5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Phone to the Toilet

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Phone to the Toilet


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  • Ever wonder that there are some interesting and fact-based reasons why you shouldn’t take your phone to the toilet. This article included those 5 reasons that you want to know before taking your smartphone with you to the toilet.

    Where are you reading this article from right now? We hope it isn’t the toilet seat! These days, a large number of people have developed the habit of taking their phones with them to the washrooms. While it goes without saying that mobile phone usage has become an addiction for people of today. Breaking this addiction and making your toilet a mobile-free zone is absolutely important.

    Here are five reasons why taking your mobile phone with you to the toilet is a complete dealbreaker!

    1. You invite a host of germs with your phone

    The bathroom can be a place full of dirty bacterias and germs. While we humans pretend to be hygienic and consider it absolutely gross to not wash our hands after using the toilet. Don’t we forget that we never get to wash our phones after they visit the toilet with us? Various bacterias from the toilet seat, to the bathroom compartment, often get transferred to our phones.

    These phones are then glued to our hands all day contaminating us and our bodies. To add insult to injury, our mobile phones tend to remain warm because of which germs tend to find our phones a warm breeding ground to stay in. While it might not seem like a big deal when you think of it right away, in the long run, this can deteriorate our health largely! So, this is one of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t take your phone with you to the toilet.

    2. You are likely to waste a lot of time in the toilet with your phone:

    When people enter the toilet with their phones, they are likely to spend a longer time in the toilet due to the mindless social media scrolling or the impulsive email response. That will take place when the phone is present right in their hands! A 5-minute poop may extend up to 15 minutes or longer with a mobile phone in one’s hands. When you add up the statistics, you will realize that a large chunk of one’s time can be wasted in such mindless phone usage.

    This precious time could be spent doing something else like watching the movie that has always been on your to-watch list. Also like going on a date with yourself, or reading a book that is going to make you wise. So, why would you want to spend a large chunk of your life looking at the interiors of a toilet? when you could actually invest that time exploring something new? Isn’t it

    3. You have no time to sit with your thoughts alone when having phone everywhere!

    In the previous times, a visit to the loo often gave people a much-needed small break. Where they could just be by themselves. But when people take their phones with them even during their toilet time, they have almost no space to just be alone. As a result of this, people don’t get time to sit with their thoughts and observe their feelings. The constant pressure to be on social media or to reply to every text as it comes can lead a lot of us to develop problems like which isn’t attractive at all

    You could rather use your toilet time for a short break in between your hectic schedule. This can help you become more calmer and creative at the same time. After all, the toilet is a good place to give birth to new creative ideas.

    4. You risk yourself to diseases like hermarroids and nerve problems

    Various medical professionals have shown their concern towards sitting in the toilet seat for a prolonged period of time. Since it puts a lot of pressure on the anus. The increased pressure on the anus can lead people to develop hemorrhoids. Which can be irritating and affect the quality of life in the long run.

    Hemorrhoids are a problem developed in the body where the body finds it difficult to release excreta and the process of pooping can be painful, challenging, and might even lead to bleeding in some cases. Also, when we sit in the toilet seat for a long period with our heads bent down to scroll through our phones, it can put excess pressure on the shoulder blades leading to irritating nerve pains in the long run.

    5. You increase the risk of your phone being flushed in the toilet too!

    Don’t we all have one such story where our friend almost flushed their phones in the toilet? With all the kinds of fancy phones coming into the market. They can be an expensive investment to make and you definitely wouldn’t want such an expensive investment to be flushed away right? A simple way to prevent such a mishap from happening is to not take your phone to the toilet with you.

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    Wrapping Up

    We have all heard about the importance of taking a break from digital devices once in a while. The addiction to social media and our smartphones is real! It isn’t easy to break this addiction especially in a world where a large part of our life has been transferred to our phones themselves. But, with simple habits like not taking our phones to the toilet, we can try to give our minds a rest from this rushing world of social media. At least for a few minutes a day.