Is Business Intelligence a Computer Literacy Skill

Is Business Intelligence a Computer Literacy Skill


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  • People who work in Business Intelligence require a variety of hard skills because of field is heavily technology-driven. So, to get more profit from business intelligence basic understanding of computer skills is necessary. Computer literacy skill means having a necessary understanding of what is computer and how it operates.
    For better utilization of business intelligence tools and helping the business grow computer literacy skill is a major part.

    First, What is Business Intelligence?

    Business Intelligence is also termed BI. Business intelligence is a combination of different business components like business analytics, visualization of data, data mining, data tools, infrastructure, etc. to get the best possible decisions in one’s business. BI is defined as the data-driven decision that results from the entire process.

    It is of two types traditional business intelligence and modern business intelligence. By use of proper business intelligence a business can make any decision by the helps of analysis of the organization’s data over the time. It can be the answer provider for different situation on organization.

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    Computer Literacy Skill

    In General, Computer Literacy Skill is the proficiency and familiarity of someone towards the computer. Instead of programming, it usually refers to the ability to use computer programs. One should at least have a basic understanding of computer hardware and software in order to use a computer.

    These abilities might range from having fundamental computer knowledge that enables you to utilize straightforward computer software to more sophisticated abilities, such as the capacity to rewrite code or work with complicated software that is exclusive to your sector.

    Some Examples of Computer Literacy Skill:

    • Email and other forms of communication
    • Social media management
    • Microsoft Office or GSuite Understanding
    • Other basic computer skills

    Is Business Intelligence a Computer Literacy Skill?

    Yes, Business Intelligence is a Computer Literacy Skill. A solid foundation in computers is always required to get the most out of business intelligence. People who work in business intelligence require a wide range of hard skills, including knowledge of databases and computer programming, as the field is heavily technology-driven.

    However, they also require soft skills, such as interpersonal qualities and communication skills. Nowadays, it’s essential that you focus on enhancing your computer skills because offices throughout many companies utilize advanced technologies.

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    Importance of Computer Literacy Skill on BI

    There are different methods and tools in Business Intelligence that helps business to make more profit by making better decisions based on data. In terms of using the important tools of BI, a person should have good computer skills.

    Some other important Computer Literacy Skills in BI are:

    1. Better Connectivity
    2. Fast understanding of the Business Intelligence tools
    3. Better analysis of the organization data
    4. Well preparation for the future

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    In Conclusion

    In this modern technology driven world, every business needs a Business Intelligence. So, to use and learn about the several BI tools a good amount of Computer Literacy Skill is very necessary. In a larger sense, we can see that companies are stepping up their marketing initiatives and obtaining an advantage over competitors. In this competitive time, to run a business successfully a good use of the Business Intelligence is always necessary. It also makes the Computer Literacy Skill the most required skill to do that.