season.

    How Can You Participate In Small Business Saturday?

    Small business Saturday in 2022
    Small business Saturday in 2022

    Small business Saturday is a great event that lets just any resident in America participate in the event. The community stands for growth and opportunities.

    One either has to be a shopper, a seller, or a partner organization in order to get involved with the community. The requirements to be a part of this event are really not all that complicated. The community encourages people to shop from the business. Not only this, the SBA community encourages shoppers to make as many TikToks as they can with small business custom sounds. Moreover, shoppers even get to enjoy the facility to enjoy the rewards they get from shopping small.

    On their official website, the SBA community makes sure to help the shoppers find the businesses they can support. Many happy shoppers post their moments at the Small Business Saturday event on several social media platforms.

    As for the sellers, the community provides many free resources and promotional tools which help boost their small business game. The sellers are given opportunities to put their small business location on a map which enables people to find their business without any problem. There are many organizations that have been sponsoring and helping the event grow among which some are Bentobox, Bloomnet, Celero, Clover, and many more organizations.

    Social Media Accounts

    Small business Saturday was always popular. But, in the present time, people all around the world have been familiar with the concept of this event because of social media platforms.

    Small business Saturday is one such event that helps people from all around the world discover what is happening in the event. The SBA has come with many social media accounts that have successfully garnered many reviews and generated as much interest among people. SBA’s social media networks are monitored platforms, thus all comments made there are checked for appropriateness before being published.

    SBA can decide which remarks are appropriate for its social media channels. However, SBA will strive to publicize and respond to any pertinent inquiries about SBA’s goal. Any mention of a particular good, process, or service on SBA’s social media accounts does not mean that SBA, the US government, or the product, process, or service’s producer or supplier are endorsing it.

    You can easily check out what is happening in this event and everything else that you need to know from the sites below:

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sbagov

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sbagov

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sbagov/

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/us-small-business-administration

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/sba

    When Is Small Business Saturday Being Held This Year?

    Small business Saturday is being held on the 26th of November 2022. Anyone who is interested in the event can do so by following all the necessary guidelines.


    One must ensure that his firm is registered if he wants to take part in this event. In addition, many businesses might benefit from collaborating with other companies. On Small Business Saturday, companies can raise as many chances as possible outside of only financial ones in addition to increasing their revenue. Offers and discounts must be guaranteed for the customers as well.

    Furthermore, the sellers must make sure to send emails beforehand. They have to conduct the event with utmost responsibility and this is likely to emphasize a great culture for many years to come as well. It is more than impressive how a small campaign turned so big over the years. Small business Saturday really has a lot to offer for many businesses. These businesses wouldn’t have otherwise gotten such many opportunities that they are getting with the help of this event.

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