20 Best Selling Crochet Items: A Complete Guide

Best Selling Crochet Items


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  • Crochet has gained immense popularity over the years, with its intricate designs and endless possibilities. Whether you are a seasoned crocheter or just starting, there is a wide range of crochet items that you can create and sell. In this article, we will explore the 20 best selling crochet items that are highly sought after by customers. So, grab your hooks and yarn, and let’s dive into the world of crochet!

    Crochet is a versatile craft that allows you to create beautiful and functional items using just a hook and yarn. These handmade creations have a unique charm that captures the attention of buyers looking for something special and personalized.

    Whether you want to sell your crochet items online, at craft fairs, or through local boutiques, knowing which products are in high demand can give you a competitive edge.

    20 Best Selling Crochet Items To Sell

    Here is the list of 20 best selling crochet items both online and offline that you can start to sell and make a good amount of profit:

    1. Baby Blankets: Soft and Cozy Delights

    Best Selling Crochet Items

    Crocheted baby blankets are cherished heirlooms that provide warmth and comfort to little ones. They come in various patterns and designs, from simple granny squares to intricate lacework. Customers are drawn to the handmade quality and the personal touch these blankets offer.

    With different color combinations and soft yarn choices, you can create unique and customizable pieces that parents will adore. It is one of the most selling crochet items at present time.

    2. Amigurumi: Cute and Cuddly Creations

    Top Selling Crochet Items

    Amigurumi refers to crocheted stuffed toys that are loved by both children and adults. These adorable creatures come in all shapes and sizes, from animals to fictional characters.

    The charm of amigurumi lies in their cute and cuddly appearance, making them a popular choice for gifts and collectibles. Get creative with your designs and use vibrant colors to make these crochet items truly eye-catching.

    3. Scarves: Fashionable Accessories for All Seasons

    Best Selling Crochet Items

    Scarves are versatile accessories that never go out of style. Crocheted scarves add a unique touch with their intricate patterns and textures. From lightweight lace scarves for spring and summer to chunky and cozy scarves for fall and winter, there is a scarf for every season and occasion.

    Experiment with different stitches and yarns to create fashionable pieces that customers will love to wear.

    4. Hats: Stylish Headgear for Every Occasion

    Best selling crochet hat

    Crocheted hats are not only functional but also fashionable. They can be customized to suit different styles and preferences.

    From cozy beanies to slouchy hats and sun hats, there is a wide range of designs to choose from. Experiment with various stitches and embellishments to create unique and trendy headgear that customers will love to wear year-round.

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    5. Shawls: Elegant and Versatile Wraps

    Shawls best selling crochet

    Crocheted shawls are elegant accessories that add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. They come in various shapes and sizes, including triangular, rectangular, and crescent.

    With intricate lacework or textured stitches, crocheted shawls can transform a simple dress or top into a stunning ensemble. Offer a variety of colors and yarn weights to cater to different tastes and seasons.

    6. Sweaters and Cardigans: Warmth with Style

    Best selling crochet hat

    Crocheted sweaters and cardigans are cozy essentials for cooler weather. They provide warmth and comfort while allowing you to showcase your crochet skills.

    Whether you opt for classic designs or more modern and trendy styles, customers appreciate the uniqueness and handmade quality of these garments. Offer a range of sizes and consider incorporating different stitch patterns for added visual interest.

    7. Handbags: Fashionable and Functional

    Best selling crochet hat

    Crocheted handbags are stylish accessories that combine fashion and functionality. They come in various shapes and sizes, including tote bags, clutch purses, and crossbody bags.

    The durability and versatility of crochet make it an ideal choice for creating sturdy and fashionable handbags. Experiment with different yarn textures and color combinations to produce eye-catching designs that customers will proudly carry.

    8. Slippers: Comfort for Your Feet

    Top selling Crochet Slippers

    Crocheted slippers are the epitome of comfort and coziness. They make perfect gifts or indulgent treats for yourself. Whether you go for simple slip-on styles or intricate booties, crocheted slippers can be customized for all foot sizes and preferences.

    Use soft and warm yarns to create a snug and plush slippers that customers will look forward to slipping their feet into. It is also one of the most selling crochet items in the present time.

    9. Keychains: Tiny Treasures with Personality

    Best selling crochet Items

    Crocheted keychains are small but mighty in their appeal. They make great accessories for keys, backpacks, or even as decorative items. From cute animals to miniature food items and floral motifs, the possibilities for crocheted keychains are endless.

    Add a touch of personality and uniqueness to your designs, and customers will love these charming and portable crochet creations.

    10. Headbands: Trendy Hair Accessories

    Crochet Headbands

    Crocheted headbands are trendy hair accessories that add a bohemian flair to any hairstyle. They can be simple and minimalistic or feature intricate patterns and embellishments.

    From wide bands to delicate lace designs, crocheted headbands can be customized to suit different hair types and personal styles. Offer a variety of colors and sizes to cater to a wider customer base. These headbands are most loved and best selling crochet items among all other.

    11. Dishcloths and Pot Holders: Functional Kitchen Helpers

    Best selling Crochet Pot Holders

    Crocheted dishcloths and pot holders are practical and decorative additions to any kitchen. They provide a stylish alternative to traditional kitchen linens while offering excellent heat resistance. Experiment with different stitch patterns and cotton yarns to create absorbent and durable crochet items that can handle daily kitchen tasks with ease. Customers will appreciate the handmade touch in their culinary adventures.

    12. Coffee Cup Cozies: Stylish Beverage Protectors

    Crochet Coffee Cup Cozies

    Crocheted coffee cup cozies are eco-friendly alternatives to disposable sleeves. They not only protect your hands from hot beverages but also add a touch of style to your daily coffee or tea routine. These small and portable crochet items are quick to make and allow for endless creativity. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and embellishments to create unique cozies that customers will love to show off at their favorite coffee shops.

    13. Pillow Covers: Cozy Decor for Your Home

    best selling crochet items

    Crocheted pillow covers are perfect for adding warmth and texture to your home decor. They can transform plain pillows into eye-catching accents that reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer simple and minimalist designs or intricate and lacy patterns, crocheted pillow covers offer endless possibilities. Consider using soft and durable yarns to ensure both comfort and longevity.

    14. Ear Warmers: Keep Your Ears Toasty

    Crochet Ear Warmers

    Crocheted ear warmers are practical accessories for chilly weather. They provide warmth while keeping your hairstyle intact. From wide bands to more intricate designs, crocheted ear warmers can be customized to suit different head sizes and style preferences. Experiment with different stitch patterns and yarn textures to create fashionable and functional ear warmers that customers will appreciate during colder seasons.

    15. Baby Booties: Adorable Footwear for Little Ones

    Crochet Baby Booties

    Crocheted baby booties are irresistible creations that keep tiny feet cozy and stylish. They make adorable gifts for baby showers or newborns. With various designs and embellishments available, you can showcase your crochet skills while creating precious footwear.

    Use soft and gentle yarns to ensure comfort and consider adding cute details like bows or animal faces to make them even more appealing. It is one of the best thing that you can get for your little baby. People love this product very much which make it one of the best selling crochet item.

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    16. Fingerless Gloves: Practical Hand Warmers

    Best Selling Crochet Items

    Crocheted fingerless gloves are versatile accessories that keep your hands warm while allowing dexterity. They are perfect for those who need to use their fingers for tasks like texting or typing. Crochet intricate patterns or opt for simpler designs to suit different tastes.

    Choose yarns that provide warmth without sacrificing flexibility, ensuring that customers can comfortably wear them during colder months.

    17. Scrunchies: Colorful Hair Ties

    Crochet Scrunchies

    Crocheted scrunchies are a nostalgic trend that has made a comeback. They offer a stylish way to tie up hair while adding a pop of color and texture. With a wide range of yarn options available, you can create scrunchies in different thicknesses and textures to cater to various hair types. Experiment with different stitch patterns and color combinations to make unique and trendy scrunchies that customers will love to wear.

    18. Coasters: Stylish Protection for Surfaces

    Beat Selling Crochet Items

    Crocheted coasters are both practical and decorative items for any home. They protect surfaces from hot and cold beverages while adding a touch of charm to your living space. Crocheted coasters can be made in various shapes and patterns, allowing you to showcase your creativity. Experiment with different colors and stitch combinations to create functional and visually appealing coasters that customers will enjoy using.

    These crochet coasters and easy to make and are one of the best selling crochet items of all time.

    19. Plant Hangers: Macramé Magic for Greenery

    Crochet Plant Hangers

    Crocheted plant hangers are a modern twist on the traditional macramé trend. They provide a stylish way to display your indoor plants, adding a bohemian touch to your home decor.

    Crocheted plant hangers can be made in different lengths and designs, allowing you to accommodate various pot sizes and plant types. Consider using sturdy yarns and incorporating unique details like beads or tassels to create eye-catching hangers.

    20. Blankets: Cozy Comfort for Every Season

    Beat Selling Crochet Items

    Crocheted blankets are timeless and versatile pieces that offer warmth, comfort, and a touch of handmade charm. Whether it’s a baby blanket, a throw for the living room, or a bedspread, crocheted blankets are cherished heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. Experiment with different stitch patterns, color combinations, and yarn weights to create stunning and unique designs that customers will love to snuggle up with.

    Incorporating crocheted blankets into your product line can attract a wide range of customers, from parents looking for a special gift for their newborns to individuals seeking cozy home decor. The customization options are endless, allowing you to offer personalized blankets with names, patterns, or color schemes of the customer’s choice.

    What Crochet Items Sell Most on Etsy?

    On Etsy, a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, several crochet items tend to sell well. Here are five crochet items that often attract buyers:

    • Amigurumi Toys: Adorable crocheted stuffed animals and characters.
    • Beanies and Hats: Handmade headwear, including slouchy beanies and winter hats.
    • Baby Blankets: Personalized crocheted blankets for newborns and young children.
    • Scarves and Cowls: Fashionable crocheted accessories for adding warmth and style.
    • Home Decor Items: Crocheted pieces like throw pillows and blankets for cozy home accents.

    To succeed on Etsy, showcase your items with quality photos and descriptions, stay on top of trends, and engage with the crafting community.

    What types of Yarn are Best for Crochet Items?

    When it comes to choosing yarn for crochet items, there are several options to consider. The best type of yarn depends on the project you’re working on and the desired outcome. Here are some popular yarn choices for crochet items:

    • Cotton: Soft, breathable, and durable, cotton yarn is suitable for dishcloths, summer garments, and baby items.
    • Acrylic: Affordable and versatile, acrylic yarn is great for beginners and works well for a variety of projects like blankets, scarves, hats, and amigurumi.
    • Wool: Known for its warmth and elasticity, wool yarn is ideal for cold-weather items such as sweaters, hats, and blankets. Different types of wool, like merino or alpaca, offer unique textures.
    • Blend: Yarn blends combine the best properties of different fibers, offering durability and softness. Cotton/acrylic or wool/acrylic blends are common choices.
    • Bulky/Chunky: Thicker and heavier, bulky yarn is perfect for quick progress and added warmth. It’s great for cozy blankets, scarves, and winter accessories.

    Remember, the type of yarn you choose depends on the specific project, the desired characteristics of the final item, and personal preference. Consider factors such as softness, durability, stitch definition, and care instructions when selecting yarn for your crochet projects.


    In conclusion, crochet offers endless possibilities for creating and selling handmade items. By incorporating your creativity and personal touch, you can craft unique and high-quality crochet items that attract customers. Remember to use high-quality yarn, pay attention to detail, and offer customization options to set yourself apart from mass-produced alternatives.

    Leverage online platforms like e-commerce websites and social media to showcase your products through captivating photographs and engaging descriptions. Building a strong online presence and engaging with the crafting community will increase visibility and attract loyal customers.

    Don’t overlook the power of in-person events like craft fairs and local markets. They provide opportunities for customers to experience your products firsthand and develop a deeper connection. Embrace the world of crochet, tap into the demand for these best selling items, and turn your passion into a profitable venture.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can I sell crochet items without a physical store?

    Absolutely! With the rise of e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces, you can sell your crochet items online without the need for a physical store. Utilize platforms like Etsy, Shopify, or your own website to reach a global audience.

    How can I price my crochet items?

    Pricing your crochet items involves considering the cost of materials, the time invested in crafting, and your target market. Research similar products to gauge the market value and adjust your pricing accordingly. Don’t undervalue your work, but remain competitive within the market.

    Are crochet items suitable for beginners to sell?

    Absolutely! Many crochet items, such as dishcloths, keychains, and scrunchies, are relatively quick and simple to make, making them ideal for beginners to sell. As you gain experience and confidence, you can expand your product range to more complex and intricate designs.

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